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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well Kitty And I Have Been Fighting Like Crazy For The Past Two Weeks... So Today I Guess Everyone Was Sick Of It, Cause They Made Us Spend The Day Together. At First I Thought We Were Gonna Kill Each Other. I Dont Think I Ever Felt So Mad At Kitty. We Went To The Movies And We Started Fighting Over Everything... What Movie To See...If We Wanted Extra Butter On The Popcorn... Where To Sit... And So On. I Don't Really Remember When We Stopped. Maybe It Was When We Got Ice Cream, Or When We Opened Up About R Feelings, Or When We Talked About Our Parents And All The Fun Moments We Had With Them, Or Maybe When We Went For A Drive. I Think It Was All Of It. We Realized Me Were Being Stupid And That You Should Never Fight With Your Family... "We're All We Got Left...If We Don't Got Each Other, We Dont Have Anything!" I Wonder Who Said That :D *wink Wink* Soda *Wink Wink*
I Learned So Much About Kitty I Didn't Know Before... Like Clowns Scares Her, Because Darry Once Told Her This Story About A Murder Who Dressed Up Like A Clown! Or That Her First Kiss Was Under The Slide In Kindergarten An Darry And Soda Hunted Him Down. And I Was Her Favorite Brother... Haha! She Never Said That :(
Her Favorite Ice Cream Was Cookie Dough Because It Was Are Dads Favorite, And The Only Reason She Wore Dresses In 4th Grade Cause She Wanted To Be Just Like Mom. And When She First Heard She Was Gonna Have A Baby Brother, She Was Sad It Wasn't A Sister... But When The Brought Me Home I Was Too Cute She Wanted Me To Stay :D (I Think She Was Lying About That But It Still Made Me Happy!)I Think We Should Spend More Days Together, If Im Here.


  1. pony ur so adorable. ^-^. my favorite kid brother tag along XD.

  2. yes u are! but its ok though! embrace it!! cuz ur my FAVORITE kid tag along!!!:D.

  3. hahahhaaaa I thought this was Two-bittys blog and I was soooo confused xD
    but its good ya'll are all happy and junk :p

  4. Aw Pony, I love spending time with you my little brother. And I love that my name is the title!!!!