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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dear Everyone Thanks For Your Christmas Presents They Are Amazing. I Love How Most Of Them Involved Britney.
There I Posted
Stay Gold
Ponyboy Curtis

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Year From Today

One Year From Today, I Joined The Blog. Haha I Cant Believe Soda Was Right When He Said Creating A Blog Was This Much Fun. So My Blog Is Officially A Year Old. Happy Birthday! Haha, A Lot's Happen Since Then. Most Of The Gang Has A Blog, Some Socs Do -.- We Umm Got Facebooks. I've Seen Met People, New People And I Miss Some Of The Old Ones. We've Had Good Times And Bad Times. We've Gotten Broken Hearts And We Had The Times Our Your Best Friends Made Them Better Again. So To Get Away From All That I'd Just Like To Say, Im Gonna Try Harder To Post And Comment More. And Have As Much Fun As We Used Too. Haha Were Gonna Have A Blast :D
Stay Gold
Ponyboy Curtis
P.S. This Kind Of Sounds Like A News Year Letter.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

For Britneys Birthday

You All Know That Soda Set Me Up With A Date Not Too Long Ago. I Got To Choose Outta Three Girls Which One I Wanted To Go On A Date With....Blah Blah Blah. Anyways. I Picked Raine. I Mean How Couldn't I, She Has A "Different" Name, Like Mine :D
We Had The Date At The Bowling Ally. They Where Having A Talent Show Type Thing Going On, And It's Pretty Funny To Watch People Make Fools Of Themselves. I Invited My 2 Best Friends To Come With Their "Other Half" Johnny Brought Angela And Jamie Brought Carson. (May I Just Say Jamie And Carson Are The Cutest Couple XD ) I Was Gonna Invite The Whole Gang But Some Socs Where Gonna Be There And Didn't Want To Cause A Scene.
The Show Started At 7. And We Where Gonna Be There At 6:30 To Get A Quick Game In. Jamie Wanted To Make Sure The Date Went Well So She Said That,I 'Should Be Like The Guys In Jersey Shores.' -.- As In I Should Go Out And Buy A New Shirt.... That Was Okay, I Guess I Could Use One That Wasn't One Of Soda's Hand-me-downs. Then She Said I Should Get A Hair Cut. Two Words. HELL NO! And Then She Said I Should Get A Spray Tan. (HAHA) I Informed Her How No One Had Tans In Tulsa Anymore. It's The Time For Snow.
Jamie Bought Me A New Shirt And Brought It Over While I Took A Shower. The Shirt James Bought Me Was A Dress Shirt, I Guess Thats What I Get For Letting Her Pick Out My Shirt. After That I Was Ready To Go, But Before I Left Sodapop Stopped Me.
"Pony, Can I Borrow Your Britney Binoculars?" He Said Blocking The Door So I Couldn't Get Out. "Why?" I Said Annoyed That He Was Gonna Make Me Late.
"Cause I Need Em'. Can You Just Get Them?" He Said Impatiently. I Went To My Bedroom. There Was Stuff All Over The Place. Soda Must Of Torn Apart My Room Looking For It. -.- I Found The Binoculars and Handed The To Soda. "Have Fun Pony!" He Said As I Walked Out. "You Too."
Raine's House Was Smaller Then Mine. And I Thought Mine Was Small.When She Walked Out, I Swear I Heard Britney Spears' Toxic (The Rock Version Playing) She's Was Prettier Then The Picture Soda Showed Me. She Had Dark Brown, Almost Black, Hair. It Had Some Light Brown Streaks In It. She Was Wearing A Nose Piercing And Had A Few Tattoos. She Was Wearing A Pink Plaid Shirt With A Tee-Shirt Underneath, Skinny Jeans, One Of Those Beanie Hat Things, And Had Sunglasses On.(Even Though It Was Dark Out...?)
"Nice Tie" She Laughed Pulling On This Tie Jamie Made Me Wear, She Jumped Into The Car... We Asked Each Other Stupid Questions While We Were In The Car. Things Like, Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor And Topping? What Planet Would You Want To Be And Why?........
Johnny And Angela Got Us A Table At The Bowling Alley. I Was Trying Not To Bring Up Britney Spears In Front Of Angela Cause We End Up Fighting About How She Thinks Lady Gaga Is Better Then Britney. (Spears Could Kill Gaga) Jamie And Carson Where So Late We Didn't Have Time To Bowl Before The Show. Carson Made Fun Of The Fact That I Was Wearing A Tie. Thanks Jamie -.- Johnny Stole Some Red Bull From Two-Bits House. And You Know How We Get When We Have Are Red Bull :D
All The Acts Pretty Much Failed. Except For The Last Girl Who Juggled Fire. She Was Probably The Best. But The Most Entertaining Was The Girl Wear A Pink Belly Shirt Dancing With Roller Skates On To Hannah Montana. She Kept Falling Flat On Her Face XD I Guess Everyone Makes Mistakes. Then The Judges Went To Go Judge Together And Find A Winner And What Ever. Johnny And I Looked At Each Other And Got An Idea.
We Went Searching Through Are Pockets, "I Got A Dollar" Johnny Announced. We Ran To The Jukebox. The Girls Faces Had Confused Written All Over Them. 'All Shook Up By' Elvis Started Playing
Johnny And I Ran Up On The Small Stage That Was Set Up. I Grabbed The Microphone And Began To Lip Sync To Elvis. Johnny Did An Interpretive Dance. The Announcer/Judge Person, Tried To Take The Mic From Me But I Was Stronger Then Him So He Soon Gave Up. Johnny Just Ignored Him. Haha People Began To Attempt To Dance Like Johnny. It Was Pretty Funny. We Were A Hit :P I Think People Laughed At Us More Then That Hannah Montana Girl.
Angela And Jamie Learned To Hide Their Laughter, Since Things Like This Was Normal For Johnny And I. Raine On The Other Hand, Almost Died From Laughing So Hard. I Loved Her Laugh. It Was The Type That Made You Just Want To Join Her In Laughing. After We Finished Bowing Stupidly, Johnny And I Jumped Off Stage Dramatically And Sat Back At Are Table.
Raine Hugged Me And Said That Was The Funniest Thing She Had Ever Seen. (In That Case I Think She Needs To Go Out More.)
After A Little Bit Of Just Talking, Johnny And I Wanted French Fries. We Went Up To The Food Counter. It Was Kind Of Far Our Table, But Johnny And I Took The Risk Of Walking That Far. :P We.Where.Hungry. The Girl At The Counter Looked No Older Then Kitty And Was Wearing A Britney Spears Button On Her Work Clothes. Johnny Dared Me Not To Say Anything About It. (It Was Pretty Hard :P) On The Way Back To Our Table Johnny Was Telling Me His Opinion On Raine, When We Saw 3 Socs Hanging Around Jamie, Carson, Raine And Angela.
As We Came Closer To The Table, I Heard Carson Say Real Angry Like "Suck My Cock." To One Of The Guys. I Had To Try Hard To Keep My Self From Laughing Cause Of It And Keep My Tuff Look On.
"Come On Girl," The Socs Said To Carson. He Placed His Hand On Carson. She Just Gave Him A Look That Said ' Move Ur Hand With In 5 Seconds, Or You Wont Have One.' ( At This Point I Realized I Knew The Kids. We Went To The Same School. The One Who Almost Lost His Hand To Carson, Was Named Will. Another One, Who Was Attempting To Flirt With Jamie And Raine, Was Named Brian. Then There Was Alex. Alex Kind Of Just Stood There. Watching It Happen, Kind Of Like It Was A Tv Show. He Had Both His Hands Jamed In His Pocket And Slouched A Bit.) At This Time, Will Was Smiling Stupidly At Angela.
"Hey," I Said Before Will Had A Chance To Say Anything To Her "Get Your Own Girls."
Brian, Whom Was With Jamie At The Moment, Looked Up At Me, "Says The Guy Trying To Dress Like Us Socs." Will And Him Laughed.
Johnny Pushed Will Away From His Girlfriend "Leave Before You Do Something You'll Regret." Johnnycake Said Coldly
Just Then I Brian Said Something That Bothered Me, "What Girl Gets The Chance To Take A Ride On My Disco Stick" Ugh, Lady Gaga. -.-
"Hey!" Brian Turned And Looked At Me, "Suck This Lady Gaga." He Looked At Me Funny, Then I Punched Him In The Jaw. His Lip Started Bleeding ASAP. This Gave Johnny The Idea To Punch Will In The Gut. Will Fell Over From The Impacted Of Johnny's Fist.
Brian And Will Looked Pretty Angry After That. (I Guess I Would Be Too If Someone Punched Me) Then Alex Finally Said Something. "Uhh, Guys Lets Go." Of Course That Was Directed To Will And Brian. "I Really Dont Feel Like Getting Kicked Outta Some Place Tonight For Something This Stupid."
Will And Brian Stared Blankly At Him For A Moment. Then Agreed. "See Ya Later Greasers." Brian Said After Spitting On My Shoes.
"I Should Of Took Care Of That Kid." Johnny Said Playing With Angela's Hair, "Your Hair Smells Like Muffins...." (Creepy)
I Sat Back Down Starting To Eat My Fries, "Who Wants To Bowl?" I Said My Mouth Full Of The Fries. Everyone Agreed, Why Wouldn't They? I Mean We Where In A Bowling Alley. But Before We Could Start Carson Gotta Call From Steve. He Needed Her Home Or Something. Anyways She Left :/
( Blah Blah Blah I Dont Feel Like Writing About This Part So Blah Blah Blah)
Johnny Ended Up Winning. I Cant Remember The Score, But It Was Unfair. Johnny Used To Work In A Bowling Alley.....That Makes Him Like A Pro Or Something. Then It Was Me :) And Angela And Raine Tided For 3rd.
The Lady Who Had The Britney Spears Button Gave Johnny A Sticker For Winning. It Was A Gold Star. Sigh, Second Place Didn't Get Anything. :( Double Sigh, I'll Never Get My Gold Sticker....Well One That Wasn't From Carson.
It Was Getting Late By This Time And Everyone Was Leaving. I Ask Jamie If She Wanted A Ride Home, Since Carson, Her Ride, Left. But She Declined. Im Pretty Sure She Just Wanted Me To Have Alone Time With Raine. She Insisted On Walking Home. It Was Only Like A Ten Minute Walk So I Didn't Argue Much And Let Her Go. Johnny Would Of Took Her, But Apparently Johnny and Angela Had To Go "Do Something".....
Raine Looked Kind Of Tired On The Car Ride Home, Yet She Seemed Acted Like She Had More Energy Then The Energizer Bunny. She Was Telling Me About How Her Street Does Something Like Halloween, But More Toward X-Mas Time. She Wanted Our Gang To Go, So They Could Meet Her Gang Or Something....I Said You'd Guys Loved To Go. Then She Just Kind Of Died (Not Like Actually Died.) We Where Like 5 Minutes Away From Her House And She Fell Asleep On My Shoulder. She Kind Of Looked Like An Angel Sleeping. She Was One Of The Few People Whom Sleep Smiling. When We Got There, I Debated Wether I Should Carry Her To Her Room Or Wake Her Up. It Looked Like No One Was Home In The House So I Woke Her Up And Walked Her To The Door.
She Unlocked The Door With A Key She Was Wearing As A Necklace, "Night Pon-yay!"
"Pon-yay?" I Asked As If She Hadn't Been Calling Me That All Night. Why Do All The People I Know Come Up With Stupid Nicknames For Me, Like For Once Can Someone Just Call Me Pony.
"Yessir" She Said Sounding Old Fashion
"How'd Ya Come Up With Such A Name?"
She Smiled "Cause A Short Version On Pony Is Pon. And When I Look At You My Heart Goes Yay!" She Put Her Hand On Her Heart.
I Leaned In And Kissed Her "Thats A Good One."
She Smiled Big And Walked Inside. Anyways I Got Another Date With Her Saturday, And Uhh Do You Guess Wanna Go To That Tick Or Treating In December Thing? It Be Really Cool If You Did :P

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Friday, October 15, 2010


“Going To Homecoming?” Johnny Asked Me Last Friday When We Met Outside The School.
“Nah, I Don’t Really Wanna Go.” I Replied
“But You’re my Wing Man… We’re Pb & J!” Johnny Complained. And He Had A Point, So I Gave In And Said “Sure Why Not….Hey I Got An Idea!” And We Ran Back In The School.
Today, Friday October 15th, Was Homecoming. Johnny And I Got Ready Together Mostly Because We Could Have Cake While Darry Washed And Ironed Are “Nice” Clothes. Those Where Basically A Un-Stained T-Shirt And Un-ripped Jeans. (I Have No Idea Why I Keep Putting (– ) In-Between Things.) We Got Ready And Whatever When Soda Came In. “PONY!” He Yelled In My Ear
“Yeah, Sodapop?” I Asked As We’re About To Leave.
“You Know, I Never Went To Homecoming.” He Said In His “Sad” VoiceAdd Image
“Loser!” Johnny Coughed
I Did A Loud Sigh “Im Guessing You Wanna Come With Me.”
“No….. But Since You Asked, Sure!” He Ran Up Stairs To Get Dress. He Took FOREVER! He’s Like A Girl. He Takes Forever To Get Ready. I Wonder What He Does Up There. I Think He Looks In The Mirror Saying ‘Aren’t You A Handsome Piece Of Man Meat.’
Since Johnny And I Had Time To Waste We Threw Skittles At The Other, Trying To Get It In There Mouth. Finally Soda Came Down. He Didn’t Look Any Different Then Earlier -.- Johnny Made Us Hurry Up Cause He Was Late Picking Up His Date, Angela(Aka Angel). She Didn’t Seem To Mind It Too Much.
Johnny And I Where Grinning Like Crazy. Our Plan Was In “Motion” J When We Got In We Saw Everyone In The Gang. Johnny And Angel Went On The Floor.
“Pony!” Sodapop Said, Reminding Me He Was Still There “We Should Dance.” :P
I Gave Him A Glare. “You Can Dance, But Im Staying Here.” He Eventually Left To Dance By Himself And I Went Talk To Amber And Her Friends.
Then Johnny And I Met Up Again. We Each Got On The Stage, No One Really Seemed To Notice. We Lifted Are Shirts Up A Bit Reveling Our Belts. They Where Kind Of Like The Belts Construction Workers Wear. They Were Filled With Cans Of Silly String. We Grabbed A Metal Bar That Was Hanging On A Rope Where We Hung Streamers. We Took Out The Silly String And Pushed Of The Stage. (We Created A Zip Line Type Thing If You Didn’t Understand That?) We Got Everyone Full Of Silly String, Head To Toe. How Did We Do It? Johnny’s Post Will Tell You. Anyways, After We Finished Our Last Cans, We Jumped Off, Landing In Super Hero Positions. Then Mrs.Durinki, The Principle Took Us By The Ears, “OUT!” She Yelled
“We Don’t Even Get To Go To The Library First?” Johnny Said Joking. At School Dances If You Ever Dance Too Close To A Girl Or Boy, Or Do Something Against The Rules, Your Sent To The Library.
She Pushed Us Out The Closest Exit. After She Left We Did Are Secret Hand Shake, By The Time We Finished, The Principle Threw Angel And Soda Out. They Didn’t Do Anything But Come With Us :P
We Thought We’d Go To Buck’s Or Something Because Everyone Would Go There After Homecoming.
“What Did You Guys Thing Of Are Prank?” I Asked As We Drove Home
Angel Said It Was Pretty Funny Watching All The Socs Complaining How We Got It All Over There New Dresses.
Soda Said Doing A Fake Girly Voice “This Was The Worst Date Ever, Pony! ”
I Just Laughed.
(The Picture On The Right Is A Photo Of Amber, Her Friends, And I. Amber Is The One On The Right Of Me.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just A Normal Day At Work.

I Do Different Jobs At The Movie. I Guess They Do That With All The New People Until They Know What They Want You To Do And That Ur Experienced In All Fields There In case Someone Is Sick. So The First Half Of My Shift. I Was That Person Who You Pay To Get Your Tickets. It's Probably My Second Favorite Job There. You Basically Do Nothing But Collect Money And Push Buttons. How Much Easier Can It Get?
Anyways, After A Little While I Started To See People From My School There. They Where All Socs And Where All Going To See That Social Network Movie. Then I Saw Amber And Her Boyfriend.
"Hey Amber!"
"Hey Pony" She Did A Small Smile
"How Do U Know Him?" Ronny, Her Boyfriend, Said. Ronny And The Curtis' Have A Past Together. He Was The Same Age As Soda, 19. They Hated Each Other And To Him I Was His Annoying Little Brother. (You Know, No One Ever Says Kitty Is The Annoying Little Sister -.- And Trust Me She'd Annoy You If U Had To Live With Her.)
Amber Shot Me A Look. It's Hard To Describe, But I Could Tell She Didn't Want Me To Tell Him That We Where Friends.
"He's...Umm." She Was Having Trouble Thinking Of A Lie. So I Did What I Do When I Cant Think Of A Lie.....Tell The Truth
"We're Math Study Buddies." I Declared
"Math Study Buddy's? What The Hell Is That?" Ronnie Said Angrily
"I Sit Next To Him In Math, The Person You Sit Next To Is Your 'Study Buddy' "
It Took Him A Few Seconds, But After Awhile I Think He Understood. They Took There Tickets And Went To See Their Movie.
About 15 Minutes Later They Had Me Work At The Food Counter.
There I Saw Amber Again, This Time Without Ronnie.
"Pony Im Soo Sorry About Earlier." She Said "I Just Didn't Want Him To Cause A Scene."
"It's Cool." I Said Coldly. I Was Sick Of Talking To Socs. They All Want To "Protect" Their Image And Doesn't Care About The Person On The Inside.
"Please Don't Be Mad At Me, Pony." She Gave Me This Sad Face And I.Felt.Bad.
"You Want Some Poppy Corn?" I Said Giving In
"Extra Butter " :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who Says You Cant Have A Second Chance

I Walked Up The Steps To Johnny's House. I Felt Like I Was Five Again. I Carried 12 Dandelions In My Hand. (Are Those Considered Flowers?) I Walked In And Saw Dawn Sitting On The Couch.
"Ponesmaster 3000! Whats Shaken Bacon?" Or I Think Thats What She Said. She Was Eating A Bag Of Skittles So It Just Sounded Like Munch Munch Munch.
I Hid The Dandelions Behind My Back So She Couldn't See Them. "Uhh, Is Brooklyn Here?" I Said Trying To Ignore The Fact That She Said Pones.
"She's In Her Room."
Brooks Door Was Open So I Just Walked In.
"Hey Brooks"
"Sup Pones?" She Asked. She Was Sitting On Her Bed Petting Her Dog Cupcake
She Did A Tiny Laugh "Johnny Is Out With Jamie, If Your Looking For Him"
"Im Actually Here For You." I Said Holding Out The Dandelions "I Was Thinking, Maybe, We Could Go On A Date Friday."
"Are You Asking Me Out" She Laughed
"Pretty Much."
"Sure"She Said Smiling. I Handed Her The Dandelions. She Laughed At The Sight Of Them. When We Were Younger I Used To Pick Them For Her.
"I'll Pick You Up At 7." I Started To Walk Out Of Her Room, "Oh And We'll Eat There."
"I Got It Pones ." She Said
I Had A Great Idea For This Date. My Friend Drew Owed Me A Huge Favor, And It Just So Happens His Dad Owns A Chuckie Cheese's. That Means Any Game We Want For Free And The Building Made Of Tubes (Whats Is That Called) Was Ours For The Night.
Drove Darry's Car, Cause Soda Needed To "Fix" Mine. Which Usually Ment He Wanted To Take It For A Joy Ride. I Made Her Close Her Eyes When We Got Close To Chuckie Cheese, Because Everything Is More Exciting When Ur Eyes Are Closed. When I Finally Told Her To Open Her Eyes, Her Face Became Full Happiness. I Dont Think Mr. And Mrs. Cade Brought Her There Too Much.
"This Is Not The First Place I'd Think Of To Go On A Date." She Laughed
I Opened The Door For Her "What Do You Want To Do First?"
She Looked Around. There Where Little Kids Running Around And A Big Mouse With A Giant C Of His Hat And Shirt. The Walls Where Painted Different Colors. Then Her Eyes Lit Up. "BALL PIT!"
I Wasn't Too Fond Of The Ball Pit......Since What Happened To Little Jimmy Ray. (Seen In Picture To The Right)

Some Say He Was Eaten Whole. Others Say The Shark Spit Up His Bones To Make His Wife A Necklace. Darry Says The Family Just Moved Away From Tulsa. Either Way, No One Has Seen Him Since.
Brookie Ran And Jumped Into The Ball Pit. Balls When Flying. "Come On Pony!" She Threw A Few Balls At Me. I Could Tell She Was A Softball Player.
I Was Thinking Whats The Chance That The Shark Was Still Here. If I Owned C.C. I Would Hire Animal Control To Get Rid Of It. Plus Brooks Was In There, I'd Have To Save Her From Any Possible Shark Attack. I Jumped In And Brooks Stop Throwing Balls At Me And We Started Throwing Them At The Little Kids There. We Made Sure It Wasn't Hard Enough To Hurt Them, Just Enough To Make Them Get Out Of The Ball Pit. (Am I The Only One Who Feels Really Unconfrontble Saying Ball Pit, Or Pit Of Balls?) Chuckie The Mouse Dude, Yelled At Us For "Not Playing Nicely" And Said We'd Have To Leave The Ball Pit.
Then We Played Every Game In The Building About 10 Times. If We Put Are Tickets Together We Could Get The Giant Stuffed Cookie Monster . (It Was Bigger Then Brookie Haha) The Lady Said She'd Keep Him Behind The Counter Till We Left, Cause That Cookie Monster Ate Way Too Many Cookies! (If Your Catching What Im Throwing :P) They Brookie's Tummy Rumbled.
"It's 9:30-ish, I Thought You Said We Were Eating Here"
"We Will After We Go In The Castle Of Tubes." I Winked
"Okay." She Winked Too "Why Are We Winking?"
I Laughed "You'll See"
We Went Through Half The Castle Of Tubes, Until We Came Into A Big(-ish) Tube Room. There I Had Grilled Cheese Waiting For Us. They Where On Paper Plates And We Had To Sit On Rugs. I Couldn't Figure Out How To Put Chairs And A Table In The Castle Of Tubes. I Think My Grilled Cheese Was Pretty Darn Good If I Say So Myself. ;) We Where Gonna Have Ice Cream For Desert, But.... I Forgot About How It Needed To Be In A Freezer. So I Just Bought Some From The Little Food Bar They Had There.
We Stayed At C.C. Until It Closed And Then I Took Brookie And Her Giant Stuffed Cookie Monster Home. I Helped Her Bring Him Inside and Said Good Night To Both Of Them. I Hope Brookie Had As Much Fun As I Did. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Never Felt So Alone

It Was Like A Usual Morning. Darry Woke Me Up, I Was The Last One At The Table. Soda And Kitty Where Stuffing There Faces With Eggs And Cake, Katie Was Eating A Lot Herself, Just More Polite. Darry Was Getting The Mail.
"You Got A Letter, Ponyboy." He Said Throwing A Purple Envelop At Me. A Purple Letter! I Thought. That Only Ment One Thing, BRINTEY SENT ME A LETTER AGAIN! I Ran Around The House With Excitement. Everyone Just Kind Of Stared And Laughed A Little Bit. Then I Tore Open The Envelop And Pulled Out A Yellow-ish Colored Paper.
Dear Ponyboy,
I know you've been a very enthusiastic Britney fan, and you love me dearly. You have been for a VERY long time. Im sorry to inform you that you can no longer be a member/leader of Britney Spears Fan. You also can not be a part of Britney Spears' Tulsa street team. I have VERY many reasons for this. We also heard that you voted for Lady Gaga on the VMA's. Traiter. Have A Nice Life Without Britney, Bitch.
Britney Spears
"What Did It Say Pony?" Soda Ask Excitedly.
"Uhh," I Sighed "It Was Just A Prank Johnny Pulled On Me."
"We'll Have To Get Him Back, Huh?" He Paused To Come Up With An Idea "Why Dont We Replace All The Muffins In His HouseWith Cupcakes?" He Laughed.
"Yeah, Sure." I Said With Out Any Emotion. I Got Up, My Food Not Even Touched, Grabbed The Letter And Went To My Room.
Once I Closed The Door, I Dont Know What Came Over Me. I Tore Down All My Brintney Spears Posters. I Smashed My Brit- Brit CD Player And Gum Ball Macince. I Took My Britney Pillow Case And Cut It Up In Tiny Little Peices. Then I Destroyed Everything Else Britney In My Room.....This Took AWhile....... Then I Layed Down On My Bed And Closed My Eyes As Tight As I Could.I Was Having Trouble Breathing. My Leg Hurt,Everything Hurt.
"Pony!" Soda Said Sounding Nervous " Are You Okay?"
"I'll Get A Nurse" I Heard Darry Say
I Dont Know Why, I Just Started Screaming, I Couldn't Help It. I Opened My Eyes, I Was In A White Room. Soda Was Almost As White As The Walls. He Looked Scared. He Was Knealing Next To My Hospital Bed. I Looked At My Leg. 'Oh Right' I Thought 'Buddy The Kowala Bear'
"Why Are You And Darry Here?" I Asked Soda. They Haven't Visited Me Yet This Week.
Soda Pulled A Chair Closer To The Bed, So He Could Sit Down. He Was Wearing His Transformer PJ's "The Hospital Called Saying You Weren't Eating Anything And You Kept Passing Out. The Also Said You Where Making A Lot Of Noice, Like Yelling Or Screaming....Probably Singing Britney Spears :P They Thought Us Being Here Would Help." Soda Was Acting Real Odd, He Wasn't His Usual Happy, Full Of Energy Self. Then I Started Thinking, Im Here For My Leg, Why Would I Be Passing Out? I Looked At The Chair Behind Soda. It Had A Pink And Orange Teddy Bear. It Was Kit-Kat's. Mom And Dad Gave It To Her, Not Too Long Before They Died.
"Where's Kitty?" I Asked
"She's Getting Us Food From That Place You Get You Get Ur Britney Food."
"Is She Getting Me Britney Spears Sha-" I Stoped Remembering My Dream "Bagel?"
"A Britney Spears Sha-Bagel?" He Laughed
"No, Just Bagel." I Said Coldly. Soda Stopped Lauging, He Seemed Like He Wanted To Say Something, But Didn't. I Heard Darry In The Hallway
"Where Can I Get A Damn Nurse In This Hospital?!" He Mummbled "I Pay Taxes For This Shit!" Then He Passed My Door. He Paused And Turned "PONY!" He Yelled "YOUR ALIVE!" He Was Acting More Like Soda, Then Sodapop Was. Darry Said Something About Me Getting Out Of Here Tomorrow So I Dont Miss Too Much School.
When Kitty Came Back I "Spilled" The Britney Spears Shake She Got Me, And Darry Gave Me His Bagel :)
It Used To Be Britney And Me Against The World, But Now It Was Just Me. Me Against The World. You Know To Be In A Room Full Of People Who Care About Me, I've Never Felt So Alone.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Distance Friends No More

Darry Was Yelling At Me How I Need To Stop Loving Britney Spears So Much Cause It Was "Freaking Him Out" When I Heard
"Knock, Knock" From A Very Familiar Voice. I Quickly Jumped Over The Couch And Ran Straight To The Door, The Person Opened The Door. It Hit Me In The Head And Knocked Me On The Floor.
"KRISTI!" I Yelled
"Pony!" She Laughed
"Fancy Meeting You Here." I Said Getting Off The Floor
She Stuck Her Tongue Out And Said "I Just Came Back From Johnny-Kins House" (Johnny-Kins Was Her Nick Name For Johnny, It Was Some Weird Story How They Came Up With It And I Dont Feel Like Telling You)
"So Are You Visiting Or....?" I Asked Walking To The Couch.
She Followed. "I Moved Back, Just Me. Jamie Was At Johnny's House Too."
"She's There All The Time Too."
"Oh,"Kristi Paused, "You Got A Girl Friend?"
"Thats Good, Relationships Are Overrated."
"Your Single Too" I Laughed
"Shut Up." She Said Punching My Arm "That Reminds Me..."
She Pulled Out Her Purse Bag Thing. Have You Ever Seen One Of Those Old Movie Things Where The Grandma Has A Big Bag And Everytime She Visits She Gives Her Grandchildren Candy Or A Toy. Kristi Was Kind Of Like That, But What Ever She Had In Her Purse Was Ten Times Cooler Then Anything A Grandma Would Give. ( I Just Compared Her To An Old Grandma :P Haha)
She Pulled Out A Britney Spears Signed Shirt. "My New Daddy Pulled Some Strings."
"Thanks" I Smiled Really Big, The Shirt Said 'Dear Ponyboy, Didn't I Play At Your B-Day Party? How Could I Forget You :P Love Britney Spears XOXO'
We Did Are Old Stuff, Which Involved Annoying Darrel, Making Prank Phone Calls To Johnny's House, And Seeing A Movie.
The Next Day, Johnny, Kristi And I Went To The Place We First Met. Yes, The ZOO! We Forced Kristi On The Camel Rides. They Were Like Pony Rides But They Were Camels. Johnny And I Got To Are Third Ride And We Felt Sick, How Many Times Can You Go In A Circle? Kristi Wanted To Go On Again But I Said "Do You Want Us To Puke?!" She Laughed, But I Was Serious. "Lets Get Lunch!" Johnny Yelled We Went To Are Favorite Place There. It Was Called The 'Jungle Cafe'
Inside It, It Looked Just Like A Jungle. It Was Dark, And There Was A Water Fall In The Middle Of The Place. It Gave It That Smell, I Dont Know How To Describe It.
Then We Saw 'Ranger Joe's Wild Life Show' (Kitty Used To Have The Biggest Crush On Him. He's REALLY Old Looking :P)
The Guy Remembered Us, From The Time An Animal Got Lose And We Helped Catch It...... Haha You Guys Should Of Been There That Day, It Was Hilarious.
We Got To Go Back Stage And Meet All The Animals. The Last One We Met Was My Enemy, Buddy. (Ironic) (Buddy Broke My First Britney Spears Cd, Remember The One I Used To Carry Around)
"Come On,Pony. Hold The Kola Bear." Ranger Joe Insisted. Finally I Gave In And Held Him. He Was Soft And Slow. I Thought Maybe He Wasn't Bad After All. Then Someone Called Me, And My Phone Started Singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' And Buddy Took It Literally. He Started To Attack Me. He Scratched And Bit. Then I Feel, There Was A Huge Crack And The Bone In My Leg Started Sticking Out. Ranger Joe Got Buddy and Someone Called 911. Kristi Looked Like She Was Gonna Puke She Held On To Johnny, Until We Got To The Hospital. I'll Only Be In For A Few Days.
They Stayed There Till 11pm, Pretending To Be Apart Of My Family. At One Point Johnny Had To Go To The Bathroom.
"Hey Pony?" Kristi Asked Nervously.
"Yeah?" I Thought She Was Gonna Ask Me Something Like, Did My Leg Still Hurt Or Something
"How Long Have Johnny And Jamie Been Dating?"
"Uhh," I Said Caught Off Gard " 4 Months? It's Been On And Off Again.
"Oh," She Sounded Sad.
Johnny Came In Before I Could Say Anything
"Kristi-Kins, It's Getting Late. We Better Get Going. "
"Ok" Kristi Said Popping Out Of Her Seat She Gave Me A Hug "Bye Pony Get Better Soon."
Johnny Said "See Ya Tomorrow Pones."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Just Wanna Know, Where You Wanna Go

Johnny, Gregory, Argentina (Tina),Kitty, And I Were Invited By Amber To Go To Her Cottage This Weekend. She Was Gonna Invite Her Boyfriend And Some Of His Friends. But They Had Football, And She Didn’t Want To Invite Her Girlfriends. Kitty Came Because Darry Didn't Want Me To Be "Irresponsible." Like Kitty Is Responsible :P It Was Just The 6 Of Us, She Planned A Day Full Of Fun. First We Went Fishing. Johnny Got His Fishing Rod Stuck In Gregory’s Afro. We Couldn’t Get It Out So We Ended Up Cutting It Out, Poor Gregory. Then We Had A Water Gun War. Gregory Got His Pay Back On Johnny During This. XD We Gave Johnny The Little Kid Water Gun. But He Didn’t Seem To Notice, He Even Wanted It. It Had Muffins On It J. Gregory Basically Soaked Johnny With In Seconds, Even Tina Felt bad And Tried To Get Gregory Wet But It Didn’t Work. That’s When He Got The Hose. You Should Of Seen Johnny’s Face. His Eyes Got All Big And He Had A Sad Yodel Face On. Amber And I Sneaked Away And Left Them To Finish There Water Gun Fight. By This Time It Was Around Sunset And Amber Watched It With Me. She’s Really Sweet For A Socs…/Greaser Girl? She Didn’t Have The Attitude Of A Socs, But She Didn’t Act Like A Greaser. I Guess That’s What You Expect, But I Just Had This Weird Feeling. A Good Feeling. Amber Leaned On Me, “You Know, I Never Realized How Pretty The Sunset Was.” She Said
I Smiled And Agreed. The Reason Why She Liked The Sunset Was Different Then Mine. I Never Really Got Anyone To Talk About Sunsets With Me. Occasionally Johnny Or Soda, But That Was It. It Was Pretty Neat. “You Know Pony,” She Said Looking Up At Me “You Have Really Pretty Eyes.” Yes! Finally Someone Likes My Eyes :P Haha Just As I Was About To Reply, A Bucket Of Water Was Dumped On My Head. I Looked Behind Me And There Was Johnny, All Drenched And Shivering Cold. “You Guys Didn’t Get Wet!” He Yelled “It Wasn’t Fair!” Amber Was A Little Wet Since She Was Leaning On Me, But I Was Close To Johnny Wet. Well The Closest To Johnny Wet. We All Got Changed For Dinner. We Roasted Mini Winnies. They Were Really Good. But Tina’s Started On Fire, And She Ran Around In Circles Screaming “It’s On Fire! It’s On Fire! What Do I Do!” She Ran Until The Fire On Her Mini Winnie Finally Went Out.
When It Finally Got Dark Out We Roasted Marshmallows And Made Smores. Yumm :D We Sat On Logs Which Were Pretty Cool. “Burr, It’s Cold.” Amber Said Rubbing Her Arms. I Took Off My Leather Jacket And Put It Around Her. “Thanks” She Said Putting Her Head On My Shoulder. “ Aww,” Johnny Whispered. I Threw My Marshmallow At Him. “Yum” He Laughed
The Next Day Was Full With A Lot More Activities. She Showed Us A Tree House Her Dad Built When She Was Younger. She Had A Zip Line There, And We Must Of Done That For Like 2 Hours. It Was Really Fun. Even Kitty Did It, And She's Afraid Of Heights. Then We Went Rafting. At First Tina Was Against It Because She Heard Rafting Can Be Really Dangerous. But Then Kitty Convinced Her That She'd Be Safe And She Had Been Rafting Before. I Have No Idea If This Is True. But I Didn't Disagree. After Where Done It Started To Rain.

"Good Timing!" Gregory Said We All Ran Inside. Amber And I Watched 101 Dalmatians, Kitty Went 2 Take A Shower And Gregory Was Making A Dinner. Then All Of A Sudden Amber And I Hear Music Blasting So Loud We Couldn't Hear The Movie. We Followed The Sound Into A Room. We Kicked Open The Door And There Was Tina And Johnny Dancing Like Weird Maniacs. When They Saw Us They Stopped. Looked At Each Other, Then Back To Us. Then They Yelled "DANCE PARTY!!!" And Went Back To Dancing. It Wasn't Really Dancing. It Was More Like Jumping Up And Down Waving There Hands Everywhere. Amber And I Decided To Join In. We Looked Like We Were All Crazy, And It Probably Would Of One Americans Funnest Video.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amber Olive :)

Johnny And I Were Goofing Around In The Mall Like We Always Do. We Were Basically Bouncing Off The Walls. We Pulled An All Nighter With 10 Cans Of Soda Each. (Which Makes Ur Stomach Feel Like It’s Gonna Puke) We Were Messing Around In Some Clothing Store, When I Saw This Girl. “Hey Johnny, Look At That Girl” I Said Pointing To The Girl Who Obviously Worked There. “Yeah, Pony? She’s Reading A Book?” He Said Confused. Honestly I Had No Idea Why She Caught My Eye But She Did. “I Say We Talk To Her.” I Said Walking Towards The Desk Where She Was Sitting. “If You Mean Flirt With Her, Im Out Pones.” He Said Not Moving. “I Never Said Flirt.” I Smiled At Him “I’ll Talk To Her By Myself If You Want.”
Johnny Continued To Bounce Off The Walls And Mess Up All The Clothing. Im Surprised None Of The Works Cleaned It Up, Or Told Him 2 Stop. “Hey.” I Said To The Girl. “Are You Ready To Check Out?” She Said Looking Up From The Book. “No,” I Laughed A Little “What Book Are You Reading?” “Oh, Umm” She Turned To The Cover That Read ‘Death Is Not The Answer’ She Told Me The Title And The Author Just Incase I Couldn’t Read. “I’ve Read That Book For School Last Year.” I Said. “That Must Mean Your Graduating This Year?” She Said “What School?” “Tulsa High. What About You?” She Finally Smiled “Me Too. My Name Is Amber Olivia Knight. Lots Of People Call Me Olive Or Just Amber” She Said “Ponyboy Curtis. Pony For Short.” “I Know Who You Are; I Was In Your Math Class.” Then I Remembered Who She Was. She Was A Lot Like Darry. She Was A Greaser, But She Was A Head Cheerleader And Had A Lot Of Socs Friends. She Was Very Smart But She Refused To Skip A Grade. We Talked A Bit Longer; It Was A Thursday Afternoon So It Wasn’t Busy. “When Do You Get Off Work?” I Asked “I Have A Boyfriend, Robbie Kay.” Robbie Was The Schools Best Football Player. He Was Close Friends with Bob and There’s No Doubt In My Mind That He Helps Him Jump Greasers. “Not Like A Date.” I Replied, “Johnny And I Are Going To The Movies Later. Maybe You Could Come. As Friends.” I Pointed To Johnny Who Was Passed Out On The Floor. She Laughed “Sure, I Get Off Work At 5. We Can Go Around Six.” “Okay, Good Deal.” I Said. She Wrote Her Number On My Hand And I Pulled Johnny Out Of The Store. “Come On Johnny Lets Get Some Muffins Inside Ur Stomach.” He Just Groaned

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Poem By Ponyboy Curtis (Written In Less Then 5 Minutes)

Britney Britney,

I Will Give You My Kidney,

If You Told Me,

You Love Me,

Britney Britney,

I Don't Have Skin Deasies,

But I Have Skinned Knees,

So Please Don't Give Me Heart Deasies,

Britney Britney,

Oh Britney,

I Think Your Nifty,

Even When You Turn Fifty,

Britney Britney,

Why Don't You Hit Me......


One More Time

(If You Couldn't Tell This Was Written For Britney Spears)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Seventyth Post!! ( Brittney And Cherry )

Well, There Are So Many Dates With Brittney I Didn't Post About. I Liked The Picnics That We Went On Cause I Could Watch The Sunset While Eating My Ham And Cheese Sandwich. Turns Out That Brittney Finds Sunsets Very Boring. As I Came to Realize, Brittney And I Had Almost Nothing In Common. She Hated Reading, Sunsets, Track, And School. It Started To Get On My Nerves, She Started To Get On My Nerves. I Realized That I Was Blinded By Her Brittney-ness And That I One Thing That We Did Have In Common Was Movies. We Saw A Lot Of Movies Together. I Knew That I Had To Break Up With Her.

So Today I Got Up And Got Dressed In My Movie Uniform For Work, Ate Cake And Eggs, Then Left For The Movie House. I Took My Time Knowing I Was Early. Me Being Me I Felt Bad About What I Was Going To Do. But I Knew It Would Never Work Out Between Me And Her. I Got To Work On Time And Starting Serving People. I Was Hoping My Sift Seem Long Because I Didn't Want To My Shift To End Because That's When Brittney Would Visit Me. It Went A Little Bit Slower Than Usual But Not As Slow As I Wanted Cause At The End Of My Shift Brittney Was There. "Hey Honey!" She Said Excited. "Hey Brit-Brit." I said Kinda Mumbled.

"Ummm Brittney, I Gotta Tell You Something."

"What Honey Bon?"

" I Dont Think Its Working Out... Maybe We Should.... Break Up?"

" Pony-Wony???" She Said As She Started Crying.

" I Hope We Can Be Friends.."

"..... OK....." And She Walked Off Crying.

I Stood There For A Couple Of Moments Then Decided To See A Movie Called "Spot Comes Home" Which By The Way Is A Really Bad Movie. It Was Darkish Outside So I Had To Get Home Before I Was Stuck Doing Dishes.

I Was Walking Along When I Heard A Scream. It Came From An Alley Ahead And I Ran As Fast As I Could. I Was Surprised Yet Horrified To See Cherry On The Ground Covered In Blood And Bob Standing Over Her With A Blade In His Hand. I Pulled The Blade That Johnny Gave Me To Carry Around, Darry Doesn't Know About It Yet.... "What You Gonna Do With That Little Guy?" Said Bob. " I'm Not Afraid To Use It!" I Shouted At Him.

"Yea? Then Bring It."

I Went For Him With The Blade But When I Got Close He Knocked Me Down And I Fell Hard To The Ground. He Stepped On My Chest Really Hard And I Just Laid There. "Now To Finish You" He Said To Cherry When He Turned Around. I Found A Empty Beer Bottle Near Me On The Ground And Picked It Up And With All My Strength I Had Left I Got UP And Smashed It On His Head. He Fell To The Ground Unconscious. I Helped Cherry Up And Ran A Few Blocks Until We Were Sure We Were Safe.
By This Time Cherry Wasn't Bleeding Too Much, So I Just Walked Her Home.
"Thank You SO Much Pony. You Could Of Saved My Life." Cherry Went On About How Bob Was Drunk And Mad About There Break Up And She Didn't Know What He Was Going To Do. When She Finally Finished Talking We Where At Her House. "Listen Pony, Im Sorry I Caused You So Much Trouble. I Feel So Stupid Ignoring You In School, Cause I Really Do Like You." She Kissed Me.
"Uhh" I Wished I Had A Take 5 Bar Or Something So I Had Time To Think On How To Get Outta Here. "Darry Is Gonna Kill Me If I Come Home Any Later. Im Already Late. Bye!" I Said Running Off.
"I Love You Pony, Your My Hero!!" Cherry Said Yelling As I Left.
P.S. This Is My 70th Post!! Haha! I've Been Here A While :P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Popcorn, Movies, Work, And Britney

Normally I Work The Morning Shift But They Needed Someone To Work The Night Shift Because Someone Called In Sick. We Had A Such A Crowed And I Had No Idea Why..... Well Maybe Because It Was A Friday Night. It Finally Started To Slow Down, And I Was Thinking,'Im Glad I Normally Don't Do The Night Shift.' Then I Had Someone In Line For Popcorn. She Was Telling Me How She Thought She Was Stood Up And How She Knew This Guy Would Be A Jerk. I Had No Idea Why She Was Telling Me All This Stuff. She Told Me She Was Waiting For An Hour For Him. I Looked At Her As I Handed Her The Popcorn. She Looked Like Britney Spears.....Well Young Britney. "Britney?" I Said In Shock. "How Do You Know My Name?" She Said Looking A Little Scared. "You Look Like Britney Spears!" I Said A Little Loud. She Laughed "I Get That Every Now And Then." She Smiled "Since You Know My Name I Wanna Know Yours." I Frowned, Not The Name Thing Again. "Ponyboy Curtis" "Really?" She Said Looking At My Name Tag "Indeed" I Said She Smiled "I've Never Heard That Name Before, I Like It" I Smiled Back And Said " I Get Off Work In A 1/2 An Hour, You Wanna See A Movie With Me." "I'd Love To." She Replied. Long Story Short, I Got A New Girl Named Britney. Not Britney Spears, Britney Taylor Williams. And Surprisingly, She Loves Brit Brit Too, Not As Me, But She Does.

Friday, July 9, 2010

"All Work And No Play" (Has Nothing To Do With My Post But I Forgot The Quote I Wanted To Use)

I Got Up About The Same Time I Normally Do. When Darry Pulls Me Outta Bed. I Finish My Eggs First And Was Beginning My Peice Of Cake. Darry Was Openning Bills. Something He Normally Does At Night But For Some Odd Reason He Wanted To Read Them This Morning. "Pony How Old Are You?" He Mummbled Without Looking Up. I Cant Belive Darry Doesn't Remember How Old I Am! "16, Darry. I Am 16." I Said Shoving The Chocolate Cake In My Mouth So I Wouldn't Yell At Him And Get In A Fight Like We Used To. "I Think It's Time You Get Job." He Said Taking Off His Reading Glasses. "I'm Looking For A Summer Job, Darry. You Know That." I Said Finishing My Cake And Putting It In The Sink For Kitty And I To Wash. "No, I Mean Like A Part Time Job. All Year Round." He Said Standing Up And Putting His Dish In The Sink. "I Gotta Focus On School Darry. Im Not Planning To Drop Out Like Soda." I Started To Wash The Dishes "Make Kitty Get A Job." Kitty Gave Me The 'WTF' Look. "You're 16. A Party Time Job Wont Kill You Or Your Grades." He Said Not Even Concitering The Thought Of Kitty Getting A Job. "Darry This Aint Fair." I Began To Argue. "You Wanna Know Whats Not Fair Pony?! They're Cutting My Hours! So We Can Either Move Or You Can Get A Job." He Yelled While Slaming His Fist On The Table And Went To His Room To Get Ready For Work. "I'll Finish The Dish." Kitty Said. I Could Tell She Was Shucken By Darry Yelling. "You Should Get Looking For A Job." I Handed Her The Dish I Was Working On And Went To My Room To Get Dress. I Tried To Look Good And Not SO Much Like A Greaser. But Thats Hard To Do When All Your Clothes Are Hand Me Downs. I Told Kitty I'd Just Look Around And Try To Find Help Wanted Signs. I Wanted To Work At McDonals So I Went There First. There Was Not Help Wanted Sign So I Went Inside To Ask. I Thought This Would Be A Great Job And I'd Be Able To Suggest Britney Spear Toys In The Kids Meals. But Sadly They Didn't. I Looked Everywhere For A Job I Could Do. It Was Getting Close To 5 And I Was About To Give Up And Hurry Home So I Didn't Give Darry Another Reason To Yell At Me. I Stopped Into The Movie House When I Relized. They Had A Huge Sign. HELP WANTED In Big Red Writing. They Interviewed Me Right Then And There. And Si, I Got The Job. It's Pretty Cool. I Work The Morning/Afternoon-ish Shift. And I Get All Kind Of Cool Benifits Like Free Movie Tickets And Popcorn.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long Time No Post

Sorry Guys I've Been Studying Hard, Trying To Keep My Grade Up. By Now Im Sure Everyone Has Heard Brooklyn And I Broke Up. Im Not Really Sure How It Happened. She Asked Where I Thought Our Relationship Was Going. And Honestly I Didn't Think It Was Going Anywhere. She Agreed And Thats When We Decited It Was Over. The Magic That Used To Be There Was Gone. Im Gonna Miss Saying I Love You Brookie Every Night. Darry Thought I Looked Sad And Made Johnny And I Watch Glee. (Secretly I Think Darry Was In Show Choir) Who Knows? Johnny And I Were Board Out Of Are Witts. But We Got A LOT Of Good Laughs At Darry. Haha! We Watched The Lady Gaga Episode And Now I Have To Write Glee And Ask Them Why There Isn't A Britney Spears Episode. Im A Little Happy Im Single. Not Really Sure Why I Am, I Dont Have To Think About Anyone Else But Me And BrittneySpears.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brian Is A Socs At Heart!

I've Been Telling Ari For Who Knows How Long. Brian Is A Socs And Just Wants To Hurt Us Greasers, But No One Believes Ponyboy.
Brookie, Johnny, and I Where Hanging Out. We Where Bored And It Was Nice Weather Outside, SO We Thought.....ICE CREAM!! Everyone Loves Ice Cream, And Johnny Was Paying For. What Could Be Better? We Walked Cause Johnny Was Running Out Of Gas, And The Ice Cream Shoppe Isn't That Far. We Where Happily Eating Ice Cream When A Mustang Drove Up. We Looked All Tough, They Way We Always Do When Socs Come Along. First This Big Looking Guy Came Out Of The Car He Already Had His Blade Out Which Made It Very Obvious He Was Planning To Hurt Us. Five Or Six Guys Came Out Of The Car With Bags And Ropes. I Really Didn't Have Time To Count Them. The Big One Came Over Johnny's shoulder. I Could See Johnny Breathing Heavily. The Socs knock Johnny's Ice Cream On The Floor.
"Hey!" He Said The Socs Quickly Pulled Johnny Up By His Shirt "What Did You Say?" He Said His Teeth Scraping Together.
"Go To Hell!" I Said Trying To Get The Socs To Let Go Of Johnny. Johnny Looked At Me And Back At The Guy. He Kicked Him Where The Sun Doesn't Shine. He Let Johnny Go And Fell To The Ground In Pain. By This Time Though The Socs Had Me And Brookie Tied Up. Johnny Ran, He Knew If He Couldn't Take All These Socs At Once And Ran To Get The Rest Of The Gang. They Pushed Us Into The Trunk. And Right When I Thought Brookie And I Where Gonna Die Of Lack Of Air, They Took Us Out. We Where At An Old Cola Factory, That Was Their Hang Out.
If You Would Like To Here What Happened Next Please Read Brian's Blog!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


If You Read Markie's Post You Would Know About Our Tag Team. I Was Thinking Back To When I First Started Posting. I Wanted To Post Like Every 10 Minutes, But I Knew That Would Drive You Crazy. So I Limited It To Twice A Week. I Remember I Used To Refresh The Page Every 5 Seconds, Waiting For A New Comment. Now I Check My Comments Every week, To Find I Only Have 2 Comments. And Because Of That I Dont Even Want To Post, Why Put Any Work Into Something If No One Is Gonna Read It. I Know Johnny Has Been Feeling The Same Way About It. So We Made A Tag-Team. Johnny,Mark,Darry And I. We Want The Chat Gone, If It Stays, We Will Go. So Pick Either, The Chat Or Us. Feel Free To Join Are Tag Team.
~ Ponyboy Curtis
Stay Gold

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Third Wheel

Well I Just Got Out Of The Hospital From The Car Crash A Few Days Ago. And Darry Being The Oldest Brother, Said He Didn't Want Me Staying Home Alone. Kitty Invited Me To Go On Her Date With Two-Bit To The Fair. I Objected Saying I Could Hang Out With Johnny, Or Something. Darry Just Said I Needed To Spend More Time With My Sister. Grr Darry, Why Do You Have To Be Such A Party Pooper? Huh? Well I Got Dress In One Of Soda's Old Shirts, And Some Jeans Darry Washed The Night Before. "Do I Really Have To Go Kitty?" I Asked Trying To Use The Most Miserable Voice I Could Think Of.
"Yes, My Wonderful Brother Of Mine!" Kitty Was Bursting With Excitement And So Much Happiness, It Was Like A Whole New Side Of Kitty I Never Met Before. For A Second I Thought I Was Actually Gonna Have Tons Of Fun Being The Third Wheel, Or The Tag Along. But When Two-Bit Came And We Started Driving To The Fair, Downtown, I Remembered Its Never Fun To Be The Third Wheel.
I Sat In The Back While Two-Bit And Kitty Sat Up Front. I Had To Hear About... I Dont Even Remember It Wasn't Stuff I Wanted To Hear So I Blocked It Out. I Never Realized How Pretty The Outside Looked In The Dark, With All The Stars In The Sky And When You Get Downtown You See All The Lights. It Kind Of Reminded Me Of L.A. Or At least Thats How I Pictured It.
Believe It Or Not The Fair Was Kind Of Fun! I Got To Go On The Roller Coasters And Other Rides, May I Remind You I Sat Alone With Kitty And Two-Bit Infront Of Me. But It Was Ok. We Played That One Game Where You Throw A Baseball and Try To Knock Down The Milk Jugs. Two-Bit Won Kitty A Stuffed Kitty! Haha! I Got A Poster Of Britney Spears (Dont Judge Me:P) What Was My Favorite Part Of The Night Was When Two-Bit Was Trying To Win A Stuffed Micky Mouse. It Was That One Game, That Test Your Strength. He Must If Wasted All His Money Trying. So Finally, Kitty Went Up And Tried It. She Got All The Way To The Top And Won Micky. I Was Laughing Like Crazy! Two-Bit Turn The Same Color As Mickey Mouse's Red Pants. We Left After That, Two-Bit Was Out Of Money And That Meant No More Rides, No More Games. Just A Ride Home. Where Again I Had To Listen To Them Again. I Started To Think Of All My Old Memory's. Like The Time I Hate Britney, Or Even When I Thought Girls Had Cooties. Everyone But The Girls In The Gang. It Was Like God Made Them Special, So The Where Immune To It. And When Are Parents To Us Camping And We Had To Bring The Gang, Because We Didn't Think We Could Live With Out Each Other. The Stupid Things We Do When We're Young. Wait, Aren't We Still Young?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update (I Wanted To Steal Darry's Name)

Well As You Heard Darry And Bri Went Out To Seach For My Parents. He Woke Up Nice And Early So No One Could Stop Him, But I Made Sure I Got Up At The Same Time.
"Darry, Where Do You Think Your Going?" I Asked As Darry Was About To Walk Out The Door
"Pony, You Know Very Well Where Im Going, Your Not Coming With."
"Why Not?!" I Said With My Voice Getting A Little Louder. I Have A Right To See My Parents....Right?
"Pony, Your Not Going. End Of Story."
"Darry, Thats Not Fair! I Only Got To See Them For 10 Years, You Had Like 15!! I Want To Come!" I Said, This Time Yelling. Surprisingly I Didn't Wake Up Soda and Katie, But I Woke Up Kitty. She Joined In With Me At Yelling. Darry Got Out Of There As Soon As He Could.
The Rest Of The Day I Was, Depresses Ponyboy. Brookie Came Over, And Tried To Make It Better For Me. We Took A Walk To The Park Like We Normally Did. This Time Though, She Said She Had A Surprise. She Took Me Into The Woods At The Back Of The Park. We Crossed Over A Little Creek And Up To A Failure Of A Tree House. It Was Missing A Few Boards In The Roof, And The Ladder Was Falling Apart.
"Whats This?" I Said Trying To Figure Out If It Was Gonna Last Another Minute.
"This Was Where We Had Are First Kiss, Remember When We Were Younger And You Took Me Up There." She Said
All Those Memories Where Racing Back, I Remembered The Guys In The Gang Making It. And When I Kissed Brookie, And When My Parents Died I Went Here Too. I Started To Climbing Up The Ladder When Brookie Stopped Me, "Are You Sure Thats Safe?" I Kissed Her And Had Her Come Up With Me. There Was Old Food In There, And There Where A Bunch Of My Dr.Seuss Books. It Didn't Look To Safe On The Inside Either, But I Just Wanted To Go In There. I Laid Back And Starred At The Roof, This Place Was Gonna Need A Lot Of Work. Brookie Laided Down Next To Me, I Pulled Her In So She Was Close Enough That I Could Hear Her Breath. I Kissed Her And Said "I Love You Brookie" We Spent Most Of The Day In The Woods, Or In The Tree House.
When Darry Got Home, I Was There To See What Happened. He Told Me He Saw Are Parents And They Weren't Coming Home. I Blew Up At Him Again. Darry Tried To Keep His Cool, But After Like 2 Minutes He Couldn't And Started Yelling At Me. After 10 Minutes Of Us Fight Soda Stopped Us. "Why Aren't They Coming Home Darry?" Soda Said Trying Hard Not To Sound Disappointed.
"They Where Having Money Problems," He Said Breathing Heavily "They Where Gonna Lose Everything. If They Didn't Fake There Death, We Wouldn't Have A House And All The Things We Have Now. When People Die We Get Insurance Money And It Was Enough To Pay For The House. If They Come Out Of Hiding They'd Go To Jail." Darry Had Trouble Saying All Of This, I Actually Thought He Was Gonna Start Bawling, But He Didn't. He Said Maybe Sometime He's Take Us There 2 Visit Them.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Do Doctors Ever Bring Good News?

Well Johnny Was Complaining (Like You Know How He Does) He Was All "I Dont Feel Good!" And Tired And All That Junk. So He Had Me Drive Him 2 The Doctors. He Described His Problems.Well Johnny Got A Few Blood Test And We Waited In The Lobby For Awhile.... And Drew A Pic Of Brookie Waiting, I Was Almost Done. You Know I Should Become And Artist Cause Damn That Was On Good Picture. Well Johnny Got A Few Blood Test And We Waited In The Lobby For Awhile.... The Doctor Called Johnny In And He Asked Me To Come With Him. It Felt Just Like A T.V. Show, The Way The Doctor Sat Down, Sighing As He Did. "Johnny, Your Test Results Came Back." His Voice Was Like A Teachers When They're Telling You That U Failed A Test. "We Got Some Bad News," This Made Johnny Breathe Irregularly. I, Just Stopped Breathing. Darry Started Off With Something Simliar To That When They Had 2 Put My Dog To Sleep. "You Got Type One Diabetes." My Hearing Started Zoning In And Out.Johnny Swollowed Hard "Whats... Whats That?" He Said Shaking A Little. "Is Johnny Gonna Die?" I Said Yelling Trying 2 Drown Out My Heartbeat, That Right Now Was All I Could Hear. The Doctor Laughed. "This Is A Serious Thing! JOHNNY IS GONNA DIE!!!" I Started Yelling Again. Johnny Just Staired Waiting For The Doctor To Answer His Question. "No," The Doctor Said Seriously Again "He'll Be Fine If He Watches His Blood Suger." We Where There For Who Knows How Long, Figuring Out What 2 Do When Your A Diabetic And How To Use All That Junk. At The End, I Didn't Know What I Hated More. The Doctors Office Or The Hospital.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I Know By The End Of This Your So Gonna Say I Hate You Or Maybe Your So Not Awesome. But Dont Lie, I Know You Think I Am! Haha! Well Yesterday I Told Kitty I Did Something Bad, That I Was Having A Kid. She Freaked! I Told Her Not To Be So Loud I Didn't Tell Darry! She Said She Wanted To Tell Darry, And Well She Did, In front Of Everyone. Then Everyone Started Freaking Out! And Johnny Was One Of The Last To Hear The News. You Should Of Seen Him! I Swear He Was Gonna Kill Me! He Told Brookie, "Im Disappointed In You " And Gave Me The Whole "YOU SLEPT WITH MY SISTER!!!" Haha! Brookie And I Where Trying So Hard Not To Laugh! I Also Told Them I Was Gonna Quit School To Get A Job For The Kid. Darry Would Of Hit Me If I Didn't Duck. I Think By The End Of The Day, Everyone Wanted To Kill Each Other. And To Top It Off We Baked A Cake And When Brookie Was Carrying The Cake Out She Dropped It On....Carson.... Brookie And I Started Laughing Like Crazy! I Think Carson Was Gonna Kill Her, But She Didn't Wanna Hurt The Baby. Who Says Its Too Late For A Little April Fools Pay Back. If You Dont Get What Im Saying, APRIL FOOLS! :P We Got U Guys Really Good! I Would Of Told You Earlier But I Didn't Want Carson Beating Brookie To Death. Johnny U Were Owned! When I Walked Brookie Home You Should Of Seen How Happy She Was To Get You Guys Back. Oh And FYI Brookie And I Have Never "Done" It. Johnny Would Be Happy! Im Way 2 Young To Have A Kid! Haha! Sorry 2 Scare You Guys! We're Gonna Get It Next April Fools.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

If Last Night Was Just A Nightmare Then How Come It Is The Next Day, And Im Still Living It

Friday We Went Too The Movies. That Was Fun! But Brookie Brought Her New Boyfriend, Vince I Think. He Was Nice I Guess, Didn't Really Talk To Him. Truth Be Told I Just Tried To Ignore Him. I Hate Socs Enough As It Is, I Dont Think Its Possible For Me To Hate Em' More. The Bring Me Nothing Good, And They Still Dont. That Night I Stayed Over At Johnny's House. It Was Like 2 Am And I Couldn't Sleep, There Was A Storm Outside. So I Went To Talk To Brooklyn. And I Did Something I Was Meaning To Do For Awhile, Tell Her How I Felt. I Told Her I Was Stupid To Let Her Go And That She's All I've Been Thinking About. I Told Her She Should Dump Vince Cause No One Wants Him Around, And I Needed Her. Socs Have Mostly Everything I've Wanted, They're Not Taking My Brookie Too. I Missed Brookie SOOOO Much, I Dont Think She'd Ever Understand It. Brookie Told Me Something About How She Wanted To Give The Guy A Chance And He's A Really Nice Guy When I Get To Know Him... The Whole Im Trying To Reject You Nicely Bit. I Just Left, Left As In I Ran Out Of That House Faster Then I Ever Thought Was Possible. It Kind Of Hurt When I Got Outsider Cause By Then It Was Pouring, And As You Know Running Against The Rain And Wind Is Hard.
Lalala! Lets Not Even Talk About Saturday! You Dont Want To Know.
Sunday! Today..... Easter. Darry Got All Of Us A Bunch Of Chocolate (The Up Of My Day.) But Then Soda And Darry Had A Separate Talks To Kitty And I. I Dont Know How Kitty's Went But Heres Mine:
"Pony, Soda's Moving Down The Street." Darry Started Off Saying "Theres Barily Enough Room For Katie Here, And When She Has The Kid There Just Wont Be The Space."
"But You Guys Promised Soda Wouldn't Move Out Until I Got Outta High School." *Insert The Rest Of My Protest Here*
"You Guys Are Moving In There Too! You Didn't Think You'd Get Rid Of Me That Easy." Soda Said
Then Came The Real Bad News. "We're Selling The House,Kid." Darry Said Patting Me On The Shoulder.
"Darry! You Cant Sell The House! It's Got Too Many Memories! What If Our Parents Are Alive And They Come Looking For Us, And We Aint In Our House Anymore!" I Tried Protesting Again
"Pony, I Told The Police They Didn't Need To Look For Them. Soda And I Are Too Busy To Help Them. And Its Just Too Much Right Now."
"Darry How Could You Say That! Its Not Fair You Guys Got Like 15 Years With Them! All I Got Was Like 10! Im Still A Kid, I Need Parents! You Maybe Grown Up Now But Im Not!" I Said Heading Towards The Door "Im Going To Johnny's"
"Johnny's Not Home." Darry Said Grabbing Me
"Where Is He Then?" I Said Pulling Away
"You Know What I Want?" Soda Said Picking Me Up "Ice Cream! Lets Get Some!"
"NO! Where's Johnny!?" I Said Trying To Get Soda To Let Me Down
"We'll Go To Dairy Queen! They Have Blizzards, You Like Those!" Soda Said Going Out The Door
"It's Not Open! It's Easter!" I Said "NOW! Where Is Johnny!:
"We'll Have To Tell Him Soda." Darry Said Pulling Me Out Of Soda's Arms And Onto The Floor "Johnny Has Gone Missing. The Last Person Who Saw Him Was Brookie. She Said He Ran After You."
Great! I Made My Best Friend Go Missing! And The Worst Part Is I Didn't Even Notice He Was Gone.
"It's Okay,Pony." Soda Said "If You Still Want Ice Cream I Think We Got It In The Fridge"
"No Thanks Soda." I Said Running Into The House
"They Told Ya About Soda?" Kitty Said Giving Me Hug "Dont Worry We'll Find Him!"
I Waited For One Of Her Famous Quotes That Always Made You Feel Better... But It Never Came. Maybe She Was Having Trouble Believing That We'd Find Him, Cause I Know I Am.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


In todays headlines!!!!!!
Ponboy Curtis was killed by his BFF Johnny Cade. He paied his polarbear to sit on him and fart in his face. He dies from toxic fumes. Johnny say " He made fun made fun of my polar bear friends who ran over my phone in their mustang convertable!"
Ponyboys last words (A quote from Britney Spears) " You know what you do, and you know that your toxic!" -Johnny Cade

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Birthday!

Ahh! I Love Sleep! In The Air I Could Smell Chocolate Cake, Eggs, Bacon, Sausages And Toast! I Know A Lot Of Food, But What Can I Say We All Eat A Lot In Our House! I Started Waking Up Cause I Felt That People Were Watching Me, I Always Feel Like Somebody Is Watching Me!! Sorry I Couldn't Help But Think Of That Song! I Opened One Eye, And Saw Kitty, Soda, And Darry Standing There Watching Me! Odd Right? Then All Of The Sudden, "PONY!!!!" Soda Started Screaming
He Picked Me Up Out Of Bed And Swung Me Around, Im Surprised He Didn't Hit Me Against Anything! "Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!" Kitty Said Trying To Get Me Away From Soda. But She Didn't Succeed, Cause Darry Took Me. "Happy Birthday, Ponyboy! It Maybe Late But It Better Then Nothing." He Said Tickling Me Like Dad And Him Used To When I Was Younger. Soda And Kitty Joined Him And With In A Minute I Was On The Floor Crying For Them To Stop. I Hate Being Tickled! :( Darry Made A Huge Breakfeast, And By This Time With All The Noise Katie Woke Up. She Wished Me A Happy Birthday Too! I Wasn't Feeling To Well, I Blame Soda For Swing Me Around Everywhere! "Pony!" Soda Said Smiling Like Crazy, "Katie And I Got You Something Special!" He Jumped Up From Where He Was Siting To His Bed Room. It Took Him Awhile But When He Returned He Threw A Small Box At Me!
It Was The Size Of My Hand, I Ripped The Wrapping Paper Off As Fast As I Could, There Inside Of It Was... Car Keys! Duh! What Does Every 16 Year Old Boy Want? But The Thought Of A Car Didn't Cross My Mind. I Dont Think Soda Even Has One Of His Own.
"Lets Go Now!" Kitty Said Grabbing Her Coat. Everyone Jumped Out Of There Seat And Did The Same But Right When I Was About To Head Out, Darry Took My Keys. "Ponyboy, You Just Got Out Of The Hospital. You Can Not Drive!" I Gave Darry My Puppy Eyes, "But Darry!" He Just Gave Me This Look And I Shut Up.
"Darry, Come On Let Him Drive." Soda Said Trying To Stick Up For Me, But He It Didn't Help. Darry Was Driving Cause I "Wasn't Well Enough" And I Didn't Wanna Break The Car.
I Went To The Cade's House, Well Johnny, Brookie, and Dawns House Around 7. Brookie Said She Baked Me A Cake. So I Was Pretty Happy, I Mean FREE CAKE! I Opened The Door And Everyone Yelled "Surprise!" It Was Kind Of Funny Cause When They First Started Yelling I Thought I Was Getting Attacked So I Just Start Yelling Random Things. Haha, But When I Relized It Was You Guys I Was SO Happy. I Picked Up Brookie And Kissed Her. She So Pretty When She Blushes, Well When Isn't She Pretty? We All Drove Down To The Bar Where Everyone Else I Knew In The World Was There Even .... BRITNEY SPEARS!!! I Was Talking To Johnny When All Of A Sudden I Hear, "It's Britney Bitch!" Johnny And I Started Freaking Out! And When She Was Done Singing She Kissed Me! I Was So Happy, It Was Like A Dream. I Ran Over 2 Brookie, Spun Her Around, And Gave Her A Long, Johnny's Scard For Life, Kiss I Could. Brookie Seemed Pretty Out Of Breath And Started Blushing Again. After Awhile They Got Brookie And I To Slow Dance. I Was Kind Of Nervous Since I Never Really Slowed Danced, But I Think We Did Pretty Well.
When I Got Home, I Let Everyone Go In, I Wanted To Look At The Stars When You'll Never Guess Who Was Came. Cherry. She Was All, "Pony, Im Sorry Those Mean Socs Beat You Up." And "I Heard It Was Your Birthday!" And Then All Of A Sudden, Shes Trying To Unzipp My Jeans.
"Cherry,Stop It!" But She Didn't. "I Have A Girlfriend." I Said Trying To Push Her Away, The She Just Said "Shut Up!" And Kissed Me. I Heard A Gasp! I Turned And Saw Brookie Stand There, She Brought The Cake She Made Me. "Brookie, I Know This Looks Bad But," It Did Look Bad, REALLY Bad! I Had My Pants Half Down With Cherry Sucking On My Lips. Eww That Even Sounds Gross To Me! Brookie Cut Off My Sentence "Johnny Always Told Me, You'd Only Break My Heart!" She Pushed The Cake Into Me And Ran. I Started To Run After Her. But Fell Face First Into The Cake.
I Turned To Cherry "I Dont Ever Wanna See You Again! You Never Helpped Me And Im Better Off With Out You! Now Go." She Ran Too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Soda's Wedding!

Today Was Soda's Big Day! The Wedding! Darry Picked Me Up Nice And.... EARLY!! It Was Like 6:30 am Man! I Didn't Know He Got Up That Early. Brookie Was With Him.
I Was Happy 2 See Both Of Them Since I Haven't Seen Darry Since Monday And I Always Enjoy Seeing Brookie. Brookie Pulled Out A Bag, It Was Full Of Make Up And Brushes.
"Hold Still Pony." She Said.I Slowly Started To Slide Back On My Bed. "No! Im Not Wearing Make Up!" She Said "Pony, You Look Horrible! You Have To Look Good 4 Ur Bros Wedding." I Continued To Protest. "Ponyboy, Your Wearing The Make Up. And You 2 Stop The Yelling We Cant Wake Up The Other Patients."Darry Said With No Emotion, Like He Didn't Realize He's Making His Baby Brother Wear Make Up!! Grrr!
The Doctor Was Telling Darry And I Things I Should Watch For. Things Like If I Felt Dizzy, I Should Sit Down As Soon As Possible. Really They Said If I Wasn't Feeling Well They Wanted Me 2 Come Back. I Think They Just Want Me 2 Have A High Hospital Bill!
I Wasn't Feeling 2 Well In The Afternoon,IDK Y, But It Was SOOO Hot! I Guess It Was Because We Were All Getting Ready, And Racing Around. After I Got Dressed I Just Laid On The Couch! I Had 2 Admit I Looked A Lot Better Then I Did At The Hospital, If You Looked At Me, You Probably Would Think I Was Lying To You, Or Just Forget All Together. Brookie Must Be Really Good At Putting Make Up On.
I Slept For A Good Hour On That Couch, The Hospital Needs To Get REAL Beds, Cause I Couldn't Sleep In Those Beds. Darry Drove Us To The Wedding We Tried 2 Fit The Gang In 1 Car, It Didnt Work 2 Well! Haha!
We Got There, Set Stuff Up, And By That Time, We Had To Start. I Started Walking Next To Brookie, I Saw To See My Brother Waiting Down The Isle. He Had This Nervous, SO Excited Look On His Face. Man, I Had 2 Stand For A VERY Long Time, But I Had A Pretty Good Spot. After All That Wedding Kissing Junk We Had The Reception, Which Is Basically A Wild Party, Where Many People Get Drunk, And We Dont Have 2 Clean Up The Mess... Well I Didn't Have 2. There Darry Let Me Hit His Wine Glass With A Fork(Like In The Movies) And Make My Speech... So Here It Is....
"Soda I Have To Admit, I Wrote This On The Car Ride Here. I Dont Really Know What To Say. You Were Always There For As Long As I Could Remember. Im Gonna Miss You, You've Changes From When You Were 7 Thinking Girls Had Cooties, To 16 Where You Had A New Girl Every Week. Do You Remember The Time I Asked You How It Felt To Be In Love? And You Said "Most Of The Time Its Real Good." Well I Think That Was Because You Didn't Have The Right Somebody,I Can Say This With Full Confidence That You Found Your Special Somebody, Katie. Katie, You Make Soda Happier Then I Have Ever Seen Him Before, Even More Then When My Mom Used To Make Her Homemade Pies. And Soda, When Your Kid Is Born You Wont Be Like Some Of Those Other Parents. You Know The Ones That Have Kids And Become As Sour As A Lemon. You'll Be Sweet And Fun, Like You Are Now. Katie And You Will Be Just Like Mom And Dad, Well The Way They Were Before They Died. Dont Underestimate Yourselves, Soda You'll Be A Great Dad. I Should Start Finishing Up My Speech, Cause I Think Darry Might Just Cry Knowing His Younger Brother Is Getting Married. Soda Do Me One Favor, When I Get Married, Make A Better Speech Then I Did."
Darry Looked Like He Was Gonna Cry Any Minute, I Guess I Would Too If My Younger Brother Was Getting Married... Good Thing I Dont Got One. I Couldn't Wait 2 Go Home. Darry Wouldn't Let Me Drink Anything Because "The Doctor Said So" And The Same Thing When I Wanted 2 Smoke. And On Top Of That, I Had A Headake And Was Tired. When I Got Home I Right To Bed, And Fell Asleep Even Though I Could Hear Soda And Katie In The Other Room.... EWWW!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Im A Gangster A Straight Up G! =D I Love That Song

Today I Was At The Hospital...As You Know. They Ran Some Test And Junk! I Think Im Officially Afraid Of Hospitals! Soda Was There Cause I Needed An "Adult" To Be With Me During Some Of The Test And Darry Couldn't Take Off Work. I Got The Results Right Before Brookie And Jamie Got There. I Was Kind Of Glad She Wasn't There To Hear The Result.Brookie Gave Me A Big Hug And Kiss. Her Hands Were Behind Her Back. She Smiled And Said "I Gotta A Surprise For Ya." She Was Hiding A Stuffed Bear. When U Squease It, It Says "I Love You!"
I Was Freaked Out At First, But I Still Loved It! I Could Tell Brookie Was A Bit Worried, I Didn't Look To Well....I Didn't Feel To Well, But I Was So Happy To See Her And Brookie! Brookie Asked How I Was Doing. I Was Doing A Lot Better Then Monday, But I Was Still Having Trouble Breathe Regularly And It Was Hard To Talk, And Have It Make Sense... But I Aint Gonna Say That 2 Her. "Im Doing Ok." I Said Playing With My Teddy Bear. Soda Left After That 2 Talk 2 The Doctor. Idk How Long Jamie And Brookie Where There 4. But I Dont Think It's Been Just The 3 Of Us In Awhile. I Remember We Used 2 Hang Out All The Time. I Can Think Of All The Fun Momments. After Jamie Left Brookie Hung Around Awhile. I Dont Even Remember What We Did, I Just Remember It Being Fun. I've Been Forgetting A Whole Lot Recently. Dont Tell Kitty But When She Visted Me I Forgot Her Name... But She Didn't Stay 2 Long. And I Even Thought My Parents Were Still Alive, I Kept Asking 2 See Them And Everyone Kept Saying THERE DEAD!!! The Doctor Says That, Thats Gonna Happen A Lot So Try Not 2 Get 2 Mad At Me 4 It. Well Im Supose 2 Get Some Sleep, I Gotta Get Up Early Tomorrow! Like Thats Gonna Happen.

Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Days After

Johnnycake And I Were Walking Home, He Sometimes Walk Me Home From School When I Didn't Get A Ride With Someone. I Got Detention The Day No One Elsa Does! We Were Passing His Apartment When He Said He Wanted Check On Brookie. She Went Home Early For Some Reason, She Wouldn't Tell Me. I Kissed Her Goodbye In The Hallway And Thats Y I Got Detention. Teachers Are Weird.... Haha U Should Of Seen The Principle She Was Like Pony Doesn't Deserve Detection. It Was Kind Of Funny.
Well Anyways Johnny Ran To His Door, I Would Of Went With Him But I Didn't Want Darry Getting Worried Or Mad At Me Cause Im Home Really Late.... Yea Well I Should Of Went With Johnny Cause He Would Have 2 Worry About Me. So Anyways Im Start Bouncing That Stupid Ball I Have, I Always Do When Im Walking Alone....It Makes Me Feel Less Lonely! I Hear The Sound Of A Car, But It Was Going Really Slow, I Turned My Head A Little And Saw A Red Mustang. I Knew It Was Full Of Socs, I Was Hopping They Weren't Playing On Jumping Me. I Started 2 Walk A Bit Faster. Thinking 2 Myself Dont Turn Around, Dont Make Eye Contact. Kitty Gave Me That Piece Of Advice, But Soda And Darry Said There Gonna Jump Ya If Ur Looking At Them Or Not. I Heard The Car Getting Closer And Closer, So I Just Walked Faster And Faster, Till I Was Running. I Ran Threw Back Yards And Cut Corners, Till I Was On My Street, But Some How They Were Still Behind Me. They Were Close Enough To Touch Me If They Put There Hand Out The Window And I Was To Tired To Run Anymore. I Just Completely Fell, On The Sidewalk. It Hurt, But I'd Feel So Much Worst Later. The Socs Got Out Of The Car Before I Could Get Up. One Just Spit On My Face. It Smelled Of Alcohol And Chocolate...Haha! I Dont Think I'll Be Able 2 Eat That 4 Awhile.I Wiped It Off And Tried To Spit Back, But The Realizing I Was Still On The Ground. The One Kicked Me On The Side Real Hard A Few Times, Same Spot As Before... Then I Remembered Them From The Rumble. I Couldn't Get Up My Legs Just Wouldn't Work. Maybe I Was Suffering From SPS Skinny Pants Syndrome. The One Picked Me Up And Dropped Me, Making My Head Bleed. I Pulled His Leg, Making Him Fall, And I Started Giving Him All I Had. But I Didn't have Much, I Was Hurt A Lot More From The Rumble Then I Told Ya Guys And I Was Out Numbered By 3...4...5...12? Yea They Had 13 Or 14 Kids There. The Must Have Thought I'd Put Up More Of A Fight, Or They Would Of Brought Just 5. A Good 15 Minutes Past When I Started Blanking Out. The World Was Becoming Fuzzy And Hard To See. I Had Blood Everywhere,Mostly Mine, But They Had A Little From Some Faces. When I Heard The Gang Coming After Them. The Socs Got A Few More Punches And Kicks In Before They Had 2 Get In The Car. The Last One Hurt The Most, He Must Of Had A Blade Or Something. It Went Right In My Side. I Couldn't Breathe Anymore I Was For Sure I Was Done. Darry Picked Me Up, I Knew It Was Him Cause I Could Hear His Voice "Stupid Kid!" It Sounded Like He Was About To Cry. I Closed My Eyes, Maybe The Next People I'd See Would Be Mom And Dad. I Woke Up In The Hospital, Im Glad Darry Donates Some Blood Every Year, Cause Apparently I Need A Lot! I Felt Like I Had A Full Body Cast On.They Said I Could Go To School Tomorrow. How Could I Go To School If It Hurt 2 Breathe. Maybe I'll Feel Better In The Morning. They Said I Hit My Head Pretty Hard Though, I Might Have Damaged It. Fucking Socs! Im Glad We Beat Their Asses Saturday, Even Though Im 100% They Jumped Me Beacause Of It.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Rumble

Kitty Came Home The Day Before The Rumble, She Was Tired As Hell From Driving 10 Hours And In No Condition 4 A Rumble. Im Sure If She Looked A Little Better Darry Might Of Let Her Go, But She Didn't So It Stayed A NO! Everyone Did There Normal Preparations,You Know Making A Hair Greaser Then Usual And The Tight Shirts To Show Off R Mussels. Darry Was A Wasn't Sure If He Wanted Me 2 Go Out And Fight, Since The Whole Thing Last Time..... But Soda Convinced Him After Awhile. Johnny And I Were Like A Tag Team In The Rumble And Last Time He Was In The Hospital So R Tag Team Method Feel Apart. Johnny And I Were Determined Not 2 Let That Happen This Time. We Took Them Out In Seconds. Johnny And I Were On Fire.... Seriously, I Think A Socs Tried To Set Us On Fire! In The Words Of Johnnycake Or JCake "NOT NICE!!" Haha! I Got Kick On My Side A Few Times And Took A Few Punches To The Head. I Looked Better Then I Felt.We Won The Rumble At The End So Fuke Them...LoL! Fuke! Haha! Sorry.Darry Let Kitty And I Drink, I Dont Really Like The Taste Of Beer... Idk Why I Liked 2 Drink It. U Also Feel Really Sick Afterward. We Played Beer Ball! Or I Think Thats What Its Called? Well Its Like Baseball But The Ball It A Beer Bottle. It Kind Of Hurt Running. I Had A Huge Headache... Make That Bodyache! Man, It Hurt. But I Wasn't The Worst Looking One In The Group. Brookie Freaked Out When She Saw Me In The Light... I Didn't Look To Bad After We Washed The Blood Off My Face. I Tend To Bleed A Lot.
~Ponyboy Curtis

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Famous To Do List!

Haha! I Made That My Title Cause I Just Heard That On TV. And This Was On My To Do List...To Post. Plus I Think Jamie And Dawn Would Kill Me If I Didn't. Haha! Another Thing On My To Do List..... Write About What Happened Sunday.
I Woke Up, Tired From A Huge After Party From That Musical I Was In.... NEVER AGAIN Will I Get On The Bad Side Of A Music Teacher.... But The After Party Was Killer. I Told Johnny My Big Plan For Tonight With Brookie. And He Was All Aww Cute.... It Was Just A Simple Dinner Like Thing. And It Was In My House Nothing Special. But I Just Had To Kick Everyone Else Out. Darry Was Easy To Get Out.... If U Just Say Theres A Jerky Sale Down The Street He'll Be Out In A Second! Soda.... He Normally Does Something Sunday Night....(Theres A Lot Of ..... In This Post! :D I Like It!)
As For Kitty I Told Her What I Was Planning And She Did The AWWW U GUYS R SO CUTE! ( I Know Where Johnny Gets It From!) And Said She'll Gladly Leave. She Wasn't Coming Over Till 5:30 But It's Nice To Get Everyone Out And Clean The House. I Have Some Cooking Skills.... Darry Taught Me How To Make Spaghetti! I Make The Best Spaghetti In The House.... But Thats Not Saying Much. Then I Got All Dressed Up... Well Not Like "Dressed Up" But Dresser Then The Usual Stuff. Brookie Came Shortly After I Was Dressed.... I Was Suppose To Plan Some Part Of Tonight But I Only Got 2 The Cooking Part. Brookie Was As Dressed Up As I Was. But I Think Shes Pretty All The Time. I Had The Pasta On Two Plates But Brookie Thought It Would Be Fun 2 Have It On One Big Plate. Haha! We Did That Noodle Thing, Where At The End You Kiss.... Like In The Dog Movie... Speaking Of The Dog Movie, Well That Comes In Later. :D When We Were Done Brookie And I Sat On The Couch With My Arm Around Her. We Were Trying 2 Find A Movie To Watch, And Thats When We Found "Lady And The Tramp" Was Going 2 Be On. Brookie Did Her "Please, Pony! Please!" Thing, I Couldn't Help But Say Yes. She Gave Me A Quick Kiss, But I Pulled Her In For A Longer One... I Love Brooklyn :D
We Stayed Up Late Watching That Movie, When Did Disney Movies Become So Long? You Guys Can Think What Ever You Want About What Happened After The Movie...I Think It Might Just Be A Secret Between Brookie And I! And I Dont Know What Took Everybody Soo Long... Soda,Kitty, And Darry Didn't Get Home Till Like 3AM!
~ Ponyboy Curtis

Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie Night!

I Got Banned From The School Dances Till March, So Poor Brookie Had to Suffer Too. She Came Over To My House Around 7, Just In Time To See Darry Leave. Does That Boy Ever Take A Break? Kitty A Little Before Darry, You Know My Sister... The Party Girl! :D I Think We Watched Paranormal Activity.... Soda Said It Was Really Good. Haha! I Dont Think Brookie Liked It. :D I Have To Admit Its Pretty Creepy! I Have No Idea Where Katie And Soda Where,Maybe She Was Having A Cravings...haha! Brookie And I Went To The Park For A Little Bit! Im Glad We Didn't See Whats His Face There... Why Do We Always See Socs At The Park? Well When We Came Home I Put In The Dvd And We Ate Pizza! Half Mushroom And Half Sausage, Cause We Couldn't Agree. Brookie Laid On Top Of Me While We Watched The Movie. She Kept Scream Which Was Making Me Scream, It Was Pretty Funny. I Think The Neighbors Were Think Someone Was Getting Murder At Are House Every Five Minutes...Maybe They Were In The Movie. Haha! When The Movie Was Over And We Were Both Screamed Out I Pulled Out A Box. It Was Of A Pretty Ring That Said "I Love You" Johnny Helped Me Pick It Out. I Think She Really Liked It. I Fell Asleep On The Couch After Awhile And Soda Came Home. I Know This Cause Brookie Woke Me Up When She Was Talking To Soda. When She Laid Down Again I Pulled The Blanket Over Her And Kissed Her Goodnight....
I Love You Brooklyn Cade!! <3

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well Kitty And I Have Been Fighting Like Crazy For The Past Two Weeks... So Today I Guess Everyone Was Sick Of It, Cause They Made Us Spend The Day Together. At First I Thought We Were Gonna Kill Each Other. I Dont Think I Ever Felt So Mad At Kitty. We Went To The Movies And We Started Fighting Over Everything... What Movie To See...If We Wanted Extra Butter On The Popcorn... Where To Sit... And So On. I Don't Really Remember When We Stopped. Maybe It Was When We Got Ice Cream, Or When We Opened Up About R Feelings, Or When We Talked About Our Parents And All The Fun Moments We Had With Them, Or Maybe When We Went For A Drive. I Think It Was All Of It. We Realized Me Were Being Stupid And That You Should Never Fight With Your Family... "We're All We Got Left...If We Don't Got Each Other, We Dont Have Anything!" I Wonder Who Said That :D *wink Wink* Soda *Wink Wink*
I Learned So Much About Kitty I Didn't Know Before... Like Clowns Scares Her, Because Darry Once Told Her This Story About A Murder Who Dressed Up Like A Clown! Or That Her First Kiss Was Under The Slide In Kindergarten An Darry And Soda Hunted Him Down. And I Was Her Favorite Brother... Haha! She Never Said That :(
Her Favorite Ice Cream Was Cookie Dough Because It Was Are Dads Favorite, And The Only Reason She Wore Dresses In 4th Grade Cause She Wanted To Be Just Like Mom. And When She First Heard She Was Gonna Have A Baby Brother, She Was Sad It Wasn't A Sister... But When The Brought Me Home I Was Too Cute She Wanted Me To Stay :D (I Think She Was Lying About That But It Still Made Me Happy!)I Think We Should Spend More Days Together, If Im Here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brookies Birthday!

It Was A Pretty Bad Day For Me, Johnny Was Telling Me He Worked Extra Hours To Get Brook A Really Good Present! He Wanted 2 Make Up For Last Year When He Forgot And Made Her A SnowMan, Cause Thats The Only Thing He Could Think Of!
We Planned A Surprise Party For Her At My House And Johnny Told Her To Come 2 My House 9, But At 9:15 She Still Wasn't There. Johnny Started Freaking Out, And I Told Him We Could Both Look For Her. I Was Think About The Time When We Were Dating, I Remember Going To The Park And Just Talking, Sometimes We'd Just Sit In Silence And Look At Each Other. It Was Like We Were Talking With No Sound!
I Started Walking By The Fountain When I Saw Brookie, Tied Up... Well I Was Behind Her But I Could Tell It Was Here. I Always Got A Feeling Around Her.
Sean Was On The Phone By His Car, And I Quickly Untied Her. We Were Just About To Sneak Away When Sean Saw Us... Some Words Were Said...Brook Tried To Stop Us From Fighting, And Next Thing I Know Brook Is Crying And Im Beating The Crap Out Of Sean! I Have No Idea How Long We Were Fighing For, Long Enough For Johnny To Hear Me.... And Help Brookie And Help Me Beat Up Sean Till He Was Out Cold. Idk Why Brook Thought She Say Soda... Maybe I Look Like Him Like Johnny Said. Or She Was Daydreaming About My Brother.... Which I Guess Girls Do. Johnny Drove Us Back To My House, I Didn't Let Go Of Her The Whole Time. For Awhile I Thought She'd Never Wake Up! But Everyone Kept Saying She Would! I Cant Belive I Ever Let Her Go! When She Woke Up I Was So Happy I Almost Dropped Her :D Brookie I Love You! And Im SOSOSOSOSOSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry!
~Ponyboy Curtis <3

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Johnny And Kristi

Well Yesterday Johnny Came Over And Johnny Was REALLY Down. Like I Know Johnny Has Been Since Kristi Left His House, But Today It Was Really Bad. I Asked Him What Was Up And He Said He Found Out Who Killed Kristi Mom, And She's Going To Be Leaving Tomorrow(Which Is Today!) Johnny Felt Really BAd He Didn't Let Her Stay At His House But He Didn't Think He Should Make Brook And Dawn Live With Her If They Hated Her. Well The Guy Who Killed Kristi's Mom Was.... I Dont Remember But Johnny Said He Was Going 2 Kill Him. And He Said That ALL DAY! Its Hard 2 Change JCakes Mind, When Its Set On Something, I'll Just Have 2 Watch Him! Well Anyways Johnny Said He Didn't Want 2 Take Her To The Airport And Watch Her Plain Leave, Like Last Time. He Gave Me His Keys And Said "I Want You To Take Her, And Tell Her Not 2 Wait For Me." I Couldn't Believe He Was Just Letting Her Go, I Thought Guys Where Suppose To Fight For The Girls They Loved.... I Hate It When T.V. Lies! I Took Her To The Airport And Hugged Her Goodbye, She Kept Asking Where Johnny Was. I Didn't Want To Tell Her He Ain't Coming, So I Just Said He Must Be Running Late. Then When They Where Calling People To Go On The Plain She Said "I'll Take The Next Plain 2 New York! I'll Wait For Johnny." I Couldn't Help But Say "JOHNNY AIN'T COMING!" She Did A Fake Laugh, I Could Tell Her Heart Was Breaking. But Then She Went On The Plain. They Closed Off The Gate And Johnny Runs In With Security All Over Him, Because He Skipped The Scanning Thing. He Finally Got To Me And Asked Where Kristi Was And I Said "Shes On The Plain," And He Asked The Lady Who Close The Gate To Reopen It. It Was Like TV All Over Again, I Was Waiting For Him To Say, "The Girl I Love Is In There!" But He Didn't And Security Got Him And Where Dragging Him Away. The Whole Time I Just Stood There And Watch Johnny Burst Into Tears Trying To Fight Them Off, And Then I Did Something Id Never Do... I Got The Secrity To Go After Me, I Mean Its Good Practice For Track. Johnny Got Free And This Time Said They Had To Delay The Flight But They Said They Couldn't... It Was About To TAke Of, Johnny Ran To The Window And Saw Her Plain Go In The Sky. I Relized Johnny Had A Box In His Hand, He Was Gonna Give Her Something. Then A Lady, She Looked About Thirty. Came Over To Johnny. She Gave Him A Ticket And Pointed To The Other Gate... And I Relized The Same Thing Johnny Did And He Ran Over To The Gate And Got On The Plain, He Went To The Wrong Gate. I Dont Know What Happened On The Plain, Johnny Didn't Leave They Let Him Out, But When He Came Out He Didn't Have A Box Anymore, But A Smile On His Face.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brookie's B-Day!

It Was A Pretty Bad Day For Me, Johnny Was Telling Me He Worked Extra Hours To Get Brook A Really Good Present! He Wanted 2 Make Up For Last Year When He Forgot And Made Her A SnowMan, Cause Thats The Only Thing He Could Think Of!
We Planned A Surprise Party For Her At My House And Johnny Told Her To Come 2 My House 9, But At 9:15 She Still Wasn't There. Johnny Started Freaking Out, And I Told Him We Could Both Look For Her. I Was Think About The Time When We Were Dating, I Remember Going To The Park And Just Talking, Sometimes We'd Just Sit In Silence And Look At Each Other. It Was Like We Were Talking With No Sound!
I Started Walking By The Fountain When I Saw Brookie, Tied Up... Well I Was Behind Her But I Could Tell It Was Here. I Always Got A Feeling Around Her.
Sean Was On The Phone By His Car, And I Quickly Untied Her. We Were Just About To Sneak Away When Sean Saw Us... Some Words Were Said...Brook Tried To Stop Us From Fighting, And Next Thing I Know Brook Is Crying And Im Beating The Crap Out Of Sean! I Have No Idea How Long We Were Fighing For, Long Enough For Johnny To Hear Me.... And Help Brookie And Help Me Beat Up Sean Till He Was Out Cold. Idk Why Brook Thought She Say Soda... Maybe I Look Like Him Like Johnny Said. Or She Was Daydreaming About My Brother.... Which I Guess Girls Do. Johnny Drove Us Back To My House, I Didn't Let Go Of Her The Whole Time. For Awhile I Thought She'd Never Wake Up! But Everyone Kept Saying She Would! I Cant Belive I Ever Let Her Go! When She Woke Up I Was So Happy I Almost Dropped Her :D Brookie I Love You! And Im SOSOSOSOSOSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry!
~Ponyboy Curtis <3

Friday, February 5, 2010

:( Didn't I Already Have That As A Title?

Well I Hung Out With My New Gangster Best Friend Today. Yes, JCake! He Was Dress All Funny, And He Made Me Dress Like That Too. You Guys Would Of Laughed Your Heads Off. We Saw Some Movie About A Hobo Becoming A Football Player.... Johnny Wanted To See The Movie About A Puppy Hotel. But The Hobo Movie Was Cool. Well Johnny And I Went To His House Afterward,We Saw Sean In The Parking Lot... He Looked Pretty Bad, So We Decided We Would Save R Energy For Monday. We Got Upstairs Just In Time To See Brook On Her Way Out. She Said She Was Going To Hang Out With Kitty. We Got Up To The Apartment...Got Freaked Out By The Bird, Almost Get Bitten By The Dog, And Played With Are Kitty. I Was Gonna Name Him Kitty, But I Felt It Be Stealing Kit-Kats Name. Plus Its A Boy And Thats A Real Girly Name. Im Thinking Of Naming Him Rusty...Or Orlando....Or Vincent! Well After Awhile Of Getting Board Johnny Got Real Upset Over Something, I Could Kind Of Tell What It Was But I Had No Idea How To Fix It. He Wanted To Go Beat Up Sean Again,(U Know Let Out Some Anger) We Got There And JCake Didn't Give Him An Mercy, I Felt Bad Just Watching... After Johnny Was Done I Didn't Even Want To Lay A Hand On Him. Then All Of A Sudden Brook Comes Out Of No Where And Starts Yelling At Johnny. "I Can't Believe You Did That Johnny!" Then She Did Something I'd Never Think I'd See EVER. She Kissed Sean, And I Dont Mean A Light One On The Cheek One Right On The Lips. My Heart Sunk, I Dont Think Brook Even Noticed I Was There, Cause She Was Only Talking 2 Johnny. I Ran Out Of The House As Fast I I Could, I Did Even Wait For Johnny, I Just Ran. I Ran To The Train Tracks, To Visit A Place I Hadn't Been For Awhile. I Stopped At A Cross Planted In The Ground, At The Spot Where My Parents Where Hit By The Train. I Laid Next To It Daydream, What Would It Be Like If They Were Still Alive. It Was Really Dark When Johnny Found Me There. "I Was Worried Sick About You Home Dogg! Don't Run So Fast Next Time,My Pants Almost Fell Down!" I Laughed A Little And He Told Me That Darry, Soda, And Kitty Were Also Looking For Me...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday Was So Much Fun! School Wasn't... I Had To Ask The Principle If I Could Go To The Carnival, Cause Im Not Allowed To Go To School Dances. I Told Her I Had A Date With This Girl I Really Liked. And Since The Principle Liked Me She Said It Was Ok. I Got To Brook's House Around 4:00. She Looked So Pretty, And She Was Wearing My Favorite Color... Red. I Gave Her A Rose. I Know Its Kind Of Corny But Girls Like Flowers...Right? We Had So Much Fun At The Carnival, I Tried To Win Her A Giant Stuffed Bear... But They Where Out! How Could They Be Out Of Giant Teddy Bears? So I Got A Medium Sized Gorilla That Well.... Kind Of Scared Me! I Dont Know What Happened To That Thing. Then We Went Of The Farris Wheel... Im Glad She Ain't Scared Of Heights Like Johnny Is, Cause We Got Stuck On The Top! Brook Was Getting Cold So I Hugged Her. We Watched The Sun Set...It Reminded Me Of The Time When Johnny And I Were In The Church And That Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem. But Im Not Bringing That Up On Our Date. We Looked Up At The Stars And She Kissed Me! :D Then Finally It Started Working. We Ate So Much Junk Food That When We Went Of Another Roller coaster I Almost Pucked, Glad I Didn't. Then It Started Snowing So The Had To Close Down! It Got Freezing!(Note To Self: Check What The Weather Is Suppose To Be Like In The Morning.) We Called Home And Got Kitty To Drive Us Home. When We Got There Brook And I Separated. I Hung Around Johnny... I Could Tell Something Was On His Mind, And He Told Me "Im Thinking Of Breaking Up With Kristi." When He Said It I Thought He Was Going To Cry. It Was Something About, She's Moving And He'd Only See Her In The Summer... He Was So Upset Her Drank All The Cola In The House! I Couldn't Really Stay Focused On What Johnny Was Doing Cause I Was Thinking About Brook... We Need To Go On Another Date. I Took One Of The Bottles Of Beer And Soda Gave Me This Look, I Could Tell He Didn't Want Me To Have Any, But Finally He Said I Could Have One. Any More And He'd Skin Me. Haha! When Everyone Was Cleaning Up, Brook And I Slipped Out. It Was Still SUPER Cold Out. I Gave Her A Hug And Kissed Her... Until Johnny And Dawn Came Out And Asked If Brook Was Ready To Go. It Was Hard To Got To Sleep After That, And It Got Harder When Darry Got All Upset That There Was A Guy In His Bed.... With His Little Sister. :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad Night?

Johnny Has Been Down Lately, So I Invited Him To Go To The Movies With Kristi And I. I Wasn't Sure If I Wanted To Break Up With Kristi Or Not... Well We Saw Some Stupid Movie, About A Boy In Love. It Was GROSS!! But We Had Fun Making Fun Of The Characters. I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Johnny Soo Loud. Johnny Let Me Listen To Brittney Spears In The Car <3 He Doesn't Like To Admit He Owns A Lot Of Brittney Spears Music. :) I Walked Kristi To The Door And Kissed Her Goodbye. I Started To Walk Away, When I Heard Her Scream. Johnny Came Running. And There Was Kristi's Mom, Dead On The Floor. She Seemed To Be Shot Mulitiple Times Twice In The Head And 4 In Her Chest/ Stomach Area. I Hugged Kristi And She Started To Cry. We Brought Her Over To The Neighbors House And Called The Police. Kristi Was To Scard To Let Go Of Johnny And I, She Thought The Murder Was After Her Too. So I Brought Her Home, And Explained The Story To Soda, Darry, And Kitty. Johnny Was Hugging Kristi Trying To Make Her Laugh. Then Something Hit Me. Johnny Really Cared About Kristi, She Was His Best Girl Friend. Johnny Was Always Smiling Around Her. Then To Break This Thought, Kristi Asked "Can I Stay The Night, Pony?" Darry Gave Me This Look, "No, It's A School Night!" He Said. "Where Elsa Is She Supose To Say?" I Asked Him And Before Darry Could Answer Johnny Said "My House! Pony You Can Come Too!" But Ofcoarse Darry Was Like "You Haven't Slept Here In A Week Your Staying.I Think It's Time For You Two, To Be Going." Before They Left, Kristi Said She Wanted To Break Up. Something About How She'd Have To Move Back To New York And Junk. I Was Sad Cause I Was Losing My Girlfriend... But That Means Johnny Will Let Me Date Brook. I Watched As Johnny And Kristi Left, And Johnny Kissed Her. Johnny Looked So Happy With Kristi.
~ Ponyboy Curtis

Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Gonna Go To A Club And Get Drunk With Britney!

Im Not Gonna Tell Ya What Happened At The Dance Friday, Cause U Dont Like Kristi... But Im Not Allowed To Go To Another Dance Till May. :( Haha! I've Been Sleeping At Johnny's House Since We've Made Up... Which Wasn't A Good Thing Cause We Forgot To Get Up Early To See Carson. I Guess Staying Up All Night Isn't Good For Waking Up Early. But We Were Only A Few Minutes Late?... I Think.
Next Time We Are SO Taking The Train. U Know How I Was Stabbed The Other Night, It Hurts Really Bad... And Darry Kept Hitting It With His Arm. :( The First Time I Made A Noise Expressing My Pain. I Dont Wanna Tell Dar, That I Went To That Party, Cause He Will Kill Me For Being SOOOO Stupid. So When He Asked "What Was Wrong" I Said "Nothing." Maybe Thats Why He Kept Hitting Me? I Think I Ate My Weight In Junk Food On The Way There. I Dont Think I Could Eat Any More Junk Like That.... I Take That Back. I Felt Bad For Darry, Cause In A Hotel Room They're Were Only 2 Beds.... And He Had To Sleep On The Floor. But I Got A Bed... Thats All I Care About. I Dont Know Why We Got Those Rooms, Cause We All Wanted To Spend The Night. But Darry Made Me Go Back To The Hotel Cause He "Didn't Want Me Up All Night" But There Isn't Enough Room In The Hospital For All Of Us.So I Think Blair And Steve Where The Only Ones Who Stayed. That Hotel Bed Is Better Then Mine At Home, So Once I Laid On It, I Was Out Like A Light. And I Had The Weirdest Dream Ever! <3 And For Once It Wasn't About Kristi! When I Told Johnny He Laughed At Me And Was Like, "She Has A Boyfriend."
~Ponyboy Curtis