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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010


In todays headlines!!!!!!
Ponboy Curtis was killed by his BFF Johnny Cade. He paied his polarbear to sit on him and fart in his face. He dies from toxic fumes. Johnny say " He made fun made fun of my polar bear friends who ran over my phone in their mustang convertable!"
Ponyboys last words (A quote from Britney Spears) " You know what you do, and you know that your toxic!" -Johnny Cade

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Birthday!

Ahh! I Love Sleep! In The Air I Could Smell Chocolate Cake, Eggs, Bacon, Sausages And Toast! I Know A Lot Of Food, But What Can I Say We All Eat A Lot In Our House! I Started Waking Up Cause I Felt That People Were Watching Me, I Always Feel Like Somebody Is Watching Me!! Sorry I Couldn't Help But Think Of That Song! I Opened One Eye, And Saw Kitty, Soda, And Darry Standing There Watching Me! Odd Right? Then All Of The Sudden, "PONY!!!!" Soda Started Screaming
He Picked Me Up Out Of Bed And Swung Me Around, Im Surprised He Didn't Hit Me Against Anything! "Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!" Kitty Said Trying To Get Me Away From Soda. But She Didn't Succeed, Cause Darry Took Me. "Happy Birthday, Ponyboy! It Maybe Late But It Better Then Nothing." He Said Tickling Me Like Dad And Him Used To When I Was Younger. Soda And Kitty Joined Him And With In A Minute I Was On The Floor Crying For Them To Stop. I Hate Being Tickled! :( Darry Made A Huge Breakfeast, And By This Time With All The Noise Katie Woke Up. She Wished Me A Happy Birthday Too! I Wasn't Feeling To Well, I Blame Soda For Swing Me Around Everywhere! "Pony!" Soda Said Smiling Like Crazy, "Katie And I Got You Something Special!" He Jumped Up From Where He Was Siting To His Bed Room. It Took Him Awhile But When He Returned He Threw A Small Box At Me!
It Was The Size Of My Hand, I Ripped The Wrapping Paper Off As Fast As I Could, There Inside Of It Was... Car Keys! Duh! What Does Every 16 Year Old Boy Want? But The Thought Of A Car Didn't Cross My Mind. I Dont Think Soda Even Has One Of His Own.
"Lets Go Now!" Kitty Said Grabbing Her Coat. Everyone Jumped Out Of There Seat And Did The Same But Right When I Was About To Head Out, Darry Took My Keys. "Ponyboy, You Just Got Out Of The Hospital. You Can Not Drive!" I Gave Darry My Puppy Eyes, "But Darry!" He Just Gave Me This Look And I Shut Up.
"Darry, Come On Let Him Drive." Soda Said Trying To Stick Up For Me, But He It Didn't Help. Darry Was Driving Cause I "Wasn't Well Enough" And I Didn't Wanna Break The Car.
I Went To The Cade's House, Well Johnny, Brookie, and Dawns House Around 7. Brookie Said She Baked Me A Cake. So I Was Pretty Happy, I Mean FREE CAKE! I Opened The Door And Everyone Yelled "Surprise!" It Was Kind Of Funny Cause When They First Started Yelling I Thought I Was Getting Attacked So I Just Start Yelling Random Things. Haha, But When I Relized It Was You Guys I Was SO Happy. I Picked Up Brookie And Kissed Her. She So Pretty When She Blushes, Well When Isn't She Pretty? We All Drove Down To The Bar Where Everyone Else I Knew In The World Was There Even .... BRITNEY SPEARS!!! I Was Talking To Johnny When All Of A Sudden I Hear, "It's Britney Bitch!" Johnny And I Started Freaking Out! And When She Was Done Singing She Kissed Me! I Was So Happy, It Was Like A Dream. I Ran Over 2 Brookie, Spun Her Around, And Gave Her A Long, Johnny's Scard For Life, Kiss I Could. Brookie Seemed Pretty Out Of Breath And Started Blushing Again. After Awhile They Got Brookie And I To Slow Dance. I Was Kind Of Nervous Since I Never Really Slowed Danced, But I Think We Did Pretty Well.
When I Got Home, I Let Everyone Go In, I Wanted To Look At The Stars When You'll Never Guess Who Was Came. Cherry. She Was All, "Pony, Im Sorry Those Mean Socs Beat You Up." And "I Heard It Was Your Birthday!" And Then All Of A Sudden, Shes Trying To Unzipp My Jeans.
"Cherry,Stop It!" But She Didn't. "I Have A Girlfriend." I Said Trying To Push Her Away, The She Just Said "Shut Up!" And Kissed Me. I Heard A Gasp! I Turned And Saw Brookie Stand There, She Brought The Cake She Made Me. "Brookie, I Know This Looks Bad But," It Did Look Bad, REALLY Bad! I Had My Pants Half Down With Cherry Sucking On My Lips. Eww That Even Sounds Gross To Me! Brookie Cut Off My Sentence "Johnny Always Told Me, You'd Only Break My Heart!" She Pushed The Cake Into Me And Ran. I Started To Run After Her. But Fell Face First Into The Cake.
I Turned To Cherry "I Dont Ever Wanna See You Again! You Never Helpped Me And Im Better Off With Out You! Now Go." She Ran Too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Soda's Wedding!

Today Was Soda's Big Day! The Wedding! Darry Picked Me Up Nice And.... EARLY!! It Was Like 6:30 am Man! I Didn't Know He Got Up That Early. Brookie Was With Him.
I Was Happy 2 See Both Of Them Since I Haven't Seen Darry Since Monday And I Always Enjoy Seeing Brookie. Brookie Pulled Out A Bag, It Was Full Of Make Up And Brushes.
"Hold Still Pony." She Said.I Slowly Started To Slide Back On My Bed. "No! Im Not Wearing Make Up!" She Said "Pony, You Look Horrible! You Have To Look Good 4 Ur Bros Wedding." I Continued To Protest. "Ponyboy, Your Wearing The Make Up. And You 2 Stop The Yelling We Cant Wake Up The Other Patients."Darry Said With No Emotion, Like He Didn't Realize He's Making His Baby Brother Wear Make Up!! Grrr!
The Doctor Was Telling Darry And I Things I Should Watch For. Things Like If I Felt Dizzy, I Should Sit Down As Soon As Possible. Really They Said If I Wasn't Feeling Well They Wanted Me 2 Come Back. I Think They Just Want Me 2 Have A High Hospital Bill!
I Wasn't Feeling 2 Well In The Afternoon,IDK Y, But It Was SOOO Hot! I Guess It Was Because We Were All Getting Ready, And Racing Around. After I Got Dressed I Just Laid On The Couch! I Had 2 Admit I Looked A Lot Better Then I Did At The Hospital, If You Looked At Me, You Probably Would Think I Was Lying To You, Or Just Forget All Together. Brookie Must Be Really Good At Putting Make Up On.
I Slept For A Good Hour On That Couch, The Hospital Needs To Get REAL Beds, Cause I Couldn't Sleep In Those Beds. Darry Drove Us To The Wedding We Tried 2 Fit The Gang In 1 Car, It Didnt Work 2 Well! Haha!
We Got There, Set Stuff Up, And By That Time, We Had To Start. I Started Walking Next To Brookie, I Saw To See My Brother Waiting Down The Isle. He Had This Nervous, SO Excited Look On His Face. Man, I Had 2 Stand For A VERY Long Time, But I Had A Pretty Good Spot. After All That Wedding Kissing Junk We Had The Reception, Which Is Basically A Wild Party, Where Many People Get Drunk, And We Dont Have 2 Clean Up The Mess... Well I Didn't Have 2. There Darry Let Me Hit His Wine Glass With A Fork(Like In The Movies) And Make My Speech... So Here It Is....
"Soda I Have To Admit, I Wrote This On The Car Ride Here. I Dont Really Know What To Say. You Were Always There For As Long As I Could Remember. Im Gonna Miss You, You've Changes From When You Were 7 Thinking Girls Had Cooties, To 16 Where You Had A New Girl Every Week. Do You Remember The Time I Asked You How It Felt To Be In Love? And You Said "Most Of The Time Its Real Good." Well I Think That Was Because You Didn't Have The Right Somebody,I Can Say This With Full Confidence That You Found Your Special Somebody, Katie. Katie, You Make Soda Happier Then I Have Ever Seen Him Before, Even More Then When My Mom Used To Make Her Homemade Pies. And Soda, When Your Kid Is Born You Wont Be Like Some Of Those Other Parents. You Know The Ones That Have Kids And Become As Sour As A Lemon. You'll Be Sweet And Fun, Like You Are Now. Katie And You Will Be Just Like Mom And Dad, Well The Way They Were Before They Died. Dont Underestimate Yourselves, Soda You'll Be A Great Dad. I Should Start Finishing Up My Speech, Cause I Think Darry Might Just Cry Knowing His Younger Brother Is Getting Married. Soda Do Me One Favor, When I Get Married, Make A Better Speech Then I Did."
Darry Looked Like He Was Gonna Cry Any Minute, I Guess I Would Too If My Younger Brother Was Getting Married... Good Thing I Dont Got One. I Couldn't Wait 2 Go Home. Darry Wouldn't Let Me Drink Anything Because "The Doctor Said So" And The Same Thing When I Wanted 2 Smoke. And On Top Of That, I Had A Headake And Was Tired. When I Got Home I Right To Bed, And Fell Asleep Even Though I Could Hear Soda And Katie In The Other Room.... EWWW!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Im A Gangster A Straight Up G! =D I Love That Song

Today I Was At The Hospital...As You Know. They Ran Some Test And Junk! I Think Im Officially Afraid Of Hospitals! Soda Was There Cause I Needed An "Adult" To Be With Me During Some Of The Test And Darry Couldn't Take Off Work. I Got The Results Right Before Brookie And Jamie Got There. I Was Kind Of Glad She Wasn't There To Hear The Result.Brookie Gave Me A Big Hug And Kiss. Her Hands Were Behind Her Back. She Smiled And Said "I Gotta A Surprise For Ya." She Was Hiding A Stuffed Bear. When U Squease It, It Says "I Love You!"
I Was Freaked Out At First, But I Still Loved It! I Could Tell Brookie Was A Bit Worried, I Didn't Look To Well....I Didn't Feel To Well, But I Was So Happy To See Her And Brookie! Brookie Asked How I Was Doing. I Was Doing A Lot Better Then Monday, But I Was Still Having Trouble Breathe Regularly And It Was Hard To Talk, And Have It Make Sense... But I Aint Gonna Say That 2 Her. "Im Doing Ok." I Said Playing With My Teddy Bear. Soda Left After That 2 Talk 2 The Doctor. Idk How Long Jamie And Brookie Where There 4. But I Dont Think It's Been Just The 3 Of Us In Awhile. I Remember We Used 2 Hang Out All The Time. I Can Think Of All The Fun Momments. After Jamie Left Brookie Hung Around Awhile. I Dont Even Remember What We Did, I Just Remember It Being Fun. I've Been Forgetting A Whole Lot Recently. Dont Tell Kitty But When She Visted Me I Forgot Her Name... But She Didn't Stay 2 Long. And I Even Thought My Parents Were Still Alive, I Kept Asking 2 See Them And Everyone Kept Saying THERE DEAD!!! The Doctor Says That, Thats Gonna Happen A Lot So Try Not 2 Get 2 Mad At Me 4 It. Well Im Supose 2 Get Some Sleep, I Gotta Get Up Early Tomorrow! Like Thats Gonna Happen.

Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Days After

Johnnycake And I Were Walking Home, He Sometimes Walk Me Home From School When I Didn't Get A Ride With Someone. I Got Detention The Day No One Elsa Does! We Were Passing His Apartment When He Said He Wanted Check On Brookie. She Went Home Early For Some Reason, She Wouldn't Tell Me. I Kissed Her Goodbye In The Hallway And Thats Y I Got Detention. Teachers Are Weird.... Haha U Should Of Seen The Principle She Was Like Pony Doesn't Deserve Detection. It Was Kind Of Funny.
Well Anyways Johnny Ran To His Door, I Would Of Went With Him But I Didn't Want Darry Getting Worried Or Mad At Me Cause Im Home Really Late.... Yea Well I Should Of Went With Johnny Cause He Would Have 2 Worry About Me. So Anyways Im Start Bouncing That Stupid Ball I Have, I Always Do When Im Walking Alone....It Makes Me Feel Less Lonely! I Hear The Sound Of A Car, But It Was Going Really Slow, I Turned My Head A Little And Saw A Red Mustang. I Knew It Was Full Of Socs, I Was Hopping They Weren't Playing On Jumping Me. I Started 2 Walk A Bit Faster. Thinking 2 Myself Dont Turn Around, Dont Make Eye Contact. Kitty Gave Me That Piece Of Advice, But Soda And Darry Said There Gonna Jump Ya If Ur Looking At Them Or Not. I Heard The Car Getting Closer And Closer, So I Just Walked Faster And Faster, Till I Was Running. I Ran Threw Back Yards And Cut Corners, Till I Was On My Street, But Some How They Were Still Behind Me. They Were Close Enough To Touch Me If They Put There Hand Out The Window And I Was To Tired To Run Anymore. I Just Completely Fell, On The Sidewalk. It Hurt, But I'd Feel So Much Worst Later. The Socs Got Out Of The Car Before I Could Get Up. One Just Spit On My Face. It Smelled Of Alcohol And Chocolate...Haha! I Dont Think I'll Be Able 2 Eat That 4 Awhile.I Wiped It Off And Tried To Spit Back, But The Realizing I Was Still On The Ground. The One Kicked Me On The Side Real Hard A Few Times, Same Spot As Before... Then I Remembered Them From The Rumble. I Couldn't Get Up My Legs Just Wouldn't Work. Maybe I Was Suffering From SPS Skinny Pants Syndrome. The One Picked Me Up And Dropped Me, Making My Head Bleed. I Pulled His Leg, Making Him Fall, And I Started Giving Him All I Had. But I Didn't have Much, I Was Hurt A Lot More From The Rumble Then I Told Ya Guys And I Was Out Numbered By 3...4...5...12? Yea They Had 13 Or 14 Kids There. The Must Have Thought I'd Put Up More Of A Fight, Or They Would Of Brought Just 5. A Good 15 Minutes Past When I Started Blanking Out. The World Was Becoming Fuzzy And Hard To See. I Had Blood Everywhere,Mostly Mine, But They Had A Little From Some Faces. When I Heard The Gang Coming After Them. The Socs Got A Few More Punches And Kicks In Before They Had 2 Get In The Car. The Last One Hurt The Most, He Must Of Had A Blade Or Something. It Went Right In My Side. I Couldn't Breathe Anymore I Was For Sure I Was Done. Darry Picked Me Up, I Knew It Was Him Cause I Could Hear His Voice "Stupid Kid!" It Sounded Like He Was About To Cry. I Closed My Eyes, Maybe The Next People I'd See Would Be Mom And Dad. I Woke Up In The Hospital, Im Glad Darry Donates Some Blood Every Year, Cause Apparently I Need A Lot! I Felt Like I Had A Full Body Cast On.They Said I Could Go To School Tomorrow. How Could I Go To School If It Hurt 2 Breathe. Maybe I'll Feel Better In The Morning. They Said I Hit My Head Pretty Hard Though, I Might Have Damaged It. Fucking Socs! Im Glad We Beat Their Asses Saturday, Even Though Im 100% They Jumped Me Beacause Of It.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Rumble

Kitty Came Home The Day Before The Rumble, She Was Tired As Hell From Driving 10 Hours And In No Condition 4 A Rumble. Im Sure If She Looked A Little Better Darry Might Of Let Her Go, But She Didn't So It Stayed A NO! Everyone Did There Normal Preparations,You Know Making A Hair Greaser Then Usual And The Tight Shirts To Show Off R Mussels. Darry Was A Wasn't Sure If He Wanted Me 2 Go Out And Fight, Since The Whole Thing Last Time..... But Soda Convinced Him After Awhile. Johnny And I Were Like A Tag Team In The Rumble And Last Time He Was In The Hospital So R Tag Team Method Feel Apart. Johnny And I Were Determined Not 2 Let That Happen This Time. We Took Them Out In Seconds. Johnny And I Were On Fire.... Seriously, I Think A Socs Tried To Set Us On Fire! In The Words Of Johnnycake Or JCake "NOT NICE!!" Haha! I Got Kick On My Side A Few Times And Took A Few Punches To The Head. I Looked Better Then I Felt.We Won The Rumble At The End So Fuke Them...LoL! Fuke! Haha! Sorry.Darry Let Kitty And I Drink, I Dont Really Like The Taste Of Beer... Idk Why I Liked 2 Drink It. U Also Feel Really Sick Afterward. We Played Beer Ball! Or I Think Thats What Its Called? Well Its Like Baseball But The Ball It A Beer Bottle. It Kind Of Hurt Running. I Had A Huge Headache... Make That Bodyache! Man, It Hurt. But I Wasn't The Worst Looking One In The Group. Brookie Freaked Out When She Saw Me In The Light... I Didn't Look To Bad After We Washed The Blood Off My Face. I Tend To Bleed A Lot.
~Ponyboy Curtis