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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well Anyways If Your Read The Blog And Comments From My Last Post You'd Know That Dally Beat Up Kristi! She Didn't Want To Tell Me, But I Got It Out Of Her. She Didn't Call The Cops On Him Cause She "Thinks He's A Nice Guy" (I Don't Think She Knows Dally To Well) She Also Thought He Was Like A Puppy,(Which I Don't See) "Puppys Do Bad Things But At The End Of The Day Everyone Loves The Puppys.Unless Your Allergic"
She Told Me Dally Was Drunk And Probably Wanted To Do Somethings Before He Became A Dad. She Knew It Was Dally Cause When He Lived In New York, He Was In The Same Gang As Kristi's Brother. At First I Thought He Just Wanted To Beat Up A Socs Or Something, But This Isn't The Case. I Don't Know How To Say It But Um, HAVE SEX WITH HER!! There I Said It! She Never Said If They Did Or Not, But I Was Watching TV At Her House And It Says That If Someone Is Trying To Do That To You Let Them Go Through With It And Then Call The Police, When Its Over. Or Something Like That.I Think Dally Would Leave After That, I Don't Know How You Can Get A Dally Out Of Your House With Out Him Wanting Too. I Wonder If Kristi Got A Few Punches At Dally. YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO HIT GIRLS DALLY!! Then Again Dally Never Follows Rules Or Laws. I Dont Think I'm Mad With Kristi Even If She Did You Know What With Dally, But Mann I'd Kill Dally!
~Ponyboy Curtis
Stay Gold

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So Today I Basically Stayed Inside All Day. Kristi Called Me Around Lunch Time And Said, "I Dont Think We're Working Out." I Think That Was Her Way Of Breaking Up With Me. :( I Couldn't Eat After That, I Could Only Think Of The First Day I Saw Her And I Wondered If The Only Reason She Dated Me Was Cause She Liked Or Used To Like Johnny. Maybe I Was Being Used. I Must Of Smoked At Least Two Packs Today, Kristi Hated It When I Smoked Sround Her.When Darry Came Home From Work He Tried To Get Me To Feel Better. He Gave Soda The, I Told You So Look. (Darry Thinks Im Too Young To Date) It Was After Dinner When I Got Another Phone Call. It Was Kristi, She Wanted Me To Come Over And Stay The Night. I Wasn't Sure It I Wanted To But I Thought Maybe She Didn't Really Break Up With Me. Darry Took Me There, But I Got One Of Those Talks That You Get After A Break Up He Said Stuff Like, "Dont Kill Her" And "Try To Still Be Her Friend" And "DON'T BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!!" But I Get That One Every Time He Drives Me Somewhere. When I Got There She Gave Me The Happiest Smile I Have Ever Seen, And A Big Hug. "Im Sorry Ponyboy!" She Kind Of Sounded Like She Had Been Crying Or She Was.
She Told Me Why She Broke Up With Me. She Saw Me And Cherry Kiss Yesterday And Asked Cherry About It. Cherry Told Kristi That I Kissed Her And She Should Break Up With Me Cause Im A "Cheating Asshole" (That's What Cherry Called Me... It Makes Me Feel So Loved By Cherry) Kristi Also Told Me She Was Thinking Of Getting Pay Back By Kissing Some Guy... Or More But She Couldn't, She Liked Me Too Much. She Called Me And Said Things Weren't Working Out Because She Didn't Think She Deserved Me. And I Was Starting To Think She Didn't And I Didn't Need Her. It Was Mostly Her Fault Johnny Was Leaving, But It Was Also Mine. She Should Of Asked Me First Instead Of Cherry. She Started Crying When She Told Me All Of This, I Hugged Her And Listened. I Thought I Loved Her, But Now Im Not Sure. I Loved It When She Hugged Me Or When She Said My Name. I Didn't Mind Her Crying And Staining My Shirt With Her Make Up, Her Doing That Just Made Me Happy. She Finally Stopped Crying (She Was Crying For Like 3 Hours!) And She Was Starting To Fall Asleep In My Arms, But Before She Did She Told Me Something That Made Up My Mind If I Was Going To Take Her Back Or Not.
"I Love You Ponyboy, I Love You!" That Was The First Time She Ever Said That To Me (And We've Been Dating Since When... THE SUMMER!) Johnny Told Me Kristi Never Told Him That, It Made Me Feel Really Good. I Looked Down At Her Face On My Shoulder, All The Make-Up On Her Face Was Gone. She Had One Good Black Eye And A Cuts All Over. I Laughed And Thought Blair Must Have Gotten Here Earlier. :D I Didn't Think She'd Actually Hurt Her Or Even If She Did Not That Much. Later (When She Woke Up) I Found Out Who Really Came To Hurt Her. In The Light She Looked Like I Did After That One Rumble, Like She Fell Off A Motorcycle And Got Ran Over A Few Times. I Almost Started To Cry When She Told Me(Guess Who It Was!). I Couldn't Stand Seeing Someone I Liked Hurting. I Guess Its True "It's Tuff All Over!"
~ Ponyboy Curtis <3
Stay Gold

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Day With Johnny And Kristi!

Well This Morning I Woke Up To The Smell Of Bacon And Eggs..... And Chocolate Cake! :D Kristi Was Making Breakfast And Mann, She Can Cook! She Made The Cake Cause She Knew That's What I Normally Eat But She Didn't Know If I'd Like Something Different. I Wasn't Expecting To Stay The Whole Day With Kristi, But I Did. Johnny Came Over And So Did Cherry Valance. (I Haven't Seen Her In Awhile!) Kristi And Cherry Are Good Friend Since They Both Do Cheerleading. We Spent Most Of The Day Making Snow Forts, Having Snowball Fights, And Making A Few Snow Men. (Kristi's Got One Big Back Yard!) During The Snowball Fight Cherry Came Up And Kissed Me! CHERRY! I Hoped Kristi Didn't See It! I Always Thought She Liked Dally Or Johnny, But Not Me! Cherry Left When We Where Done In The Snow Cause It Was Getting Really Dark And Cold. Johnny,Kristi, And I Went Out For Pizza. Kristi Kind Of Kept Her Space From Me, Like She Sat Next To Johnny.... Not Me! :( And She Was Talking About Fun Things They Used To Do When They Where Dating, Instead Of Johnny Feeling Like A Third Wheel I Did! I Was Kind Of Glad When Johnny And I Left, I Didn't Like The Fact That Johnny And Kristi Where Once An Item.... I Didn't Know It! When I Got Home I Sure Heard It From Darry! You'd Think He'd Be Glad To See Me. :/ I Think It Was Because I Didn't Call Him And I Walked In At 10pm! (Even Though Thats Not Too Late)Oh Before I Forget Darry Is Making A Blog!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kristi!! <3

Kristi Got A New Camera For Christmas! She Sent Me This Pic This Morning!

I Thought I'd Upload It For You To See! :D Isn't She Just The Prettiest Thing You've Ever Seen! :D I Thought This Would Be A Good Time To Tell Ya About Her. Well She Moved Here From New York! Her Dad Is A Doctor Up There. Her Dad Made Her Mom And Herself Move Here When Her Brother Died. Her Brother Was Shot In A Gang Fight..... When She Says Gang Fight I Think Of Dally. She Doesn't Like Her Mom Too Much Because She's Cheating On Her Dad With Some Guy.They Call Him Her "Stepdad". And She Cant Even Tell Her Real Dad Cause Well Lets Just Say That Her "Stepdad" Is Pretty Strong.
Well Anyways, She Wanted To Invite Our Gang Over To Her House Tommorrow. She Says You Guys Can Stay The Night Since Her Mom Is Visting Her Dad In New York And She Doesn't Think Her "Stepdad" Will Come To Check Up On Her.
~ Ponyboy Curtis

Stay Gold

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Well Darry Wasn't Too Happy When I Told Him I Spending Christmas Eve At Kristi's House. In Fact He Was Happy At All, But Sodapop Convinced Him To Let Me Go! Thanks Soda! Yesterday Was Her First Day Out Of The Hospital, It Was Also My First Day Seeing Her House. I Swear Thats The BIGGEST House I Have Ever Seen! You Could Fit Are Gang And The Shepards In There.... And Still Have A TON Of Room. We Watched A Christmas Story.... Or At Least I Think Thats What It Was Called. Well That Was Only One Of The Movies We Watched. We Where Done Watching Movies Around 12am. And Right When It Turned 12 She Screamed "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" And Pulled Out A Present For Me. Kristi Told Me Not To Buy Her An X-mas Present, So I Didn't. It Made Me Feel Soo Guilty. I Opened It And It Was A Nice Leather Jacket. She Said "You Never Wear A Jacket, So I Thought I'd Get You A Tuff One." She Also Had Me Look In The Pocket.... You'll Never Guess What Was In There.... Well You Could. It Was Condoms! I Kind Of Laughed Cause I Swear Even Santa Was Bringing Me That For Christmas. I Smiled At Her And Asked When I Would Need It. (I Couldn't Tell If It Was For Future Use Or Today Use) She Started To Laugh, "Really Pony, You Had To Ask That." And Then We Started Kissing...... You Can Guess What Happen Next. Then When It Was A Good Time, We Left To Go To My House. I Left My Shirt At Her House Though, I Was To Tired To Remember To Get It. When We Got There I Just Lad On The Couch And She Laid On Top Of Me. We Watched Everyone(Darry,Soda,And Katie) Open There Presents. Darry Had A Little Talk With Me After Lunch. It Was Something Like, I Know You Had "Fun" Last Night. (I Guess It Was On My Face Or Something) And Darry Told Me I Was Too Young And Stuff, Then He Was All Like My Baby Brothers A Man. I Couldn't Help But Laugh! Johnny Just Came Over! And Kristi Is Staying The Day. What Did You Guys Do?
~ Ponyboy Curtis
"Stay Gold"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Johnny?!?!

Ok Soooo Today I Went To School, Kristi Asked Me To Go To School. And I'll Listen To Her. But When I Go To The Hospital After School Johnny Was There. Kristi Asked Me How My Day Was And For The Homework She Missed. I Told Her It Was Ok And Explained The Homework. When I Was Done She Explained Her Day With Johnny....... DAY!! The Whole Day With My Girlfriend. She Went Half Way Through Her Day When I Stood Up And Gave Johnny A Piece Of My Mind. Haha! Well Not Really! I Just Brought Him Into The Hallway And Said (Well Yelled) "GET YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND!!!" And I Left..... I Think Kristi Heard Me But I Dont Care Too Much. Why Would Johnny Wanna Steal My Girlfriend?! GET YOUR OWN JOHNNY!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today At The Hospital

Well Today Was Like Yesterday! I Watched Kristi Sleep And The Snow Fall, I Wondered If She'd Be Able To See It. I Now Know The Answer. I Skipped School (Dont Tell Darry!) And Johnny Visited Today. He Tried To Wake Her Up. He Did Some "Research" On It And Thought He Knew How To Wake Her Up.... One Of His Attempts Was Singing. (Johnny Can Sing Good If He Trys!) I Got A Good Kick Out Of It. He Stayed Most Of The Day. Kristi's Mom Gave Me Some Good News. If Kristi Woke Up, She Would Be Able To Spend X-Mas With Me Because Kristi's Mom Was Leaving Tomorrow. Which Leads Me To Better News!! Kristi Woke Up Today! She Looked At Me And Said (Really Fast) "Hey PONYBOY!! Where Have You Been? I Missed You." Then She Stood Up "I Had Fun At The P..." She Fell Back Down. She Was Out For An Hour After That And Woke Up Again. I Would Of Thought It Was A Dream If Johnny Wasn't There.
When She Woke Up Again, She Looked Out The Window And Said "Eww Ponyboy, There's White Cold Stuff Out Side." Haha! Johny Left After Awhile. She Told Me About How She Used To Live In New York, And HATED The Snow. And She Told Me Why She Moved Here, But I'll Tell Ya That Later. But Im Staying At Her House For X-mas Eve And We'll Go To Mine On X-mas :D.... I Just Haven't Told Darry Yet! :/

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Good Night Turned Bad!

So Kristi And I Went Out Tonight. I Forgot Who's Party Though. Johnny, Blair, And Brook Where Going 2 So They Might Know. Well I Drank A WHOLE LOT.... IDK What But It Was The Only Thing That Wasn't Alcohol. SOO I Had 2 Go Pee SOOOOOOOOO Bad. Kristi Laughed When I Told Her That. But Anyways, I Told Her 2 Talk 2 Blair. There Was A Long Line And I Almost Peed My Pants. So It Took At Least Ten Minutes. When I Came Out There Where Some Socs, Saying Some Rude Remarks, And Hitting Kristi's Butt And Stuff (Like Dally Usually Does) I Could Tell They Had A Little To Much To Drink, But I Didn't Care. I Ran Towards The Main Socs, And We Tumbled To The Floor. I Was Doing Pretty Well Beating The Crap Out Of Him, Until The Other Socs Started Beating On Me. Kristi Was Looking For Something Or Someone To Help Me. Then One Pulled Out A Blade And Cut Me Real Deep In My Right Side Going All The Way To The Back. I Yelled In Pain, And Kristi Hit One Across The Head With A Beer Bottle. And The Guy With The Blade Stabbed Right Into Her Leg Making Her Fall To The Ground. They Where Pulling Me Outside. I Tried To Break Through But It Wasn't Working. Kristi Was Trying To Keep Up With Them When They Were Dragging Me. I Was Sure I Was Going 2 Be Killed By These Guys. Then I Saw Someone Running After Us. It Was Johnny! I Don't Think I Was SO Glade To See Him! By The Time He Got To Us We Were Outside. The Guys Weren't To Strong Cause Johnny Was Fighting Them Off. Well There Was Only 3 Of Them And 2 Were Hurt 2 So I Can See Johnny And His Blade Beating The One. Then The One Johnny Was Beating, Ran Over To Kristi And Took Out His Blade.
"You Make A Move I'll Kill Her!" The Socs Screamed
She Pushed Him, As A Result He Pushed Her.... In A Wall.... Knocking Her Unconscious. They Then Ran Into There Car, And Started Driving. I Was About To Cry Seeing Kristi On The Floor Not Moving. I Moved Over To Her As Quickly As I Could. Johnny Took His Shirt Off And Wrapped It Around Her Bleeding Leg. I Picked Her Up And Started Running Towards The Nearest Hospital, But It Just So Happened The Socs We Where Parked Down The Street. Johnny Was So Mad At Them He Ran At Their Car And Broke The Front Window Knocking Out The 2 In The Front Seat. He Told Me To Keep Running There, But The Socs In The Back Came Out And Punched Johnny. I Put Krisi Down And Johnny And I Beat Up That Socs, And Went Along Running With Kristi In My Arms. When We Got There, I Could See Johnny's Hands. The Were Covered Wit Blood From Breaking The Window. Kristi Got Help First But Johnny And I Were Fighting About Who Would Get It Next. I Think I Went Next, Cause When I Woke Up I Was Plugged Into A Machine. I Lost SO Much Blood I Fainted. But If It Wasn't For Johnny I Would Of Died. Kristi Is Still Unconscious.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Johnny's Party! + My Early X-Mas Present

Johnny LOVED The Party! Only He's Really Sad, Soda Wasn't There. Where Was He? Johnny Is REALLY Mad At Him Right Now, Everyone Was There But Him. Anyways, You'll Never Guess What Happened With Kristi (My Girlfriend) And I. Well She And I Were Talking In The Kitchen Getting The Cake For Johnny. Then We Kind Of Forgot The Cake And I Pulled Her Into Me And Was About To Kiss Her, When Johnny Walked In. (Thanks Johnny BTW) He Wanted To See What Was Taking So Long, It Took Him Awhile To Realize I Wanted Him To Go Back Into The Other Room, But It Was To Late He Wreaked The Moment. :( But Thats Okay Johnny. Cause When I Was Walking Her To Her Car The Scene Happened Again Without Johnny, But It Was More Like A Make-Out Thing. Someone Should Of Told Me Kissing Girls Felt So Good! I Would Of Kissed A LOT More Girls.I Wish I Would Of Got Farther But Everyone Was Still In The House. I Think I Had A Nice Early X-Mas Present. :D
~ Ponyboy Curtis

Thursday, December 17, 2009

If You Didn't Know

If Ya Didn't Know I Have A Girl Friend! You Might Of Saw Her At The DX (That's Where We First Met) But Anyways Your Gonna See Her At Johnny's Party. She's 15, Has Wheat Gold Hair, And When You First Look Into Her Eyes They Look Dark Brown, But They're Really Light Brown. She's Middle Class But Sure Acts Like Us Greasers. (I Think U Might Like Her.) She Also Goes To My School.... We Have Science Class Together. You'll Learn More About Her Tommorrow!
~ Ponyboy Curtis

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guess Whats Coming Up!!!

Do You Know What To Day Is? Its The 15th of December!!! And I Had To Blog About It Because That Means FRIDAY Something Very Special Happened.......... Johnny Was Born!!! I Wanted Him To Blog About It, But You Know Johnny. SOO What Should We Do For His Birthday??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

X-mas Is Coming!

Well As Everyone Knows, X-mas Is Coming. Im Getting Into The Holiday Spirt! Haha. I Haven't Gotten Any Presents For Darry Or Sodapop Yet. It's Cause I Dont Know What To Get Them. Maybe I Should Get Them Hair Grease. Haha, I Mean They Use It Dont They? You Guys Got Any Ideas?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hey! Im BACK!

Hey Guys, I Decited To Start Blogging Again! This Is My New Blog. Sorry Its Been Awhile Since The Last Time I've Blogged, BUT IM BACK!!! Haha. Sooooo What Are You Guys Up To? Johnny And I Are Going To The Movies Today.... But I Haven't Told Darry Yet. Who Knows Maybe My Girl Will Come Too.Remind Me To Tell Soda Im Blogging Again.
~ Ponyboy
"Stay Gold!"