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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amber Olive :)

Johnny And I Were Goofing Around In The Mall Like We Always Do. We Were Basically Bouncing Off The Walls. We Pulled An All Nighter With 10 Cans Of Soda Each. (Which Makes Ur Stomach Feel Like It’s Gonna Puke) We Were Messing Around In Some Clothing Store, When I Saw This Girl. “Hey Johnny, Look At That Girl” I Said Pointing To The Girl Who Obviously Worked There. “Yeah, Pony? She’s Reading A Book?” He Said Confused. Honestly I Had No Idea Why She Caught My Eye But She Did. “I Say We Talk To Her.” I Said Walking Towards The Desk Where She Was Sitting. “If You Mean Flirt With Her, Im Out Pones.” He Said Not Moving. “I Never Said Flirt.” I Smiled At Him “I’ll Talk To Her By Myself If You Want.”
Johnny Continued To Bounce Off The Walls And Mess Up All The Clothing. Im Surprised None Of The Works Cleaned It Up, Or Told Him 2 Stop. “Hey.” I Said To The Girl. “Are You Ready To Check Out?” She Said Looking Up From The Book. “No,” I Laughed A Little “What Book Are You Reading?” “Oh, Umm” She Turned To The Cover That Read ‘Death Is Not The Answer’ She Told Me The Title And The Author Just Incase I Couldn’t Read. “I’ve Read That Book For School Last Year.” I Said. “That Must Mean Your Graduating This Year?” She Said “What School?” “Tulsa High. What About You?” She Finally Smiled “Me Too. My Name Is Amber Olivia Knight. Lots Of People Call Me Olive Or Just Amber” She Said “Ponyboy Curtis. Pony For Short.” “I Know Who You Are; I Was In Your Math Class.” Then I Remembered Who She Was. She Was A Lot Like Darry. She Was A Greaser, But She Was A Head Cheerleader And Had A Lot Of Socs Friends. She Was Very Smart But She Refused To Skip A Grade. We Talked A Bit Longer; It Was A Thursday Afternoon So It Wasn’t Busy. “When Do You Get Off Work?” I Asked “I Have A Boyfriend, Robbie Kay.” Robbie Was The Schools Best Football Player. He Was Close Friends with Bob and There’s No Doubt In My Mind That He Helps Him Jump Greasers. “Not Like A Date.” I Replied, “Johnny And I Are Going To The Movies Later. Maybe You Could Come. As Friends.” I Pointed To Johnny Who Was Passed Out On The Floor. She Laughed “Sure, I Get Off Work At 5. We Can Go Around Six.” “Okay, Good Deal.” I Said. She Wrote Her Number On My Hand And I Pulled Johnny Out Of The Store. “Come On Johnny Lets Get Some Muffins Inside Ur Stomach.” He Just Groaned

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Poem By Ponyboy Curtis (Written In Less Then 5 Minutes)

Britney Britney,

I Will Give You My Kidney,

If You Told Me,

You Love Me,

Britney Britney,

I Don't Have Skin Deasies,

But I Have Skinned Knees,

So Please Don't Give Me Heart Deasies,

Britney Britney,

Oh Britney,

I Think Your Nifty,

Even When You Turn Fifty,

Britney Britney,

Why Don't You Hit Me......


One More Time

(If You Couldn't Tell This Was Written For Britney Spears)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Seventyth Post!! ( Brittney And Cherry )

Well, There Are So Many Dates With Brittney I Didn't Post About. I Liked The Picnics That We Went On Cause I Could Watch The Sunset While Eating My Ham And Cheese Sandwich. Turns Out That Brittney Finds Sunsets Very Boring. As I Came to Realize, Brittney And I Had Almost Nothing In Common. She Hated Reading, Sunsets, Track, And School. It Started To Get On My Nerves, She Started To Get On My Nerves. I Realized That I Was Blinded By Her Brittney-ness And That I One Thing That We Did Have In Common Was Movies. We Saw A Lot Of Movies Together. I Knew That I Had To Break Up With Her.

So Today I Got Up And Got Dressed In My Movie Uniform For Work, Ate Cake And Eggs, Then Left For The Movie House. I Took My Time Knowing I Was Early. Me Being Me I Felt Bad About What I Was Going To Do. But I Knew It Would Never Work Out Between Me And Her. I Got To Work On Time And Starting Serving People. I Was Hoping My Sift Seem Long Because I Didn't Want To My Shift To End Because That's When Brittney Would Visit Me. It Went A Little Bit Slower Than Usual But Not As Slow As I Wanted Cause At The End Of My Shift Brittney Was There. "Hey Honey!" She Said Excited. "Hey Brit-Brit." I said Kinda Mumbled.

"Ummm Brittney, I Gotta Tell You Something."

"What Honey Bon?"

" I Dont Think Its Working Out... Maybe We Should.... Break Up?"

" Pony-Wony???" She Said As She Started Crying.

" I Hope We Can Be Friends.."

"..... OK....." And She Walked Off Crying.

I Stood There For A Couple Of Moments Then Decided To See A Movie Called "Spot Comes Home" Which By The Way Is A Really Bad Movie. It Was Darkish Outside So I Had To Get Home Before I Was Stuck Doing Dishes.

I Was Walking Along When I Heard A Scream. It Came From An Alley Ahead And I Ran As Fast As I Could. I Was Surprised Yet Horrified To See Cherry On The Ground Covered In Blood And Bob Standing Over Her With A Blade In His Hand. I Pulled The Blade That Johnny Gave Me To Carry Around, Darry Doesn't Know About It Yet.... "What You Gonna Do With That Little Guy?" Said Bob. " I'm Not Afraid To Use It!" I Shouted At Him.

"Yea? Then Bring It."

I Went For Him With The Blade But When I Got Close He Knocked Me Down And I Fell Hard To The Ground. He Stepped On My Chest Really Hard And I Just Laid There. "Now To Finish You" He Said To Cherry When He Turned Around. I Found A Empty Beer Bottle Near Me On The Ground And Picked It Up And With All My Strength I Had Left I Got UP And Smashed It On His Head. He Fell To The Ground Unconscious. I Helped Cherry Up And Ran A Few Blocks Until We Were Sure We Were Safe.
By This Time Cherry Wasn't Bleeding Too Much, So I Just Walked Her Home.
"Thank You SO Much Pony. You Could Of Saved My Life." Cherry Went On About How Bob Was Drunk And Mad About There Break Up And She Didn't Know What He Was Going To Do. When She Finally Finished Talking We Where At Her House. "Listen Pony, Im Sorry I Caused You So Much Trouble. I Feel So Stupid Ignoring You In School, Cause I Really Do Like You." She Kissed Me.
"Uhh" I Wished I Had A Take 5 Bar Or Something So I Had Time To Think On How To Get Outta Here. "Darry Is Gonna Kill Me If I Come Home Any Later. Im Already Late. Bye!" I Said Running Off.
"I Love You Pony, Your My Hero!!" Cherry Said Yelling As I Left.
P.S. This Is My 70th Post!! Haha! I've Been Here A While :P