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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Popcorn, Movies, Work, And Britney

Normally I Work The Morning Shift But They Needed Someone To Work The Night Shift Because Someone Called In Sick. We Had A Such A Crowed And I Had No Idea Why..... Well Maybe Because It Was A Friday Night. It Finally Started To Slow Down, And I Was Thinking,'Im Glad I Normally Don't Do The Night Shift.' Then I Had Someone In Line For Popcorn. She Was Telling Me How She Thought She Was Stood Up And How She Knew This Guy Would Be A Jerk. I Had No Idea Why She Was Telling Me All This Stuff. She Told Me She Was Waiting For An Hour For Him. I Looked At Her As I Handed Her The Popcorn. She Looked Like Britney Spears.....Well Young Britney. "Britney?" I Said In Shock. "How Do You Know My Name?" She Said Looking A Little Scared. "You Look Like Britney Spears!" I Said A Little Loud. She Laughed "I Get That Every Now And Then." She Smiled "Since You Know My Name I Wanna Know Yours." I Frowned, Not The Name Thing Again. "Ponyboy Curtis" "Really?" She Said Looking At My Name Tag "Indeed" I Said She Smiled "I've Never Heard That Name Before, I Like It" I Smiled Back And Said " I Get Off Work In A 1/2 An Hour, You Wanna See A Movie With Me." "I'd Love To." She Replied. Long Story Short, I Got A New Girl Named Britney. Not Britney Spears, Britney Taylor Williams. And Surprisingly, She Loves Brit Brit Too, Not As Me, But She Does.

Friday, July 9, 2010

"All Work And No Play" (Has Nothing To Do With My Post But I Forgot The Quote I Wanted To Use)

I Got Up About The Same Time I Normally Do. When Darry Pulls Me Outta Bed. I Finish My Eggs First And Was Beginning My Peice Of Cake. Darry Was Openning Bills. Something He Normally Does At Night But For Some Odd Reason He Wanted To Read Them This Morning. "Pony How Old Are You?" He Mummbled Without Looking Up. I Cant Belive Darry Doesn't Remember How Old I Am! "16, Darry. I Am 16." I Said Shoving The Chocolate Cake In My Mouth So I Wouldn't Yell At Him And Get In A Fight Like We Used To. "I Think It's Time You Get Job." He Said Taking Off His Reading Glasses. "I'm Looking For A Summer Job, Darry. You Know That." I Said Finishing My Cake And Putting It In The Sink For Kitty And I To Wash. "No, I Mean Like A Part Time Job. All Year Round." He Said Standing Up And Putting His Dish In The Sink. "I Gotta Focus On School Darry. Im Not Planning To Drop Out Like Soda." I Started To Wash The Dishes "Make Kitty Get A Job." Kitty Gave Me The 'WTF' Look. "You're 16. A Party Time Job Wont Kill You Or Your Grades." He Said Not Even Concitering The Thought Of Kitty Getting A Job. "Darry This Aint Fair." I Began To Argue. "You Wanna Know Whats Not Fair Pony?! They're Cutting My Hours! So We Can Either Move Or You Can Get A Job." He Yelled While Slaming His Fist On The Table And Went To His Room To Get Ready For Work. "I'll Finish The Dish." Kitty Said. I Could Tell She Was Shucken By Darry Yelling. "You Should Get Looking For A Job." I Handed Her The Dish I Was Working On And Went To My Room To Get Dress. I Tried To Look Good And Not SO Much Like A Greaser. But Thats Hard To Do When All Your Clothes Are Hand Me Downs. I Told Kitty I'd Just Look Around And Try To Find Help Wanted Signs. I Wanted To Work At McDonals So I Went There First. There Was Not Help Wanted Sign So I Went Inside To Ask. I Thought This Would Be A Great Job And I'd Be Able To Suggest Britney Spear Toys In The Kids Meals. But Sadly They Didn't. I Looked Everywhere For A Job I Could Do. It Was Getting Close To 5 And I Was About To Give Up And Hurry Home So I Didn't Give Darry Another Reason To Yell At Me. I Stopped Into The Movie House When I Relized. They Had A Huge Sign. HELP WANTED In Big Red Writing. They Interviewed Me Right Then And There. And Si, I Got The Job. It's Pretty Cool. I Work The Morning/Afternoon-ish Shift. And I Get All Kind Of Cool Benifits Like Free Movie Tickets And Popcorn.