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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Famous To Do List!

Haha! I Made That My Title Cause I Just Heard That On TV. And This Was On My To Do List...To Post. Plus I Think Jamie And Dawn Would Kill Me If I Didn't. Haha! Another Thing On My To Do List..... Write About What Happened Sunday.
I Woke Up, Tired From A Huge After Party From That Musical I Was In.... NEVER AGAIN Will I Get On The Bad Side Of A Music Teacher.... But The After Party Was Killer. I Told Johnny My Big Plan For Tonight With Brookie. And He Was All Aww Cute.... It Was Just A Simple Dinner Like Thing. And It Was In My House Nothing Special. But I Just Had To Kick Everyone Else Out. Darry Was Easy To Get Out.... If U Just Say Theres A Jerky Sale Down The Street He'll Be Out In A Second! Soda.... He Normally Does Something Sunday Night....(Theres A Lot Of ..... In This Post! :D I Like It!)
As For Kitty I Told Her What I Was Planning And She Did The AWWW U GUYS R SO CUTE! ( I Know Where Johnny Gets It From!) And Said She'll Gladly Leave. She Wasn't Coming Over Till 5:30 But It's Nice To Get Everyone Out And Clean The House. I Have Some Cooking Skills.... Darry Taught Me How To Make Spaghetti! I Make The Best Spaghetti In The House.... But Thats Not Saying Much. Then I Got All Dressed Up... Well Not Like "Dressed Up" But Dresser Then The Usual Stuff. Brookie Came Shortly After I Was Dressed.... I Was Suppose To Plan Some Part Of Tonight But I Only Got 2 The Cooking Part. Brookie Was As Dressed Up As I Was. But I Think Shes Pretty All The Time. I Had The Pasta On Two Plates But Brookie Thought It Would Be Fun 2 Have It On One Big Plate. Haha! We Did That Noodle Thing, Where At The End You Kiss.... Like In The Dog Movie... Speaking Of The Dog Movie, Well That Comes In Later. :D When We Were Done Brookie And I Sat On The Couch With My Arm Around Her. We Were Trying 2 Find A Movie To Watch, And Thats When We Found "Lady And The Tramp" Was Going 2 Be On. Brookie Did Her "Please, Pony! Please!" Thing, I Couldn't Help But Say Yes. She Gave Me A Quick Kiss, But I Pulled Her In For A Longer One... I Love Brooklyn :D
We Stayed Up Late Watching That Movie, When Did Disney Movies Become So Long? You Guys Can Think What Ever You Want About What Happened After The Movie...I Think It Might Just Be A Secret Between Brookie And I! And I Dont Know What Took Everybody Soo Long... Soda,Kitty, And Darry Didn't Get Home Till Like 3AM!
~ Ponyboy Curtis


  1. That's cute. :) When you don't tell people what happened after the movie, they are all going to assume the same thing.

  2. Awww that's cute :) ... Pony, you're a pretty lil' princess... haha kiddin' :P

  3. thanx pony for watchin the movie with me!!! i luv that movie its so sweet! and candie ponys not a princess! he's my prince!!! <3

  4. Um.... Pony. Just for the record, I wasn't actually IN the house. I was talking to you through the phone. Retard.

    Anyway, you guys are like soooooooooooo cute together. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

  5. awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet pony and im glad u FINALLY posted


    pony did u do what i think u did with brook after the movie?

    am i right? :D

  6. pony. by posting u just saved ur own life. snaps for pones :).

  7. If I Told U It Wouldn't Be So Much Fun....

  8. Im Sad I Only Have 9 Comments! :( I Feel Unloved!