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Friday, March 19, 2010

Soda's Wedding!

Today Was Soda's Big Day! The Wedding! Darry Picked Me Up Nice And.... EARLY!! It Was Like 6:30 am Man! I Didn't Know He Got Up That Early. Brookie Was With Him.
I Was Happy 2 See Both Of Them Since I Haven't Seen Darry Since Monday And I Always Enjoy Seeing Brookie. Brookie Pulled Out A Bag, It Was Full Of Make Up And Brushes.
"Hold Still Pony." She Said.I Slowly Started To Slide Back On My Bed. "No! Im Not Wearing Make Up!" She Said "Pony, You Look Horrible! You Have To Look Good 4 Ur Bros Wedding." I Continued To Protest. "Ponyboy, Your Wearing The Make Up. And You 2 Stop The Yelling We Cant Wake Up The Other Patients."Darry Said With No Emotion, Like He Didn't Realize He's Making His Baby Brother Wear Make Up!! Grrr!
The Doctor Was Telling Darry And I Things I Should Watch For. Things Like If I Felt Dizzy, I Should Sit Down As Soon As Possible. Really They Said If I Wasn't Feeling Well They Wanted Me 2 Come Back. I Think They Just Want Me 2 Have A High Hospital Bill!
I Wasn't Feeling 2 Well In The Afternoon,IDK Y, But It Was SOOO Hot! I Guess It Was Because We Were All Getting Ready, And Racing Around. After I Got Dressed I Just Laid On The Couch! I Had 2 Admit I Looked A Lot Better Then I Did At The Hospital, If You Looked At Me, You Probably Would Think I Was Lying To You, Or Just Forget All Together. Brookie Must Be Really Good At Putting Make Up On.
I Slept For A Good Hour On That Couch, The Hospital Needs To Get REAL Beds, Cause I Couldn't Sleep In Those Beds. Darry Drove Us To The Wedding We Tried 2 Fit The Gang In 1 Car, It Didnt Work 2 Well! Haha!
We Got There, Set Stuff Up, And By That Time, We Had To Start. I Started Walking Next To Brookie, I Saw To See My Brother Waiting Down The Isle. He Had This Nervous, SO Excited Look On His Face. Man, I Had 2 Stand For A VERY Long Time, But I Had A Pretty Good Spot. After All That Wedding Kissing Junk We Had The Reception, Which Is Basically A Wild Party, Where Many People Get Drunk, And We Dont Have 2 Clean Up The Mess... Well I Didn't Have 2. There Darry Let Me Hit His Wine Glass With A Fork(Like In The Movies) And Make My Speech... So Here It Is....
"Soda I Have To Admit, I Wrote This On The Car Ride Here. I Dont Really Know What To Say. You Were Always There For As Long As I Could Remember. Im Gonna Miss You, You've Changes From When You Were 7 Thinking Girls Had Cooties, To 16 Where You Had A New Girl Every Week. Do You Remember The Time I Asked You How It Felt To Be In Love? And You Said "Most Of The Time Its Real Good." Well I Think That Was Because You Didn't Have The Right Somebody,I Can Say This With Full Confidence That You Found Your Special Somebody, Katie. Katie, You Make Soda Happier Then I Have Ever Seen Him Before, Even More Then When My Mom Used To Make Her Homemade Pies. And Soda, When Your Kid Is Born You Wont Be Like Some Of Those Other Parents. You Know The Ones That Have Kids And Become As Sour As A Lemon. You'll Be Sweet And Fun, Like You Are Now. Katie And You Will Be Just Like Mom And Dad, Well The Way They Were Before They Died. Dont Underestimate Yourselves, Soda You'll Be A Great Dad. I Should Start Finishing Up My Speech, Cause I Think Darry Might Just Cry Knowing His Younger Brother Is Getting Married. Soda Do Me One Favor, When I Get Married, Make A Better Speech Then I Did."
Darry Looked Like He Was Gonna Cry Any Minute, I Guess I Would Too If My Younger Brother Was Getting Married... Good Thing I Dont Got One. I Couldn't Wait 2 Go Home. Darry Wouldn't Let Me Drink Anything Because "The Doctor Said So" And The Same Thing When I Wanted 2 Smoke. And On Top Of That, I Had A Headake And Was Tired. When I Got Home I Right To Bed, And Fell Asleep Even Though I Could Hear Soda And Katie In The Other Room.... EWWW!


  1. Pony that was very thoughtful

  2. Thats SO thoughtful... the speech made me cry because it was SO cute!!

  3. awww pony ur soo sweet! that was the sweetest speach ive evr heard!!!! and pony u really needed the make up hun.....and of course im good with make up u see my pretty face evry day how do u think it gets that way huh!!!!

  4. I Thought U Were Born With A Pretty Face :D

  5. awww pony see theres that sweetness agen!!! seriously i think ur the sweetest guy ive evr met!!!!

  6. That was a great speech Pony and Soda has his work cut out for him if he's going to make a better one when you get married. :)

  7. Pony, you are three words: "Totally adorably cute!" That was the sweetest speech I have ever heard. It was so cute. Mom and dad would be super mega ultra proud!

    It made me laugh the part where Brookie put make-up on you but dude, you really needed it. You were really pale.

    -HUG- I needed to hug you sweet thing.

  8. Haha! Kitty! I Heard I Looked Like Shit Without It! *Hugs*

  9. Pony that speech almost made me cry. Im pretty sure i have the best kid brother in the world!

  10. the curtis family makes me smile every time i read one of their posts.........u dont dissapoint pony :D

  11. Haha! The First Time I Read Ur Comment Jamie I Thought It Said That I Dissapoint U. And I Was Like WHAT DID I DO! LoL!

  12. LOL! I think his speech made everyone have tears in their eyes! It was adorable!

  13. Awwww pony that was so sweet and thoughtful I almost cried!