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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who Says You Cant Have A Second Chance

I Walked Up The Steps To Johnny's House. I Felt Like I Was Five Again. I Carried 12 Dandelions In My Hand. (Are Those Considered Flowers?) I Walked In And Saw Dawn Sitting On The Couch.
"Ponesmaster 3000! Whats Shaken Bacon?" Or I Think Thats What She Said. She Was Eating A Bag Of Skittles So It Just Sounded Like Munch Munch Munch.
I Hid The Dandelions Behind My Back So She Couldn't See Them. "Uhh, Is Brooklyn Here?" I Said Trying To Ignore The Fact That She Said Pones.
"She's In Her Room."
Brooks Door Was Open So I Just Walked In.
"Hey Brooks"
"Sup Pones?" She Asked. She Was Sitting On Her Bed Petting Her Dog Cupcake
She Did A Tiny Laugh "Johnny Is Out With Jamie, If Your Looking For Him"
"Im Actually Here For You." I Said Holding Out The Dandelions "I Was Thinking, Maybe, We Could Go On A Date Friday."
"Are You Asking Me Out" She Laughed
"Pretty Much."
"Sure"She Said Smiling. I Handed Her The Dandelions. She Laughed At The Sight Of Them. When We Were Younger I Used To Pick Them For Her.
"I'll Pick You Up At 7." I Started To Walk Out Of Her Room, "Oh And We'll Eat There."
"I Got It Pones ." She Said
I Had A Great Idea For This Date. My Friend Drew Owed Me A Huge Favor, And It Just So Happens His Dad Owns A Chuckie Cheese's. That Means Any Game We Want For Free And The Building Made Of Tubes (Whats Is That Called) Was Ours For The Night.
Drove Darry's Car, Cause Soda Needed To "Fix" Mine. Which Usually Ment He Wanted To Take It For A Joy Ride. I Made Her Close Her Eyes When We Got Close To Chuckie Cheese, Because Everything Is More Exciting When Ur Eyes Are Closed. When I Finally Told Her To Open Her Eyes, Her Face Became Full Happiness. I Dont Think Mr. And Mrs. Cade Brought Her There Too Much.
"This Is Not The First Place I'd Think Of To Go On A Date." She Laughed
I Opened The Door For Her "What Do You Want To Do First?"
She Looked Around. There Where Little Kids Running Around And A Big Mouse With A Giant C Of His Hat And Shirt. The Walls Where Painted Different Colors. Then Her Eyes Lit Up. "BALL PIT!"
I Wasn't Too Fond Of The Ball Pit......Since What Happened To Little Jimmy Ray. (Seen In Picture To The Right)

Some Say He Was Eaten Whole. Others Say The Shark Spit Up His Bones To Make His Wife A Necklace. Darry Says The Family Just Moved Away From Tulsa. Either Way, No One Has Seen Him Since.
Brookie Ran And Jumped Into The Ball Pit. Balls When Flying. "Come On Pony!" She Threw A Few Balls At Me. I Could Tell She Was A Softball Player.
I Was Thinking Whats The Chance That The Shark Was Still Here. If I Owned C.C. I Would Hire Animal Control To Get Rid Of It. Plus Brooks Was In There, I'd Have To Save Her From Any Possible Shark Attack. I Jumped In And Brooks Stop Throwing Balls At Me And We Started Throwing Them At The Little Kids There. We Made Sure It Wasn't Hard Enough To Hurt Them, Just Enough To Make Them Get Out Of The Ball Pit. (Am I The Only One Who Feels Really Unconfrontble Saying Ball Pit, Or Pit Of Balls?) Chuckie The Mouse Dude, Yelled At Us For "Not Playing Nicely" And Said We'd Have To Leave The Ball Pit.
Then We Played Every Game In The Building About 10 Times. If We Put Are Tickets Together We Could Get The Giant Stuffed Cookie Monster . (It Was Bigger Then Brookie Haha) The Lady Said She'd Keep Him Behind The Counter Till We Left, Cause That Cookie Monster Ate Way Too Many Cookies! (If Your Catching What Im Throwing :P) They Brookie's Tummy Rumbled.
"It's 9:30-ish, I Thought You Said We Were Eating Here"
"We Will After We Go In The Castle Of Tubes." I Winked
"Okay." She Winked Too "Why Are We Winking?"
I Laughed "You'll See"
We Went Through Half The Castle Of Tubes, Until We Came Into A Big(-ish) Tube Room. There I Had Grilled Cheese Waiting For Us. They Where On Paper Plates And We Had To Sit On Rugs. I Couldn't Figure Out How To Put Chairs And A Table In The Castle Of Tubes. I Think My Grilled Cheese Was Pretty Darn Good If I Say So Myself. ;) We Where Gonna Have Ice Cream For Desert, But.... I Forgot About How It Needed To Be In A Freezer. So I Just Bought Some From The Little Food Bar They Had There.
We Stayed At C.C. Until It Closed And Then I Took Brookie And Her Giant Stuffed Cookie Monster Home. I Helped Her Bring Him Inside and Said Good Night To Both Of Them. I Hope Brookie Had As Much Fun As I Did. :)


  1. "Because Everything Is More Exciting When Ur Eyes Are Closed"

    I second that....if u get what i mean XD

    and yes pony u r the only one who is not comfortable saying BALL PIT! because I say it with pure comedy =D

  2. lmao ,wow soda...just wow. i had alot of funn pony thanks for taking me there(:

  3. dear god soda...........lmao i love that picture of the shark :D did i ever tell u how i wanted a pet piranha(miny sharks) :D
    im glad u two had fun ;)

  4. jamie did u seriousy think no one knew what a piranha was?

  5. Man i forgot how fun chuckie cheese is! haha i completly agree with soda there pones :P haha

    BALL PIT BALL PIT...haha

    piranha are lagit james! i had one in cali its name was guppy haha adrian killed it or well forgot to feed it..ha


  6. I had to explain it to u like 3 months ago Dal-ASS. -.- and their are ppl in this sad little world that DONT know what piranhas. It's quite shameful really.

  7. that didnt make any sense...:P and i would say sumthin but people would give me shit about im not. :P

  8. No One Comments Enough For Them To Yell At U Brooks

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