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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brian Is A Socs At Heart!

I've Been Telling Ari For Who Knows How Long. Brian Is A Socs And Just Wants To Hurt Us Greasers, But No One Believes Ponyboy.
Brookie, Johnny, and I Where Hanging Out. We Where Bored And It Was Nice Weather Outside, SO We Thought.....ICE CREAM!! Everyone Loves Ice Cream, And Johnny Was Paying For. What Could Be Better? We Walked Cause Johnny Was Running Out Of Gas, And The Ice Cream Shoppe Isn't That Far. We Where Happily Eating Ice Cream When A Mustang Drove Up. We Looked All Tough, They Way We Always Do When Socs Come Along. First This Big Looking Guy Came Out Of The Car He Already Had His Blade Out Which Made It Very Obvious He Was Planning To Hurt Us. Five Or Six Guys Came Out Of The Car With Bags And Ropes. I Really Didn't Have Time To Count Them. The Big One Came Over Johnny's shoulder. I Could See Johnny Breathing Heavily. The Socs knock Johnny's Ice Cream On The Floor.
"Hey!" He Said The Socs Quickly Pulled Johnny Up By His Shirt "What Did You Say?" He Said His Teeth Scraping Together.
"Go To Hell!" I Said Trying To Get The Socs To Let Go Of Johnny. Johnny Looked At Me And Back At The Guy. He Kicked Him Where The Sun Doesn't Shine. He Let Johnny Go And Fell To The Ground In Pain. By This Time Though The Socs Had Me And Brookie Tied Up. Johnny Ran, He Knew If He Couldn't Take All These Socs At Once And Ran To Get The Rest Of The Gang. They Pushed Us Into The Trunk. And Right When I Thought Brookie And I Where Gonna Die Of Lack Of Air, They Took Us Out. We Where At An Old Cola Factory, That Was Their Hang Out.
If You Would Like To Here What Happened Next Please Read Brian's Blog!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


If You Read Markie's Post You Would Know About Our Tag Team. I Was Thinking Back To When I First Started Posting. I Wanted To Post Like Every 10 Minutes, But I Knew That Would Drive You Crazy. So I Limited It To Twice A Week. I Remember I Used To Refresh The Page Every 5 Seconds, Waiting For A New Comment. Now I Check My Comments Every week, To Find I Only Have 2 Comments. And Because Of That I Dont Even Want To Post, Why Put Any Work Into Something If No One Is Gonna Read It. I Know Johnny Has Been Feeling The Same Way About It. So We Made A Tag-Team. Johnny,Mark,Darry And I. We Want The Chat Gone, If It Stays, We Will Go. So Pick Either, The Chat Or Us. Feel Free To Join Are Tag Team.
~ Ponyboy Curtis
Stay Gold

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Third Wheel

Well I Just Got Out Of The Hospital From The Car Crash A Few Days Ago. And Darry Being The Oldest Brother, Said He Didn't Want Me Staying Home Alone. Kitty Invited Me To Go On Her Date With Two-Bit To The Fair. I Objected Saying I Could Hang Out With Johnny, Or Something. Darry Just Said I Needed To Spend More Time With My Sister. Grr Darry, Why Do You Have To Be Such A Party Pooper? Huh? Well I Got Dress In One Of Soda's Old Shirts, And Some Jeans Darry Washed The Night Before. "Do I Really Have To Go Kitty?" I Asked Trying To Use The Most Miserable Voice I Could Think Of.
"Yes, My Wonderful Brother Of Mine!" Kitty Was Bursting With Excitement And So Much Happiness, It Was Like A Whole New Side Of Kitty I Never Met Before. For A Second I Thought I Was Actually Gonna Have Tons Of Fun Being The Third Wheel, Or The Tag Along. But When Two-Bit Came And We Started Driving To The Fair, Downtown, I Remembered Its Never Fun To Be The Third Wheel.
I Sat In The Back While Two-Bit And Kitty Sat Up Front. I Had To Hear About... I Dont Even Remember It Wasn't Stuff I Wanted To Hear So I Blocked It Out. I Never Realized How Pretty The Outside Looked In The Dark, With All The Stars In The Sky And When You Get Downtown You See All The Lights. It Kind Of Reminded Me Of L.A. Or At least Thats How I Pictured It.
Believe It Or Not The Fair Was Kind Of Fun! I Got To Go On The Roller Coasters And Other Rides, May I Remind You I Sat Alone With Kitty And Two-Bit Infront Of Me. But It Was Ok. We Played That One Game Where You Throw A Baseball and Try To Knock Down The Milk Jugs. Two-Bit Won Kitty A Stuffed Kitty! Haha! I Got A Poster Of Britney Spears (Dont Judge Me:P) What Was My Favorite Part Of The Night Was When Two-Bit Was Trying To Win A Stuffed Micky Mouse. It Was That One Game, That Test Your Strength. He Must If Wasted All His Money Trying. So Finally, Kitty Went Up And Tried It. She Got All The Way To The Top And Won Micky. I Was Laughing Like Crazy! Two-Bit Turn The Same Color As Mickey Mouse's Red Pants. We Left After That, Two-Bit Was Out Of Money And That Meant No More Rides, No More Games. Just A Ride Home. Where Again I Had To Listen To Them Again. I Started To Think Of All My Old Memory's. Like The Time I Hate Britney, Or Even When I Thought Girls Had Cooties. Everyone But The Girls In The Gang. It Was Like God Made Them Special, So The Where Immune To It. And When Are Parents To Us Camping And We Had To Bring The Gang, Because We Didn't Think We Could Live With Out Each Other. The Stupid Things We Do When We're Young. Wait, Aren't We Still Young?