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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Never Felt So Alone

It Was Like A Usual Morning. Darry Woke Me Up, I Was The Last One At The Table. Soda And Kitty Where Stuffing There Faces With Eggs And Cake, Katie Was Eating A Lot Herself, Just More Polite. Darry Was Getting The Mail.
"You Got A Letter, Ponyboy." He Said Throwing A Purple Envelop At Me. A Purple Letter! I Thought. That Only Ment One Thing, BRINTEY SENT ME A LETTER AGAIN! I Ran Around The House With Excitement. Everyone Just Kind Of Stared And Laughed A Little Bit. Then I Tore Open The Envelop And Pulled Out A Yellow-ish Colored Paper.
Dear Ponyboy,
I know you've been a very enthusiastic Britney fan, and you love me dearly. You have been for a VERY long time. Im sorry to inform you that you can no longer be a member/leader of Britney Spears Fan. You also can not be a part of Britney Spears' Tulsa street team. I have VERY many reasons for this. We also heard that you voted for Lady Gaga on the VMA's. Traiter. Have A Nice Life Without Britney, Bitch.
Britney Spears
"What Did It Say Pony?" Soda Ask Excitedly.
"Uhh," I Sighed "It Was Just A Prank Johnny Pulled On Me."
"We'll Have To Get Him Back, Huh?" He Paused To Come Up With An Idea "Why Dont We Replace All The Muffins In His HouseWith Cupcakes?" He Laughed.
"Yeah, Sure." I Said With Out Any Emotion. I Got Up, My Food Not Even Touched, Grabbed The Letter And Went To My Room.
Once I Closed The Door, I Dont Know What Came Over Me. I Tore Down All My Brintney Spears Posters. I Smashed My Brit- Brit CD Player And Gum Ball Macince. I Took My Britney Pillow Case And Cut It Up In Tiny Little Peices. Then I Destroyed Everything Else Britney In My Room.....This Took AWhile....... Then I Layed Down On My Bed And Closed My Eyes As Tight As I Could.I Was Having Trouble Breathing. My Leg Hurt,Everything Hurt.
"Pony!" Soda Said Sounding Nervous " Are You Okay?"
"I'll Get A Nurse" I Heard Darry Say
I Dont Know Why, I Just Started Screaming, I Couldn't Help It. I Opened My Eyes, I Was In A White Room. Soda Was Almost As White As The Walls. He Looked Scared. He Was Knealing Next To My Hospital Bed. I Looked At My Leg. 'Oh Right' I Thought 'Buddy The Kowala Bear'
"Why Are You And Darry Here?" I Asked Soda. They Haven't Visited Me Yet This Week.
Soda Pulled A Chair Closer To The Bed, So He Could Sit Down. He Was Wearing His Transformer PJ's "The Hospital Called Saying You Weren't Eating Anything And You Kept Passing Out. The Also Said You Where Making A Lot Of Noice, Like Yelling Or Screaming....Probably Singing Britney Spears :P They Thought Us Being Here Would Help." Soda Was Acting Real Odd, He Wasn't His Usual Happy, Full Of Energy Self. Then I Started Thinking, Im Here For My Leg, Why Would I Be Passing Out? I Looked At The Chair Behind Soda. It Had A Pink And Orange Teddy Bear. It Was Kit-Kat's. Mom And Dad Gave It To Her, Not Too Long Before They Died.
"Where's Kitty?" I Asked
"She's Getting Us Food From That Place You Get You Get Ur Britney Food."
"Is She Getting Me Britney Spears Sha-" I Stoped Remembering My Dream "Bagel?"
"A Britney Spears Sha-Bagel?" He Laughed
"No, Just Bagel." I Said Coldly. Soda Stopped Lauging, He Seemed Like He Wanted To Say Something, But Didn't. I Heard Darry In The Hallway
"Where Can I Get A Damn Nurse In This Hospital?!" He Mummbled "I Pay Taxes For This Shit!" Then He Passed My Door. He Paused And Turned "PONY!" He Yelled "YOUR ALIVE!" He Was Acting More Like Soda, Then Sodapop Was. Darry Said Something About Me Getting Out Of Here Tomorrow So I Dont Miss Too Much School.
When Kitty Came Back I "Spilled" The Britney Spears Shake She Got Me, And Darry Gave Me His Bagel :)
It Used To Be Britney And Me Against The World, But Now It Was Just Me. Me Against The World. You Know To Be In A Room Full Of People Who Care About Me, I've Never Felt So Alone.


  1. I shouldn't be laughing but I am. The letter made my day. Britney is just a whore who doesn't deserve you, little one. And Pony, EATING IS GOOD FOR YOU, fattie ;)

  2. haha ikr kit? kit said exactly what i want to say pony :P sorry
    your not alone.....even though you feel like it...happens all the time kid

  3. awww im sorry pony!! thats really sad)))):

  4. all i did while readin this post was laugh and wonder why everythin is capitalized LMAO

  5. Britney is just a skany whore who can't take care of her kids and shaves her head for fun.