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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can We Just Say The Rest With No Sound?

Pony Knocked On Sodapop's Door, Early Saturday Morning. He Didn't Wait For Anyone To Answer The Door He Just Walked In. "Soda!" He Yelled "I Need To Talk To You!" He Then Sat On The Couch And Waited Patiently For Soda. He Walked Out Of The Kitchen With Chocolate Cake All Over His Face And A Plate Of Eggs With Jelly. Should Of Known He'd Be Eating. Pony Though.
"Whats Up Pones?" Soda Ask Sitting In The Chair Across From The Couch."I Need An Idea For A Date With Brookie. I Wanna Do Something I Haven't Before." Pony Replied. Soda Did One Of His Famous Smiles, "And You Want My Help Coming Up With An Idea?" Pony Gave Him An Annoyed Glare, "Why Else Would I Be Tell You This?" Soda Laughed, "Take Her Skydiving. That Sounds Pretty Epic!" Pony Thought For A Second, "She's Afraid Of Heights" Then Pony Continued To Think "I Have An Idea!" He Stated While Jumping Up Off The Couch. "Im Gonna Need Your Help Come On!" Soda Sighed, But Decided To Be An Amazing Brother And Help His Even More Amazing Younger Brother, Pony.
"Okay Brook, We're Almost There." Pony Said Leading A Blindfolded Brooklyn.
"Where Are We Going?" Brooklyn Said Smiling With Excitement. "No Where Exciting." Pony Replied. "Here We Are!" Pony Untied Her Blindfold To Reveal An Old Tree Fort. It Was Missing Part Of The Floor And The Paint Was Chipping Off. "You Brought Us Too The Old Tree House?" Brooklyn Asked. "Yup!" Pony Smiled Real Big "So Why Are We Here?" Brooklyn Asked Generally Confused.
"Good Question!" Pony Said "I Thought We Could Go Through Some Of Our Old Memories, All The Good Ones, At Least." He Put His Arm Around Her Shoulder, "Our First Kiss Was In This Very Tree House." He Leaned In And Kissed Her. "Now Our Most Recent Was In Front Of It."
Brooklyn Smiled At Him, "Why Dont We Go Up?" Pony Laughed. "Funny Story This Morning I Went Up There To Clean It Up A Bit So We Could, But My Fat Ass Broke The Floor. So Lets Not Go Back Up There." Brooklyn Laughed, "Your Not Fat! Your Handsome And Built...ish" She Gave Him A Playful Push On His Shoulder. Pony Laughed, "Come On, We Got A Lot Of Stops Today!" They Walked Hand In Hand Out Of The Little Woods Where Their Tree House Was Located. They Went About 5 Other Places Until Then Ended Up In A Little Plain. "What Did We Do Here?" Brooklyn Asked. "You Dont Remember?" Pony Said "Our First Picnic Was Here, I Feel Lame For Remembering That When You Dont" Brook Laughed, "You Should!"
Pony Pulled Out A Picnic Basket. "Im Starving! Lets Eat!" He Set Up A Blanket And Served Brook Some Food That He Kept In The Basket. Pony Sat As Close As He Could To Brookie While They Ate. The Food Wasn't Anything Special. Just Some Ham Sandwiches A Salad And A Store Bought Pie, Because The Pie Him And Soda Made Exploded. It Was The Thought That Count.
They Went To A Lot Of Places After That, Including The Movies, Johnny's Couch, The Park, The School Gym, The Music Store, Olive Garden, And An Actual Garden.
It Was Getting Dark And Brooklyn Was Getting Tired, But Pony Had One More Place He Wanted To Go. It Was A Little Way Out, But He Felt It Was Important. He Pulled Into A Place With A Drive Thur.
"Starbucks?" Brooklyn Laughed "Really?" "Yep!" Pony Said While Parking. They Walked Inside Holding Hands, Like Always. They Ordered They Same Thing They Got The Last Time They Were There. "And This Is Where" Pony Began To Say But Brooklyn Cut Him Off, "Where We Got Back Together."
Pony Put His Arm Around Her And Pulled Her Tightly In. "Well Not Technically, But Close Enough." Pony Then Led Her Out In Back Of The Store. He Pointed Up And Said " And There," He Paused, Giving Brooklyn A Small Crooked Smile. "There Are Some Fireworks, Like We Saw That Night."
Brooklyn Stood On Her Tiptoes And Kissed Pony. When She Pulled She Said "Im So Glad I Have A Boy As Special As You."
"I'm Lucky To Have Just Met You." Pony Said Before Kissing Her Again. This Time It Was Much Longer Of A Kiss Then Before, It May Have Even Included Some Tongue Action ;) The Kiss Left The Two Breathless And Utterly Happy.
They Smiled At Each Other, Speechless, For A Few Minutes. Pony Never Wanted This Moment To End. He Never Felt Like He Loved Somebody As Much As He Loved Her That Exact Moment.
"Stay The Night" Brooklyn Said Finally Breaking Their Silence. Pony Smiled At What She Said. It Wasn't In Question Form, It Was More Of A Statement. "Of Course." By The Time He Finished Saying That He Most Likely Had The Biggest Goofiest Smile, But He Didn't Care.
Pony Texted Darrel Stayin @ Cades House 2Night
And Then Brooklyn And Pony Left Starbucks. Pony Put His One Arm Around Brooklyn And His Other Hand On The Steering Wheel And Drove To Brookie's House.
Brooklyn Cuddled Up Against Pony As Soon As He Got Into Her Bed. He Pulled The Sheet Over Her And Then Wrapped His Arms Around Her. She Snuggled Her Head On Pony's Chest.
"Brooklyn Lauren Cade," Pony Said Quietly
"Hmm?" Brooklyn Replied
"I Love You." Pony Whispered Softly In Her Ear.
"I Love You Too, Ponyboy Micheal Curtis." Pony Could Tell Brooklyn Smiled When She Said This.
Pony Kissed Her Forehead And Thought 'Lets Just Say The Rest With No Sound.'