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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brookies Birthday!

It Was A Pretty Bad Day For Me, Johnny Was Telling Me He Worked Extra Hours To Get Brook A Really Good Present! He Wanted 2 Make Up For Last Year When He Forgot And Made Her A SnowMan, Cause Thats The Only Thing He Could Think Of!
We Planned A Surprise Party For Her At My House And Johnny Told Her To Come 2 My House 9, But At 9:15 She Still Wasn't There. Johnny Started Freaking Out, And I Told Him We Could Both Look For Her. I Was Think About The Time When We Were Dating, I Remember Going To The Park And Just Talking, Sometimes We'd Just Sit In Silence And Look At Each Other. It Was Like We Were Talking With No Sound!
I Started Walking By The Fountain When I Saw Brookie, Tied Up... Well I Was Behind Her But I Could Tell It Was Here. I Always Got A Feeling Around Her.
Sean Was On The Phone By His Car, And I Quickly Untied Her. We Were Just About To Sneak Away When Sean Saw Us... Some Words Were Said...Brook Tried To Stop Us From Fighting, And Next Thing I Know Brook Is Crying And Im Beating The Crap Out Of Sean! I Have No Idea How Long We Were Fighing For, Long Enough For Johnny To Hear Me.... And Help Brookie And Help Me Beat Up Sean Till He Was Out Cold. Idk Why Brook Thought She Say Soda... Maybe I Look Like Him Like Johnny Said. Or She Was Daydreaming About My Brother.... Which I Guess Girls Do. Johnny Drove Us Back To My House, I Didn't Let Go Of Her The Whole Time. For Awhile I Thought She'd Never Wake Up! But Everyone Kept Saying She Would! I Cant Belive I Ever Let Her Go! When She Woke Up I Was So Happy I Almost Dropped Her :D Brookie I Love You! And Im SOSOSOSOSOSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry!
~Ponyboy Curtis <3


  1. i love you too pony!!!! and i truly dont know why i thougt i saw soda!!! lol!!!!

  2. lmao im just that irresistible =)

    Pony i feel like i havent seen u in forever bro!!!

  3. i feel like pony is ignoring us :(. wait hes on strike. i forgot..-sigh-..