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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Can't Help,Falling In Love... With You

I Could Smell The Alcohol In Her Breath As She Smiled At Me.
"Lets Go" I Said Pulling On Raine's Arm.
"Loosen Up Pones. It's A Party." She Pulled Outta My Grip
"Pony Is Not Entertained" I Frowned Half Jokingly
And After That All The Talking Became Yelling.
"YOU CAN JUST WALK HOME, PONY OUT!" I Said Walking Towards The Door In A Dramatic Exit. Kind Of Like When You Dont Share Your Muffin With Johnny And He Gets All Mad And Storms Off, Well Yeah I Did That.
I Knew Eventually I Had To Walk Out That Door So Why Not Do It Now? With That Thought In My Mind I Walked Out.
It Was Pretty Dark Out, So Dark You Could Only See Figures Of Things. It Made Walking To The Car Very Difficult...Why'd A Pick A Dark Colored Car. Well I Got Into My Car And Thought. Wow This Really Wreaked My Friday. Now Where Should I Go?
I Thought For Like A Minute Then Said. I Want Coffee And Turned Left On Elm Street. I Got There At Like 9:30 A Half An Hour Before Closing. Which Was Enough Time To Drink My Coffee And Think. My Dad Always Used To Go Out For Coffee When He Needed "Thinking" Time.
I Ordered A Tall Strawberry Frap. And A Grande Vanilla Mocha, Both With Extra Wip
Cream...Not Like I Needed It. I Brought My Own Can Of Wip Cream....What You Dont Carry Wip Cream With You? I Sat Down At A Little Booth In The Back And Texted Johnny 'Raine And I Broke Up :/' I Started Drinking My Mocha, When Someone Sat Down On The Other Side Of The Table.
"Sad And Depressed, Is A Bad Look On You" Brookie Said With A Small Grin.
"Psht... Im Not Depressed" I Said, Lying....Badly
"Yeah,Thats Why Ur In Starbucks Right Now. " She Reach Over And Stole My Frap. "Ohh You Got My Favorite!"
I Laughed "So Why Are You Here?"
"You Know I Love Starbucks" She Pointed To My Wip Cream Bottle That Was On The Table
"Yeah," I Added Some Whip Cream To My....I Mean Her Frap.
She Took A Sip "Delicious" She Put The Cup Down Reveling A Whip Cream Stash On Her Face. It Was Really Cute :) So I Didn't Tell Her :P
We Had A Good Long Convo. We Haven't Had One Of Those In A Long Time. Ever Since We Broke Up, We Kind Of Kept Are Distance. I Didn't Realize How Much I Missed Her...
"You Kids Gotta Get Going." This Old Man With A Real White Beard Said "It's Closing Time....And Miss You Have Something On Ur Face."
I Tried To Hide My Laughter As Brookie Took Out Her Mini Mirror From Her Purse And Then Hit Me In The Head For Not Telling Her About It XD
Brookie Needed A Ride Home So, Pony, Being The Gentlemen He Is, Gave Her A Ride.
"Pony?" She Said After We Started Driving "Isn't Home That Way?" She Pointed Backwards.
"Yuup." I Replied Smiling At Her
"Where Are We Going?"
"Anywhere You Want To Go...Other Then Going Home"
"I Heard They're Setting Off Fireworks At The Dock"
"Then Lets Go There" I Laughed "I Like Fireworks.
She Laughed And Turned On The Radio. When We Got To The Dock The Fireworks Already Started. We Sat On The Actually Dock Part,Well Actually We Laid Down On It So We Could Look Up At The Sky. We Were Far From Where They Were Setting Off The Firework But You Could Them Perfectly.
Brooklyn Seemed Cold So I Let Her Wear My Jacket. She Put Her Head On My Chest,It Was Much More Comfortable Then The Wood Deck We Were On. The Show Was Almost Over When I Looked At Brookie. Her Blue Eyes Sparkled In The Dark, She Had Her Blonde Hair Pulled Back, Something She Rarely Does, She Looked Really Beautiful.
She Sat Up, "Aren't They So Pretty?" She Smiled
"Yeah, You Are" I Smiled Then Leaned In And Kissed Her...