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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday Was So Much Fun! School Wasn't... I Had To Ask The Principle If I Could Go To The Carnival, Cause Im Not Allowed To Go To School Dances. I Told Her I Had A Date With This Girl I Really Liked. And Since The Principle Liked Me She Said It Was Ok. I Got To Brook's House Around 4:00. She Looked So Pretty, And She Was Wearing My Favorite Color... Red. I Gave Her A Rose. I Know Its Kind Of Corny But Girls Like Flowers...Right? We Had So Much Fun At The Carnival, I Tried To Win Her A Giant Stuffed Bear... But They Where Out! How Could They Be Out Of Giant Teddy Bears? So I Got A Medium Sized Gorilla That Well.... Kind Of Scared Me! I Dont Know What Happened To That Thing. Then We Went Of The Farris Wheel... Im Glad She Ain't Scared Of Heights Like Johnny Is, Cause We Got Stuck On The Top! Brook Was Getting Cold So I Hugged Her. We Watched The Sun Set...It Reminded Me Of The Time When Johnny And I Were In The Church And That Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem. But Im Not Bringing That Up On Our Date. We Looked Up At The Stars And She Kissed Me! :D Then Finally It Started Working. We Ate So Much Junk Food That When We Went Of Another Roller coaster I Almost Pucked, Glad I Didn't. Then It Started Snowing So The Had To Close Down! It Got Freezing!(Note To Self: Check What The Weather Is Suppose To Be Like In The Morning.) We Called Home And Got Kitty To Drive Us Home. When We Got There Brook And I Separated. I Hung Around Johnny... I Could Tell Something Was On His Mind, And He Told Me "Im Thinking Of Breaking Up With Kristi." When He Said It I Thought He Was Going To Cry. It Was Something About, She's Moving And He'd Only See Her In The Summer... He Was So Upset Her Drank All The Cola In The House! I Couldn't Really Stay Focused On What Johnny Was Doing Cause I Was Thinking About Brook... We Need To Go On Another Date. I Took One Of The Bottles Of Beer And Soda Gave Me This Look, I Could Tell He Didn't Want Me To Have Any, But Finally He Said I Could Have One. Any More And He'd Skin Me. Haha! When Everyone Was Cleaning Up, Brook And I Slipped Out. It Was Still SUPER Cold Out. I Gave Her A Hug And Kissed Her... Until Johnny And Dawn Came Out And Asked If Brook Was Ready To Go. It Was Hard To Got To Sleep After That, And It Got Harder When Darry Got All Upset That There Was A Guy In His Bed.... With His Little Sister. :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad Night?

Johnny Has Been Down Lately, So I Invited Him To Go To The Movies With Kristi And I. I Wasn't Sure If I Wanted To Break Up With Kristi Or Not... Well We Saw Some Stupid Movie, About A Boy In Love. It Was GROSS!! But We Had Fun Making Fun Of The Characters. I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Johnny Soo Loud. Johnny Let Me Listen To Brittney Spears In The Car <3 He Doesn't Like To Admit He Owns A Lot Of Brittney Spears Music. :) I Walked Kristi To The Door And Kissed Her Goodbye. I Started To Walk Away, When I Heard Her Scream. Johnny Came Running. And There Was Kristi's Mom, Dead On The Floor. She Seemed To Be Shot Mulitiple Times Twice In The Head And 4 In Her Chest/ Stomach Area. I Hugged Kristi And She Started To Cry. We Brought Her Over To The Neighbors House And Called The Police. Kristi Was To Scard To Let Go Of Johnny And I, She Thought The Murder Was After Her Too. So I Brought Her Home, And Explained The Story To Soda, Darry, And Kitty. Johnny Was Hugging Kristi Trying To Make Her Laugh. Then Something Hit Me. Johnny Really Cared About Kristi, She Was His Best Girl Friend. Johnny Was Always Smiling Around Her. Then To Break This Thought, Kristi Asked "Can I Stay The Night, Pony?" Darry Gave Me This Look, "No, It's A School Night!" He Said. "Where Elsa Is She Supose To Say?" I Asked Him And Before Darry Could Answer Johnny Said "My House! Pony You Can Come Too!" But Ofcoarse Darry Was Like "You Haven't Slept Here In A Week Your Staying.I Think It's Time For You Two, To Be Going." Before They Left, Kristi Said She Wanted To Break Up. Something About How She'd Have To Move Back To New York And Junk. I Was Sad Cause I Was Losing My Girlfriend... But That Means Johnny Will Let Me Date Brook. I Watched As Johnny And Kristi Left, And Johnny Kissed Her. Johnny Looked So Happy With Kristi.
~ Ponyboy Curtis

Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Gonna Go To A Club And Get Drunk With Britney!

Im Not Gonna Tell Ya What Happened At The Dance Friday, Cause U Dont Like Kristi... But Im Not Allowed To Go To Another Dance Till May. :( Haha! I've Been Sleeping At Johnny's House Since We've Made Up... Which Wasn't A Good Thing Cause We Forgot To Get Up Early To See Carson. I Guess Staying Up All Night Isn't Good For Waking Up Early. But We Were Only A Few Minutes Late?... I Think.
Next Time We Are SO Taking The Train. U Know How I Was Stabbed The Other Night, It Hurts Really Bad... And Darry Kept Hitting It With His Arm. :( The First Time I Made A Noise Expressing My Pain. I Dont Wanna Tell Dar, That I Went To That Party, Cause He Will Kill Me For Being SOOOO Stupid. So When He Asked "What Was Wrong" I Said "Nothing." Maybe Thats Why He Kept Hitting Me? I Think I Ate My Weight In Junk Food On The Way There. I Dont Think I Could Eat Any More Junk Like That.... I Take That Back. I Felt Bad For Darry, Cause In A Hotel Room They're Were Only 2 Beds.... And He Had To Sleep On The Floor. But I Got A Bed... Thats All I Care About. I Dont Know Why We Got Those Rooms, Cause We All Wanted To Spend The Night. But Darry Made Me Go Back To The Hotel Cause He "Didn't Want Me Up All Night" But There Isn't Enough Room In The Hospital For All Of Us.So I Think Blair And Steve Where The Only Ones Who Stayed. That Hotel Bed Is Better Then Mine At Home, So Once I Laid On It, I Was Out Like A Light. And I Had The Weirdest Dream Ever! <3 And For Once It Wasn't About Kristi! When I Told Johnny He Laughed At Me And Was Like, "She Has A Boyfriend."
~Ponyboy Curtis

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Johnny! (Can I Call My Post That?)

Well, You Know By Know I Haven't Been Sleeping In My House For Awhile. I Stayed At Kristi's House The First Night, But She Thinks Im Sleeping In My House Right Now. I've Been Sleeping On The Streets. (How Did You Do It Johnny?) It Was So Cold Out I Just Couldn't Take It. There Was A Party Down The Street From Where I Was. I COuld Hear The Music Blasting. I Went It. It Was Like 8 Degrees Outside. I Waked In Relizing It Was Some Socs House (yet I Saw James There. Not Jamie) I Walked Over To There Food Table. I Thinking I Might As Well Eat While Im Here... But They Didn't Really Have Anything To Drink That Didn't Have Alcohal In It. So I Just Took The One That Looked Like It Had The Least, After I Drank A Few And Ate A LOT! I Remeber Hanging A Round Bob, Again. It Was Weird, He Hated My Guts And He Kept Trying To Hang Out With Me. I Founded Out Why Later. James, Well He Wasn't Really A Greaser. He Lied To Johnny, Like This Was All Planed. He'd Pretend To Be Johnny's BFF, But He Was Just Trying To Hurt Us. Well My 3rd Drink James Pulled Out A Gun And Put It To My Head. At First I Was Scard, Who Wouldn't Be (Other Then Dally.) But Then Anger Kicked In. Johnny My Best Friend, Wasn't Really Anymore And I Blamed James. And Here James, Putting A Gun To My Face Saying He's Gonna "Kill" Me. I Knew As I Wasn't Gonna Let They Same Damn Kid Kill Me. I Grabbed The Gun And Twisted His Hand Back. And He Let Go. I Pointed The Gun At Him And It Got Pretty Silent, I Could Only Hear My Heartbeating. I Wasn't Gonna Kill Em', But I Know Who I Could. I Put The Gun To My Head, I Heard James Mutter "Thats Better." Then Things Started To Flash I Hear Johnny, Yea Johnny. He Yelled "Pony, Dont! I Don't Wanna Lose My Best Friend Too!" Then The Next Thing I Remeber Was He Had The Gun That Was In My Hand And Started Beating The Crap Out Of James. When He Was Done, He Picked Me Up And Ran Out. He Was Kind Of Laughing While He Was Talking To Me. "Pony, When Did You Become So Stupid." I Felt Pain In My Side, It Was Bleeding And Johnny Had His Hand Over It Trying To Put Pressure On It. Then He Started Crying "Im Not Losing You Pony, Lets Take You Home."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note + Johnny And I

I Just Wanna Tell You Guys That Im Sorry For The Bad Choices I've Made Recently. If You Knew All Of Them You'd Understand Why I Left, Even If It Wasn't For That Long. Just Last Night I Went To A Party And Got Mixed Up With The Wrong People. By That I Mean Bob, Yea I Was With Bob. And Johnny Im Sorry About The Stupid Things I Said.
Anyways Two-Bit And Dally Made Me Go 2 Johnny's Place So We Could "Talk It Out." Johnny Wasn't To Happy About It. Dally And Two-Bit Left Us. In The Beginning Johnny Was Just Yelling At Me, I Felt Really Bad. Yesterday Night Was Coming Back To Me, Bob Made Me Take Something. I Dont Know What It Was, But I Didn't Think It Make My Life Any Worse. But It Did. I Went To Johnny's House And I Wanted Him To Be My Friend Soo Bad I Said Some Stupid Things. And Maybe A Few Things About Brook, It Wasn't Anything Too Bad. It Wasn't Like I Said I Was Gonna Kill Her Or Something. But Just Mixtures Of The Bad Things I Did. When Johnny Was Yelling At Me I Kept Saying Im Sorry. Every Breath He Took I Said It. I Needed Him To Belive Me, He Was Making Me A Mess. I Was Falling And He Wasn't There To Catch Me. :'( The Johnny Finnally Stopped Yelling At Me. And He Said "I Dont Want The Gang To Break Up, Where A Family, Kind Of. So Im Gonna Put Up With You And We Can Pretend We Are Just Like We Where Before. But If You Put One Hand On My Sister, Your Gonna Wish You Were Dead." I Shook My Head Up And Down To Show I Understood. I Didn't Like The Deal. I'll Just Pretend We Didn't Make That Deal, And We Really Are Best Friends Again. So Brook, Johnny And I Agreed That I Can See You But He Has To Be There, And I Really Cant Touch You... At All.
And Im Not Really Sure Where Im Staying For Awhile. I Think I Might Just Sleep On The Street Like Johnny And I Used To. I Dont Wanna Come Home, But Im Sure I'll See Ya Guys. I Hope,
~ Ponyboy

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well Kitkat Promised We Spend Saturday Together. I Swear We Spent At Least A Half An Hour Staring At Each Other. We Were Each Waiting For One Of Us To Say Something, Finally She Said Something. "Lets Go To The Movies, You Like That." I Blinked At Her, "I Dont Think Im Going To The Movies For Awhile." I Replied. Kit Wasn't Very Happy I Said That. We Ended Up Going On A Car Drive, To Johnny And Brook's Apartment. I Didn't Know Till We Got There And Kitty Said "I Want You To Work This Out With Johnny!" She Stayed In The Car And Made Me Go Up To The Apartment. I Knocked At The Door And I Was Happy To See Brook Open The Door And Invite Me In. I Haven't Yet Been Inside There House, But It Was Pretty Cool. Brook Called For Johnny, And Left To Get Dress And Stuff. I Dont Think Johnny Was Too Happy To See Me, And Guess Who Elsa Was There. James!(The One Who Replaced Me, Not Jamie)Johnny Didn't Even Listen To Me He Just Said Get Out. I Dont Think Anything Hurt More Then That, I Was Wrong. I Really Tried, To Talk To Johnny Even James Felt Bad For Me. (Here's The Thing That Really Hurt)He Said "I Dont Want You Being Around Brook." I Looked At Him Shocked,And Said "What Do You Mean, She Part Of The Gang. I'd Have To Stop Hang Around Them Too."
And Guess What He Said.... Really Guess, "Well Maybe You Shouldn't Be In The Gang." With That He Pushed Me Out The Door And Locked The Door. I Didn't Tell Kitkat That. I Just Told Her, That Johnny Wasn't Home.
After That We Went Out For Some Soda,(Haha! Like The Kind U Drink Not My Brother)I Saw Cherry There. I Tried To Avoid Her, But She Came To Me... And Hit Me. For A Girl She Could Sure Hit Hard. She Was Yelling At Me For The Way I Broke Up With Kristi. Well, That Helped Me Figure Out Why Kristi Was So Mad At Me... But I Dont Think I Can Fix It Cause Soda Wants To "Ground" Me From Her. I Wonder If That Means I Still Cant Ask Her To The Dance. On The Way Home I Must Of Looked Depressed Or Something Cause Kitkat Said "You Know I Love You Pony, Right?" I Looked Out The Window, At All The Things We Were Passing. I Wanted To Open The Door And Jump Out. I Didn't Want To Answer That Question. I Instead Just Moved Me Head Up And Down. So It Looked Like I Said Yes. I Could Tell That Kit Wanted Me To Say 'Yes, And I Love You Too.' But I Wasn't Going To. Why? Im Not Really Sure. She's My Sister, She Has To Love Me. When We Got Home I Told Darry That I Didn't Want To Be In The Gang Anymore. He Got A Little Mad. I Didn't Really Understand Why. When I Went To Bed I Could Hear Darry Talking To Kitkat About Me. And I Pack My Things,Now Im Ready To Leave At Anytime. I Dont Want To, But If It Makes Johnny Happy I Will.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Haha! The Girl On The Side Is Kimmy, Kristi Gave Me That Pic Of Her, I Thought You'd Like To See What She Looked Like Before. Anyways, Johnny Blew Me Off Today! I Mean I Could Understand U Being Mad At Your Friend For Like A Day. But Not This Long!! I Mean Its Not Like Did Something To Stop Me From Drinking. So I Dont Get Him Being So Mad,I Learned My Lesson And I Stopped. I Spent The Day With, You'll Never Guess Who. Darry, (Brother Time). But All He Did Was Complain That I Was Being A Pain In The Butt or He'd Tell Me Im Doing Something Wrong. I Hate When Darry Does That, He Acts Like He's My Father, But Guess What HE'S NOT!! Guess What Elsa Darry Told Me, I Should Get A Job. Like I Really Have That Much Time, Maybe If I Drop Out Of School Like Soda, But Im Not. I'd Tell Ya About School On Friday, But It Wasn't Too Good. Kristi Told Me Not To Sit With Her At Lunch, She Wanted To Continue To Do The Not Talking At School Thing. And I Think Bob Was Trying 2 Get Back At Cherry By Hitting On Kristi, (Here's The Good Part,) Kristi Got So Mad At Him, She Dumped His Milk On His Head. I Sat Alone At Lunch, IDK Y, I Couldn't Find Anyone. And Then 4 Some Reason She Was Mad At Me After School, What Really Annoyed Me Was She Went 2 See Johnny And James! I Guess Johnny Likes Her More Then Me. Maybe I Should Just Jump Off A Bridge, Then Maybe Someone Will Care That Im Not Here In The Morning. I Take That Back No One Would Care, I Think They'd Just Throw A Party.
~ Ponyboy Curtis
No Longer Happy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home SWEET! Home!

Shit, I Just Realized I Have A Science Mid-Term Tomorrow! I Haven't Gone Like All Week And I Dont Have My Science Stuff! Darry Will Kill Me If I Fail! :( But I Dont Care To Much, I'M HOME!! I Dont Think I Missed Anything As Much As My Bed, I Missed It So Much I Walked Inside The House And Went Right To Bed! And Thats Not Because The Drug You There! Haha! I Just Found Out Bob Hit Soda.... And I Was There.... Weird! I Must Of Been Really Tired! (I Just Realized I Love ! They're Sooooo Awesome! I Used 11 If U Dont Count The Title!)(12) :D I Have No Idea Why Im So Happy, I Must Be High Or Something. Kristi Visited Me Today! :D I Like Her! A Lot! And We Had Some Fun.... Clean Fun :D I Dont Know Why She Makes Me So Happy, It's Like She Makes Me High When Im Just Around Her. ( I Hope Thats Healthy!) She Took Me To The Bridge, Did You Know Kids Ice Skate Under Neath It? Darry Didn't Really Want Me To Go, I Dont Even Remember How Kristi Got Him To Say Yes(Or How Cause Its REALLY Hard To Change His Mind.) Are School Is Having A Dance Next Weekend. It's Like A Winter Dance, Do You Think She'd Say Yes If I Asked Her? Im Not Really Sure If We're Still Dating, Or I Would Of Asked Her Today. If I Go To The Dance Does That Mean I Have To Dress Nice? Well If I Do, Im Sure Darry Or Soda Have Something Nice I Could Wear. But In Bigger News, I Think Johnny Hates Me! He Wont Return My Calls, And I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM!!! I Just Drank Like A Whole Night, That Doesn't Make Me An Alcoholic! Im Still A Good Kid, I Think Im Gonna Make Johnny Go 2 The Movies With Me Again! OMG!! I Just Remember I Have 2 Tell Ya, IDK How To Say This But, Cherry Is Having A Kid. Kristi Doesn't Think Its Mine, She Said Cherry Wouldn't Of Known This Early If It Was Mine. Well I Gotta Go Study,
Ponyboy Curtis
Stay Happy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Call Me When You Are Sober

Wow! Well Today Was Fun! I Dont Know, This Is A Real Weird Hospital. It Looks Like A House, But It's Not. They Were Injecting Stuff Into Me All Day, It Hurt Like Hell! Kristi Stopped By After School! She Was Really Worried About Me, And Brought Me My Home Work. When She Was Finally Done Talking I Said "I Love You!" I Realized I Never Really Told Her That. Well Once When She Was Sleeping But That Doesn't Count. She Smiled At Me.... But After Awhile I Figured Out She Wasn't Going To Say It Back. "But You Dont Love Me?" I Manage To Say. "I Never Said That!" She Protested, And Then Said Something About How She Had To Go, But Before She Left She Said 2 Things. One, Bob Is Looking To Beat Up One Of Us Socs,But Not Me. And The Second One I'll Tell Ya Later. What Was Really Weird Is Right When Kristi Left Johnny Came In. I Was Upset, That Kristi Left...(Cause She Really Didn't Have To) I Asked Johnny If He Could Sneak In Some Beer In For Me, And He Blew Up."You Dont Know How Close To Death You Where, Do You!? In Fact The Doctors Are Surprised You Made It!..." He Was Going On And On About Things That Happened When I Was Out, He Even Told Me That He Didn't Break Up With Kimmy, She Died. He Brought The Cat With Him(Im Glad Someone Listen When I Said That) And I Became Nervous He'd Kill Him, He Was Gripping My Cat Tightly, That Would Hurt Anyone. IDK Y I Thought That He'd Kill Him, I Know Johnny Wasn't The Hurting Kind But He's Never Been The Yelling Kind, I've Never Seen Him So Mad. I Got Up To Try To Get The Cat From Him. I Remember Saying "Dont Hurt The Kitty," But Thats It. I Heard Sounds All Around But I Didn't See Anything. I Heard The Cat Hit The Floor, The Nurses Yelling To Get A Doctor, Johnny Crying, And The Last Thing I Heard, Was Myself Letting Out A Scream. I Didn't Feel Any Pain, And I Didn't Feel Myself Screaming.... But I Heard It. I Had A Weird Dream Of Everyone Crying. Darry Was Hitting The Wall, Soda Was Crying On Katie, Johnny Was In A Chair On The Others Side Of The Room. He Looked The Worst Out Of All Of Us. I Dont Recall Much From That Dream But That And KitKat Wasn't There, She Must Of Left The Room, And I Knew Why. She Blamed Herself For What Ever Was Going On. I Didn't Even Know What Was Going On. But Kit, Dont Blame Yourself Somethings You Just Can Control!
~ Ponyboy Curtis
"Stay Gold"

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Johnny And I Hung Out All Day,Saturday. He Walked In And Yelled "Hello Pony!" I Was Sooo Happy To See Him!He Complained About How I Was Drinking Way Too Much And That Cherry Was Over When He Came. But Guess What He Brought Over.... A CAT!! The Tuffest Cat I've Seen... Next To Kristi's Cat! Any Name Ideas?!?! Well Anyways I Was On My 5the Bottle Of Beer When Johnny Got All, That's It Im Taking You Out Of Here. He Pulled Me Out The Door, Leaving Darry To Take Care Of Cherry When He Gets Up. I Was Stumbling All Around SO Johnny Had To Hold On To Me. I Was Telling Him About How Kristi And I Broke Up, And That Cherry Thing. By The Time I Was Finished It Was Past Lunch Time And He Was Buying Himself A Coke, I Told Him I Didn't Want One, I Still Had Half A Beer Bottle Left. We Finished And Started To Leave When Kristi Came Over. She Hugged Johnny, And Was All "I Miss You" She Said Hi To Me But Thats It. I Got So Upset, And I Think I Was A Little Drunk.... Make That A Lot! The Next Thing I Know Im Hitting Johnny On The Ground. It Wasn't Hard,Well There Wasn't Any Blood. Then All Of A Sudden I Started Crying And Say Real Stupid Things(Or At Least Thats What Johnny Said.)And Then I Kissed Kristi, Thats Really All I Remembered, Cause She Kissed Back. :D After That Kristi Wanted To Talk To Me Alone. She Heard About Last Night Cause Cherry Told Everyone. And She Asked Me, "You Where Wearing A Condom, Right?" And I Truely Didn't Know The Answer, It Was Kind Of A Blur, I Dont Remeber Putting It On. But Im Not Stupid Enough To Forget, Am I. The Room Started To Spin, I Couldn't See Anything Anymore. I Heard Kristi Call For Johnny. And Everyone Was Saying "Is He Ok?" Thats All I Can Remeber From Saturday, I Have No Idea Where I Am Now. But Johnny Is Here... I Think Im At The Hospital, But I Have No Clue. Does Anyone Know? Brook Im Sorry I Missed Going To Your Boyfriends House.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Well This Week Was Fun. NOT! School Was Just Kind Of Sad! Today, Cherry Came Up To Me And Said "I Hate Your Sister!" It Made Me Laugh A Little. She Was Also Talking About How She Was Sorry That Kristi And I Broke Up. LIAR!! She Wasn't Sorry, But I Didn't Know Kristi And I Broke Up. There Was A New Rumor That Kristi And Mace (A New Kid) Where Dating, But Kristi Said He's Just Her Friend. I Think She's Only Talking To Him Cause She Doesn't Wanna Talk To Cherry And Cant Talk To Me.
Anyways I Went To Her House Tonight (Kristi) And She Started To Tell Me About Her Day When I Came In. She Said "It Was One Of The Best Day's She's Ever Had!" I Would Of Came Over To Her House After School, But Mace Was Coming Over. She Told Me About The Fun They Had. I Can Admit I Was Kind Of Jealous. She Kissed Me And Asked How My Day Was. I Said "It's Getting Better." And I Started Making Out With Her. And She Stopped Me After Awhile And Said "No Sex" I Looked At Her For A Second, I Didn't Mind Too Much. I Love Kristi Whether We Have It Or Not. I Kissed Her Quick And Said "Ok" I Sat Next To Her And Put My Arm Around Her. I Told Her That Cherry Said We Broke Up, And Kristi Said, Thats What She Told Everyone. I Was Confused, That Wasn't What We Where Planning To do. "So Thats Why Do It With Me! We Broke Up? Oh And I Bet You Fucked Your New Boyfriend Mace!Maybe I Should Just Mess Around With Cherry!" I Have No Idea Why I Said That But I Did.... And Somewhere I Add In "Slut!" That, I Think Came From Blair Because She Said That To Me Today. She Stared At Me For A Few Seconds Then Said, "Im Not A Slut And You Know It! I Didn't Fuck Mace, But You Fucked Cherry Pretty Well Already!!" Then I Remember I Never Told Her That, She Just.... Knew? By This Time She Started Crying. She The Only Girl I've Seen Cry! That Guilty Feeling Was Coming Back, Im The One Who Was Making Her Cry. "Im Sorry" I Said While Hugging Her. She Push Me And Said "Get Out PonyBoy Curtis!" She Was Crying Hard Now And I Repeated "Im Sorry" But I Added "I Didn't Mean To Hurt You!" And She Just Pointed To The Door. I Grabbed My Coat And Walked Out. I Felt Bad, When I Walked Out Of The House. But At The Same Time I Felt Angry, Angry At The World. I Was Punching Everything That Was Around Me On My Walk Home, Trees, Houses, And One Person. They Where Really Mad. And To Make Things Worst Cherry Was Outside My House. I Ran Up To Her And Kissed Her. I Felt That Sour Taste Again, And Started Crying. The Kiss Lasted 5 Minutes When I Said, "I Need To Get Me Some Beer!" I Left Her Outside, When I Got In Darry Was All Like "Whats Wrong." And "Your Not Allowed To Drink That." I Think I Drank Most Of What Was Alcohlic In The House And Then Brought Cherry In. I Guess You Can Tell Why I Needed To Drink So Much. Darry Was Upset That Cherry Was Here, But I Told Him To Shut Up, And Locked Me Door. I Could Tell At That Her Was Pretty Mad. It Was Weird To Be Drunk, It Was Fun, But I'd Randomlly Start Crying Every Now In Then. I Felt Asleep After A While Of Cherry And I Messing Around, And When I Woke Up Cherry Was In My Arms. And I Wanted To Kill Myself!
Before I Forget Bob and Cherry Made A Blog!

Monday, January 4, 2010

(Late Post) MONDAY!!

I Hate Mondays! First Day Back To School, The Cut A Week Off Of Winter Break! They Should Of Canceled School Today.... THERE'S 2 FEET OF SNOW!WTF! How Was My Day At School You Ask? Pretty Bad, Cherry Was All Flirty When Kristi Wasn't Around, And Wait Till You Hear What Happened During Science. Well Kristi Was Sitting Next To Cherry, And I Sat On The Other Side Of Her. Cherry Was Being ... Well A Bitch! She Told Me To "Get Lost Hood!"(While The Period Before She Was All Like "Wanna Hang Out Later........." ) Kristi Didn't Even Look At Me. I Didn't Get To Tell Her About What Cherry Did, But I'm Pretty Sure She Heard Something From Cherry Since They're BFF's! She Avoided Me The WHOLE School Day. I Came Home To Darry Yelling About How Cherry Called.... Like 50 Times.(She Must Of Called Me Like 4 Times A Minute)At 8 I Got A Phone Call From Kristi Asking Me If I Could Come Over To Talk. One Thing I Like About Cherry Annoying Me Is Darry Will Do Anything For Me To Hang Out With Someone Elsa. I Didn't Get To Her House Till Like 8:30 or Something. She Was All Nervous When I Came In, Which In Turn Made Me Nervous. Her Mom Was Home, So She Took Me To Her Room. I've Been In Lots Of Her Rooms, But Not Her Bedroom. She Told Me She Wasn't Going To Talk To Me In School Until The Cherry And I Having Sex Rumor Died Down. I Got A Really Guilty Feeling In My Stomach. There's something I Didn't Tell You Guys About.... I Asked Her How She Knew We Didn't (Bad Move For A Guy Right?) She Said "You To Sweet To Do That To Me... Plus Your Mine And She Knows I Kick Her Ass If She Did" Then I Kissed Her. It Was A Long Kiss, But It Tasted So Sweet. She Broke Off To Say "I Love Your Hair Today!" I Did It Differently, And Everyone Seemed To Like It. Then She Kissed Me And We Went A Little Far....If You Get What I Mean!Im Really Starting To Like Those X-Mas Presents, They Come In Handy! I Loved Kristi<3(ohhhh So Much!)But When Cherry Fucks You,It Feels Real Good!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

You SUCK Weekend!

I Had A Pretty Shity Weekend. Since New Years, I Knew Things Around Here Weren't Gonna Stay The Same. I Dont Know Why But Seeing Johnny Made Me Figure That Out. He's Not Gonna Be Around As Much Anymore. He Has A Girlfriend,.... I Hope Im Not Losing My Best Friend.
Saturday I Basicaly Just Stayed Home. This Was Easy Because Darry Had To Work,Soda And KitKat.... I Dont Know Where They Where But They Weren't Home. I Kind Of Felt Like Those Depressed People Who Just Stay Home And Think About Killing Themselfs...
I Think I Started Watching Micky Mouse When The Door Rang. I Thought About Ignoring It But I Thought It Could Be Something Important...Like Johnny. Well It Wasn't Johnny.
It Was Cherry,She Was One Of The Last People I Wanted To See. I Tried Blocking The Door, But She Just Shoved Me.She Was All Like Bet You Missed Me. It Wasn't Her Normal Self. She Sat On The Sofa And Wanted Me To Sit Next To Her, So I Did. She Started To Hug Me (Kind Of Like How Kimmy Hugged Johnny)And Say How Hott I Was. At First It Was Nice, I Like It When People Say Im Hott Or Cute. :D But Then She Started To Kiss Me! It Wasn't Sweet Like Kristi's, It Was More Like Kissing A Lemmon. I Tried To Puss Away But She Just Dug Her Nails Into My Back Until I Fell. She Started To Take Her Shirt Off (I Never Put One On This Morning So I Was Shirtless) She Had Me Pin Down,I Dont Know How She Became So Strong I Couldn't Get Her Off. She Had My Pants Half Down When Darry Came Home. I Wanted It To Be Anyone But Kristi Or Darry.Darry Started Swearing,I Didn't Know He Knew Soo Many. Cherry Tried Framing Me For It And Left As Fast AS She Could. I Wished I Could Leave Too, Darry Was About To Explode. He Didn't Like Cherry, And He Was Starting To Hate Her. I Told Darry That It Was All Cherry, But IDK He Totally Belived Me. He Started Yelling At Me And Said Im Gonna End Up Like Dally Or Two-Bit! I Haven't Talked To Kristi Since Thursday, So I Haven't Told Her About Cherry... Should I?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve!!! You'll Never Guess Who I Saw!

Well Anyways, On New Years Eve I Was At My House For A Little Bit Of The Party. Kristi Wanted To Go To This One Party Thing Where They Were Gonna Drop A Ball Or Something. I Was Telling Her That Johnny Ran Away This Morning, She Hear He Was Planning To But She Didn't Know When. After That She Didn't Say Much. The Party Was At A Bar; Benny's Or Something like That. It Was Pretty Dark Inside, There Where People Doing Karaoke, And Drinking Until They Passed Out.
"Hey!" Kristi Said, "It's Johnny!"
And It Was! He Was Sitting With A Drink In His Hand Next To The Bar. He Had A Smile Plastered Upon His Face. I Dont Know How Kristi Could Tell That Was Him, Cause It Sure Didn't Look Like Him. I've Never Seen Him With That Smile On His Face And His Hair Was Shorter. Not By A Lot But Enough For You To Notice... U Could Even See His Eyebrows!
Kristi Was Trying To Get Me To Say Hi To Him, But I Wanted To Give Him Some Space. It Was Hard Because I Wanted To Talk To Him All Day And I Kept Saying I Can't. He Was Talking To A Pretty Brown Haired Girl, Or At Least I Think That Was Her Hair Color. It Was Dark And It Was Kind Of Hard To See.
I Went To Get Something To Drink For Kristi And I. New Years Is One Of Those Few Days I Can Drink And Most Bartenders Dont Ask For ID. Johnny Just So Happen To Be Doing The Samething.
"Ponyboy! What Are You Doing Here?" Johnny Said
I Was So Happy To See Him, He Missed All Of Us Even Though He Wasn't Gone To Long.
I Told Him Everything I Wanted To Talk About. And All He Said Was "Im Coming Home Soon, And I'll Help You Fixs Things." I Didn't get What He Ment. He Also Said He Was Planning To Do Some Things While He Was Gone That Was Gonna Help. He Told Me Everything He Did That Day.
I Saw The Brown Hair Girl Talking To Kristi. Johnny Told Me That The Brown Hair Girl Was One Of Kristi's Close Friends. And That's Where He First Met Her. We Went Back To What He Was Gonna Do When He Was Gone. Right When He Finished The Girl Hugged Johnny.
"Who's This Johnny?" She Said In A Happy Voice.
Johnny Smiled So Big, I Almost Laughed. "Its My Best Friend, PONYBOY!!" The Brown Hair Girl Laughed And Stuck Her Hand Out. "My Name Is Kimmy, Nice To Meet You Ponyboy." She Was Still Hugging Johnny When I Shook Her Hand. I Couldn't Tell If Kimmy Was Laughing Because Johnny Screamed My Name, Or If She Thought My Name Was Funny. I Think It Was The Second One.
Kristi Put Her Arms Around Me And Said "Pony Is My Boyfriend."
Kimmy Laughed "Johnny Is Mine!" And Kissed Him In The Dark I Could Still See Johnny Turn A Bright Shade Of Red. We Stayed To Watch The Ball Drop After That Johnny And I Said Good Bye. Kristi And Kimmy Did The Same.
"Come Home Soon Johnnycake!" I Remember Saying
"Make Sure Blair And Dally Make Up! I Will Be Back Soon Pony!"