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Sunday, November 21, 2010

For Britneys Birthday

You All Know That Soda Set Me Up With A Date Not Too Long Ago. I Got To Choose Outta Three Girls Which One I Wanted To Go On A Date With....Blah Blah Blah. Anyways. I Picked Raine. I Mean How Couldn't I, She Has A "Different" Name, Like Mine :D
We Had The Date At The Bowling Ally. They Where Having A Talent Show Type Thing Going On, And It's Pretty Funny To Watch People Make Fools Of Themselves. I Invited My 2 Best Friends To Come With Their "Other Half" Johnny Brought Angela And Jamie Brought Carson. (May I Just Say Jamie And Carson Are The Cutest Couple XD ) I Was Gonna Invite The Whole Gang But Some Socs Where Gonna Be There And Didn't Want To Cause A Scene.
The Show Started At 7. And We Where Gonna Be There At 6:30 To Get A Quick Game In. Jamie Wanted To Make Sure The Date Went Well So She Said That,I 'Should Be Like The Guys In Jersey Shores.' -.- As In I Should Go Out And Buy A New Shirt.... That Was Okay, I Guess I Could Use One That Wasn't One Of Soda's Hand-me-downs. Then She Said I Should Get A Hair Cut. Two Words. HELL NO! And Then She Said I Should Get A Spray Tan. (HAHA) I Informed Her How No One Had Tans In Tulsa Anymore. It's The Time For Snow.
Jamie Bought Me A New Shirt And Brought It Over While I Took A Shower. The Shirt James Bought Me Was A Dress Shirt, I Guess Thats What I Get For Letting Her Pick Out My Shirt. After That I Was Ready To Go, But Before I Left Sodapop Stopped Me.
"Pony, Can I Borrow Your Britney Binoculars?" He Said Blocking The Door So I Couldn't Get Out. "Why?" I Said Annoyed That He Was Gonna Make Me Late.
"Cause I Need Em'. Can You Just Get Them?" He Said Impatiently. I Went To My Bedroom. There Was Stuff All Over The Place. Soda Must Of Torn Apart My Room Looking For It. -.- I Found The Binoculars and Handed The To Soda. "Have Fun Pony!" He Said As I Walked Out. "You Too."
Raine's House Was Smaller Then Mine. And I Thought Mine Was Small.When She Walked Out, I Swear I Heard Britney Spears' Toxic (The Rock Version Playing) She's Was Prettier Then The Picture Soda Showed Me. She Had Dark Brown, Almost Black, Hair. It Had Some Light Brown Streaks In It. She Was Wearing A Nose Piercing And Had A Few Tattoos. She Was Wearing A Pink Plaid Shirt With A Tee-Shirt Underneath, Skinny Jeans, One Of Those Beanie Hat Things, And Had Sunglasses On.(Even Though It Was Dark Out...?)
"Nice Tie" She Laughed Pulling On This Tie Jamie Made Me Wear, She Jumped Into The Car... We Asked Each Other Stupid Questions While We Were In The Car. Things Like, Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor And Topping? What Planet Would You Want To Be And Why?........
Johnny And Angela Got Us A Table At The Bowling Alley. I Was Trying Not To Bring Up Britney Spears In Front Of Angela Cause We End Up Fighting About How She Thinks Lady Gaga Is Better Then Britney. (Spears Could Kill Gaga) Jamie And Carson Where So Late We Didn't Have Time To Bowl Before The Show. Carson Made Fun Of The Fact That I Was Wearing A Tie. Thanks Jamie -.- Johnny Stole Some Red Bull From Two-Bits House. And You Know How We Get When We Have Are Red Bull :D
All The Acts Pretty Much Failed. Except For The Last Girl Who Juggled Fire. She Was Probably The Best. But The Most Entertaining Was The Girl Wear A Pink Belly Shirt Dancing With Roller Skates On To Hannah Montana. She Kept Falling Flat On Her Face XD I Guess Everyone Makes Mistakes. Then The Judges Went To Go Judge Together And Find A Winner And What Ever. Johnny And I Looked At Each Other And Got An Idea.
We Went Searching Through Are Pockets, "I Got A Dollar" Johnny Announced. We Ran To The Jukebox. The Girls Faces Had Confused Written All Over Them. 'All Shook Up By' Elvis Started Playing
Johnny And I Ran Up On The Small Stage That Was Set Up. I Grabbed The Microphone And Began To Lip Sync To Elvis. Johnny Did An Interpretive Dance. The Announcer/Judge Person, Tried To Take The Mic From Me But I Was Stronger Then Him So He Soon Gave Up. Johnny Just Ignored Him. Haha People Began To Attempt To Dance Like Johnny. It Was Pretty Funny. We Were A Hit :P I Think People Laughed At Us More Then That Hannah Montana Girl.
Angela And Jamie Learned To Hide Their Laughter, Since Things Like This Was Normal For Johnny And I. Raine On The Other Hand, Almost Died From Laughing So Hard. I Loved Her Laugh. It Was The Type That Made You Just Want To Join Her In Laughing. After We Finished Bowing Stupidly, Johnny And I Jumped Off Stage Dramatically And Sat Back At Are Table.
Raine Hugged Me And Said That Was The Funniest Thing She Had Ever Seen. (In That Case I Think She Needs To Go Out More.)
After A Little Bit Of Just Talking, Johnny And I Wanted French Fries. We Went Up To The Food Counter. It Was Kind Of Far Our Table, But Johnny And I Took The Risk Of Walking That Far. :P We.Where.Hungry. The Girl At The Counter Looked No Older Then Kitty And Was Wearing A Britney Spears Button On Her Work Clothes. Johnny Dared Me Not To Say Anything About It. (It Was Pretty Hard :P) On The Way Back To Our Table Johnny Was Telling Me His Opinion On Raine, When We Saw 3 Socs Hanging Around Jamie, Carson, Raine And Angela.
As We Came Closer To The Table, I Heard Carson Say Real Angry Like "Suck My Cock." To One Of The Guys. I Had To Try Hard To Keep My Self From Laughing Cause Of It And Keep My Tuff Look On.
"Come On Girl," The Socs Said To Carson. He Placed His Hand On Carson. She Just Gave Him A Look That Said ' Move Ur Hand With In 5 Seconds, Or You Wont Have One.' ( At This Point I Realized I Knew The Kids. We Went To The Same School. The One Who Almost Lost His Hand To Carson, Was Named Will. Another One, Who Was Attempting To Flirt With Jamie And Raine, Was Named Brian. Then There Was Alex. Alex Kind Of Just Stood There. Watching It Happen, Kind Of Like It Was A Tv Show. He Had Both His Hands Jamed In His Pocket And Slouched A Bit.) At This Time, Will Was Smiling Stupidly At Angela.
"Hey," I Said Before Will Had A Chance To Say Anything To Her "Get Your Own Girls."
Brian, Whom Was With Jamie At The Moment, Looked Up At Me, "Says The Guy Trying To Dress Like Us Socs." Will And Him Laughed.
Johnny Pushed Will Away From His Girlfriend "Leave Before You Do Something You'll Regret." Johnnycake Said Coldly
Just Then I Brian Said Something That Bothered Me, "What Girl Gets The Chance To Take A Ride On My Disco Stick" Ugh, Lady Gaga. -.-
"Hey!" Brian Turned And Looked At Me, "Suck This Lady Gaga." He Looked At Me Funny, Then I Punched Him In The Jaw. His Lip Started Bleeding ASAP. This Gave Johnny The Idea To Punch Will In The Gut. Will Fell Over From The Impacted Of Johnny's Fist.
Brian And Will Looked Pretty Angry After That. (I Guess I Would Be Too If Someone Punched Me) Then Alex Finally Said Something. "Uhh, Guys Lets Go." Of Course That Was Directed To Will And Brian. "I Really Dont Feel Like Getting Kicked Outta Some Place Tonight For Something This Stupid."
Will And Brian Stared Blankly At Him For A Moment. Then Agreed. "See Ya Later Greasers." Brian Said After Spitting On My Shoes.
"I Should Of Took Care Of That Kid." Johnny Said Playing With Angela's Hair, "Your Hair Smells Like Muffins...." (Creepy)
I Sat Back Down Starting To Eat My Fries, "Who Wants To Bowl?" I Said My Mouth Full Of The Fries. Everyone Agreed, Why Wouldn't They? I Mean We Where In A Bowling Alley. But Before We Could Start Carson Gotta Call From Steve. He Needed Her Home Or Something. Anyways She Left :/
( Blah Blah Blah I Dont Feel Like Writing About This Part So Blah Blah Blah)
Johnny Ended Up Winning. I Cant Remember The Score, But It Was Unfair. Johnny Used To Work In A Bowling Alley.....That Makes Him Like A Pro Or Something. Then It Was Me :) And Angela And Raine Tided For 3rd.
The Lady Who Had The Britney Spears Button Gave Johnny A Sticker For Winning. It Was A Gold Star. Sigh, Second Place Didn't Get Anything. :( Double Sigh, I'll Never Get My Gold Sticker....Well One That Wasn't From Carson.
It Was Getting Late By This Time And Everyone Was Leaving. I Ask Jamie If She Wanted A Ride Home, Since Carson, Her Ride, Left. But She Declined. Im Pretty Sure She Just Wanted Me To Have Alone Time With Raine. She Insisted On Walking Home. It Was Only Like A Ten Minute Walk So I Didn't Argue Much And Let Her Go. Johnny Would Of Took Her, But Apparently Johnny and Angela Had To Go "Do Something".....
Raine Looked Kind Of Tired On The Car Ride Home, Yet She Seemed Acted Like She Had More Energy Then The Energizer Bunny. She Was Telling Me About How Her Street Does Something Like Halloween, But More Toward X-Mas Time. She Wanted Our Gang To Go, So They Could Meet Her Gang Or Something....I Said You'd Guys Loved To Go. Then She Just Kind Of Died (Not Like Actually Died.) We Where Like 5 Minutes Away From Her House And She Fell Asleep On My Shoulder. She Kind Of Looked Like An Angel Sleeping. She Was One Of The Few People Whom Sleep Smiling. When We Got There, I Debated Wether I Should Carry Her To Her Room Or Wake Her Up. It Looked Like No One Was Home In The House So I Woke Her Up And Walked Her To The Door.
She Unlocked The Door With A Key She Was Wearing As A Necklace, "Night Pon-yay!"
"Pon-yay?" I Asked As If She Hadn't Been Calling Me That All Night. Why Do All The People I Know Come Up With Stupid Nicknames For Me, Like For Once Can Someone Just Call Me Pony.
"Yessir" She Said Sounding Old Fashion
"How'd Ya Come Up With Such A Name?"
She Smiled "Cause A Short Version On Pony Is Pon. And When I Look At You My Heart Goes Yay!" She Put Her Hand On Her Heart.
I Leaned In And Kissed Her "Thats A Good One."
She Smiled Big And Walked Inside. Anyways I Got Another Date With Her Saturday, And Uhh Do You Guess Wanna Go To That Tick Or Treating In December Thing? It Be Really Cool If You Did :P

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  1. She sounds pretty legit....the tricker treat in december thingy sounds fun im sure jasalin would want to come

  2. Okay, I have a few things to say,
    First of all Johnny, my hair smelled like muffins?....Hahahaha.
    That guy was such a fucking creep.
    Third Pony, I don't have a picture on your blog OR a link. I guess you hate me... D:

  3. The Britney song that played when I clicked on your blog scared me a little :P

  4. Aweee, you kiddies sound like you had a good time :3 And haha, it's okay, Angela, I don't have a picture OR a link either. Pshhht, way to forget, Ponyman XP

  5. I'm listening to Drop The World. Much better than Britney :P

  6. Im Sorry It Takes Me Forever To Find Pictures Of People. I Do Them When I Get Bored :P And Everyone Says That Jelly! It's Done It Too Me Before As Well :/ ANGELA GET OFF MY BLOG!! Britney Haters Aren't Welcome! :p

  7. pony....that part where u said "do u wanna bowl?" i totally read "do u wanna blow?" ahaha WOAH


  9. I find it quite annoying that Pony throws a party for a chick he doesn't even know but not to his own sister that will be there no matter what.

    By the way, Dear Horseboy, you should be nice to me cause one day when Darry and Soda are old, you're gonna want them to live with me. :P

  10. Im Not Throwing A Party :P She Invited Us To Trick Or Treating....In Winter :P

  11. haha kit wait pony does this mean we have to wear costumes again?
    lmao soda

  12. Yes. Yes It Does. You Cant Go Tick Or Treating Without Costumes.