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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

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Friday, October 15, 2010


“Going To Homecoming?” Johnny Asked Me Last Friday When We Met Outside The School.
“Nah, I Don’t Really Wanna Go.” I Replied
“But You’re my Wing Man… We’re Pb & J!” Johnny Complained. And He Had A Point, So I Gave In And Said “Sure Why Not….Hey I Got An Idea!” And We Ran Back In The School.
Today, Friday October 15th, Was Homecoming. Johnny And I Got Ready Together Mostly Because We Could Have Cake While Darry Washed And Ironed Are “Nice” Clothes. Those Where Basically A Un-Stained T-Shirt And Un-ripped Jeans. (I Have No Idea Why I Keep Putting (– ) In-Between Things.) We Got Ready And Whatever When Soda Came In. “PONY!” He Yelled In My Ear
“Yeah, Sodapop?” I Asked As We’re About To Leave.
“You Know, I Never Went To Homecoming.” He Said In His “Sad” VoiceAdd Image
“Loser!” Johnny Coughed
I Did A Loud Sigh “Im Guessing You Wanna Come With Me.”
“No….. But Since You Asked, Sure!” He Ran Up Stairs To Get Dress. He Took FOREVER! He’s Like A Girl. He Takes Forever To Get Ready. I Wonder What He Does Up There. I Think He Looks In The Mirror Saying ‘Aren’t You A Handsome Piece Of Man Meat.’
Since Johnny And I Had Time To Waste We Threw Skittles At The Other, Trying To Get It In There Mouth. Finally Soda Came Down. He Didn’t Look Any Different Then Earlier -.- Johnny Made Us Hurry Up Cause He Was Late Picking Up His Date, Angela(Aka Angel). She Didn’t Seem To Mind It Too Much.
Johnny And I Where Grinning Like Crazy. Our Plan Was In “Motion” J When We Got In We Saw Everyone In The Gang. Johnny And Angel Went On The Floor.
“Pony!” Sodapop Said, Reminding Me He Was Still There “We Should Dance.” :P
I Gave Him A Glare. “You Can Dance, But Im Staying Here.” He Eventually Left To Dance By Himself And I Went Talk To Amber And Her Friends.
Then Johnny And I Met Up Again. We Each Got On The Stage, No One Really Seemed To Notice. We Lifted Are Shirts Up A Bit Reveling Our Belts. They Where Kind Of Like The Belts Construction Workers Wear. They Were Filled With Cans Of Silly String. We Grabbed A Metal Bar That Was Hanging On A Rope Where We Hung Streamers. We Took Out The Silly String And Pushed Of The Stage. (We Created A Zip Line Type Thing If You Didn’t Understand That?) We Got Everyone Full Of Silly String, Head To Toe. How Did We Do It? Johnny’s Post Will Tell You. Anyways, After We Finished Our Last Cans, We Jumped Off, Landing In Super Hero Positions. Then Mrs.Durinki, The Principle Took Us By The Ears, “OUT!” She Yelled
“We Don’t Even Get To Go To The Library First?” Johnny Said Joking. At School Dances If You Ever Dance Too Close To A Girl Or Boy, Or Do Something Against The Rules, Your Sent To The Library.
She Pushed Us Out The Closest Exit. After She Left We Did Are Secret Hand Shake, By The Time We Finished, The Principle Threw Angel And Soda Out. They Didn’t Do Anything But Come With Us :P
We Thought We’d Go To Buck’s Or Something Because Everyone Would Go There After Homecoming.
“What Did You Guys Thing Of Are Prank?” I Asked As We Drove Home
Angel Said It Was Pretty Funny Watching All The Socs Complaining How We Got It All Over There New Dresses.
Soda Said Doing A Fake Girly Voice “This Was The Worst Date Ever, Pony! ”
I Just Laughed.
(The Picture On The Right Is A Photo Of Amber, Her Friends, And I. Amber Is The One On The Right Of Me.)


  1. Soda, you are so pathetic. Its your own damn fault you never went to Homecoming. :P

  2. lmao soda and pony went u said soda went upstairs to dress i thought u ment GET A DRESS. :P

  3. Bahaha don't worry about it dude. The whole Homecomming/Prom/School dance thing is over-rated anyway

  4. Hahahahahahaha oh Soda. And yeah homecoming sucks.

    And Pony, I'm never gonna call u VP. :P

  5. jels: FUCK U

    candie: I AM VERY MUCH A MAN

    pony: ...since when did we have a 2 story house???


  7. whoa....lmfao!!! i think someone likes pony!! xP and really is your fault you never went to any school function. :P

  8. I went to high school for a year -_- i didnt have any school functions :p

    pony has a stalker XD

  9. was wonder if yall would follow me im new to bloggster and only have 2 followers please follow me i just posted go check it out follow me through my last year of middle school and the hardest year of school 8th grade

  10. pony has a lover o.O congrats someone actually wants ur kids lmfao this is a unbelievably beautiful and kind of relieving moment xD