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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Johnny And Kristi

Well Yesterday Johnny Came Over And Johnny Was REALLY Down. Like I Know Johnny Has Been Since Kristi Left His House, But Today It Was Really Bad. I Asked Him What Was Up And He Said He Found Out Who Killed Kristi Mom, And She's Going To Be Leaving Tomorrow(Which Is Today!) Johnny Felt Really BAd He Didn't Let Her Stay At His House But He Didn't Think He Should Make Brook And Dawn Live With Her If They Hated Her. Well The Guy Who Killed Kristi's Mom Was.... I Dont Remember But Johnny Said He Was Going 2 Kill Him. And He Said That ALL DAY! Its Hard 2 Change JCakes Mind, When Its Set On Something, I'll Just Have 2 Watch Him! Well Anyways Johnny Said He Didn't Want 2 Take Her To The Airport And Watch Her Plain Leave, Like Last Time. He Gave Me His Keys And Said "I Want You To Take Her, And Tell Her Not 2 Wait For Me." I Couldn't Believe He Was Just Letting Her Go, I Thought Guys Where Suppose To Fight For The Girls They Loved.... I Hate It When T.V. Lies! I Took Her To The Airport And Hugged Her Goodbye, She Kept Asking Where Johnny Was. I Didn't Want To Tell Her He Ain't Coming, So I Just Said He Must Be Running Late. Then When They Where Calling People To Go On The Plain She Said "I'll Take The Next Plain 2 New York! I'll Wait For Johnny." I Couldn't Help But Say "JOHNNY AIN'T COMING!" She Did A Fake Laugh, I Could Tell Her Heart Was Breaking. But Then She Went On The Plain. They Closed Off The Gate And Johnny Runs In With Security All Over Him, Because He Skipped The Scanning Thing. He Finally Got To Me And Asked Where Kristi Was And I Said "Shes On The Plain," And He Asked The Lady Who Close The Gate To Reopen It. It Was Like TV All Over Again, I Was Waiting For Him To Say, "The Girl I Love Is In There!" But He Didn't And Security Got Him And Where Dragging Him Away. The Whole Time I Just Stood There And Watch Johnny Burst Into Tears Trying To Fight Them Off, And Then I Did Something Id Never Do... I Got The Secrity To Go After Me, I Mean Its Good Practice For Track. Johnny Got Free And This Time Said They Had To Delay The Flight But They Said They Couldn't... It Was About To TAke Of, Johnny Ran To The Window And Saw Her Plain Go In The Sky. I Relized Johnny Had A Box In His Hand, He Was Gonna Give Her Something. Then A Lady, She Looked About Thirty. Came Over To Johnny. She Gave Him A Ticket And Pointed To The Other Gate... And I Relized The Same Thing Johnny Did And He Ran Over To The Gate And Got On The Plain, He Went To The Wrong Gate. I Dont Know What Happened On The Plain, Johnny Didn't Leave They Let Him Out, But When He Came Out He Didn't Have A Box Anymore, But A Smile On His Face.


  1. Johnny you really do love her

  2. can i join the chat please and if it is yes can i have the passwork please

  3. pony delete that comment then everyone will get on agen!!!!

  4. and then we'll have a bunch of fuckin' idiots going "are you the reeeeeal outsiders?" D:<

  5. dont let anyone in the chat unless they have a blog with us

  6. Just wondering why would u put the password right on ur blog?

  7. I Dont See Why They Have 2 Have A Blog With Us 2!! And I Cant Delete It Anyways!

  8. Hey to whoever is reading this, I've talked to KitKat about joining this gang and she said sure... And I dunno if she's told ya guys bout me but I just hope you guys will accept me and include me in stuff that you do. Don't worry I'm not gonna be like " what the fuck you guys aren't real! Who the fuck's the real user?!"

    And I hav to say, awww! That's a cute story...LOL just like TV!

    Oh and BTW if your reading this Ponyboy, I'm pathetic and don't have a fuckin' house to live in so KitKat said I could come and live with you guys...hope ya don't mind :P