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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So Today I Basically Stayed Inside All Day. Kristi Called Me Around Lunch Time And Said, "I Dont Think We're Working Out." I Think That Was Her Way Of Breaking Up With Me. :( I Couldn't Eat After That, I Could Only Think Of The First Day I Saw Her And I Wondered If The Only Reason She Dated Me Was Cause She Liked Or Used To Like Johnny. Maybe I Was Being Used. I Must Of Smoked At Least Two Packs Today, Kristi Hated It When I Smoked Sround Her.When Darry Came Home From Work He Tried To Get Me To Feel Better. He Gave Soda The, I Told You So Look. (Darry Thinks Im Too Young To Date) It Was After Dinner When I Got Another Phone Call. It Was Kristi, She Wanted Me To Come Over And Stay The Night. I Wasn't Sure It I Wanted To But I Thought Maybe She Didn't Really Break Up With Me. Darry Took Me There, But I Got One Of Those Talks That You Get After A Break Up He Said Stuff Like, "Dont Kill Her" And "Try To Still Be Her Friend" And "DON'T BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!!" But I Get That One Every Time He Drives Me Somewhere. When I Got There She Gave Me The Happiest Smile I Have Ever Seen, And A Big Hug. "Im Sorry Ponyboy!" She Kind Of Sounded Like She Had Been Crying Or She Was.
She Told Me Why She Broke Up With Me. She Saw Me And Cherry Kiss Yesterday And Asked Cherry About It. Cherry Told Kristi That I Kissed Her And She Should Break Up With Me Cause Im A "Cheating Asshole" (That's What Cherry Called Me... It Makes Me Feel So Loved By Cherry) Kristi Also Told Me She Was Thinking Of Getting Pay Back By Kissing Some Guy... Or More But She Couldn't, She Liked Me Too Much. She Called Me And Said Things Weren't Working Out Because She Didn't Think She Deserved Me. And I Was Starting To Think She Didn't And I Didn't Need Her. It Was Mostly Her Fault Johnny Was Leaving, But It Was Also Mine. She Should Of Asked Me First Instead Of Cherry. She Started Crying When She Told Me All Of This, I Hugged Her And Listened. I Thought I Loved Her, But Now Im Not Sure. I Loved It When She Hugged Me Or When She Said My Name. I Didn't Mind Her Crying And Staining My Shirt With Her Make Up, Her Doing That Just Made Me Happy. She Finally Stopped Crying (She Was Crying For Like 3 Hours!) And She Was Starting To Fall Asleep In My Arms, But Before She Did She Told Me Something That Made Up My Mind If I Was Going To Take Her Back Or Not.
"I Love You Ponyboy, I Love You!" That Was The First Time She Ever Said That To Me (And We've Been Dating Since When... THE SUMMER!) Johnny Told Me Kristi Never Told Him That, It Made Me Feel Really Good. I Looked Down At Her Face On My Shoulder, All The Make-Up On Her Face Was Gone. She Had One Good Black Eye And A Cuts All Over. I Laughed And Thought Blair Must Have Gotten Here Earlier. :D I Didn't Think She'd Actually Hurt Her Or Even If She Did Not That Much. Later (When She Woke Up) I Found Out Who Really Came To Hurt Her. In The Light She Looked Like I Did After That One Rumble, Like She Fell Off A Motorcycle And Got Ran Over A Few Times. I Almost Started To Cry When She Told Me(Guess Who It Was!). I Couldn't Stand Seeing Someone I Liked Hurting. I Guess Its True "It's Tuff All Over!"
~ Ponyboy Curtis <3
Stay Gold



  2. Ur A Good Guesser! It Was Dally, Wait Till Ya Hear Why.... I Wish I Could Kill Dally!

    btw idk why i thot it was johnny

  4. I Know Johnny Couldn't Hurt A Fly! I'll Make A Post Tommorrow Why Dally Did It.

  5. dallas seriously omg i wanna know why

  6. why is everyone getting beat up these days???

  7. cuz we hate soc and soc hate us! duh!

  8. we get beat up by socs cuz they hate us we get beat up by our friends cuz we r frustrated

  9. yea but i beat up those nasty socs.