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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Distance Friends No More

Darry Was Yelling At Me How I Need To Stop Loving Britney Spears So Much Cause It Was "Freaking Him Out" When I Heard
"Knock, Knock" From A Very Familiar Voice. I Quickly Jumped Over The Couch And Ran Straight To The Door, The Person Opened The Door. It Hit Me In The Head And Knocked Me On The Floor.
"KRISTI!" I Yelled
"Pony!" She Laughed
"Fancy Meeting You Here." I Said Getting Off The Floor
She Stuck Her Tongue Out And Said "I Just Came Back From Johnny-Kins House" (Johnny-Kins Was Her Nick Name For Johnny, It Was Some Weird Story How They Came Up With It And I Dont Feel Like Telling You)
"So Are You Visiting Or....?" I Asked Walking To The Couch.
She Followed. "I Moved Back, Just Me. Jamie Was At Johnny's House Too."
"She's There All The Time Too."
"Oh,"Kristi Paused, "You Got A Girl Friend?"
"Thats Good, Relationships Are Overrated."
"Your Single Too" I Laughed
"Shut Up." She Said Punching My Arm "That Reminds Me..."
She Pulled Out Her Purse Bag Thing. Have You Ever Seen One Of Those Old Movie Things Where The Grandma Has A Big Bag And Everytime She Visits She Gives Her Grandchildren Candy Or A Toy. Kristi Was Kind Of Like That, But What Ever She Had In Her Purse Was Ten Times Cooler Then Anything A Grandma Would Give. ( I Just Compared Her To An Old Grandma :P Haha)
She Pulled Out A Britney Spears Signed Shirt. "My New Daddy Pulled Some Strings."
"Thanks" I Smiled Really Big, The Shirt Said 'Dear Ponyboy, Didn't I Play At Your B-Day Party? How Could I Forget You :P Love Britney Spears XOXO'
We Did Are Old Stuff, Which Involved Annoying Darrel, Making Prank Phone Calls To Johnny's House, And Seeing A Movie.
The Next Day, Johnny, Kristi And I Went To The Place We First Met. Yes, The ZOO! We Forced Kristi On The Camel Rides. They Were Like Pony Rides But They Were Camels. Johnny And I Got To Are Third Ride And We Felt Sick, How Many Times Can You Go In A Circle? Kristi Wanted To Go On Again But I Said "Do You Want Us To Puke?!" She Laughed, But I Was Serious. "Lets Get Lunch!" Johnny Yelled We Went To Are Favorite Place There. It Was Called The 'Jungle Cafe'
Inside It, It Looked Just Like A Jungle. It Was Dark, And There Was A Water Fall In The Middle Of The Place. It Gave It That Smell, I Dont Know How To Describe It.
Then We Saw 'Ranger Joe's Wild Life Show' (Kitty Used To Have The Biggest Crush On Him. He's REALLY Old Looking :P)
The Guy Remembered Us, From The Time An Animal Got Lose And We Helped Catch It...... Haha You Guys Should Of Been There That Day, It Was Hilarious.
We Got To Go Back Stage And Meet All The Animals. The Last One We Met Was My Enemy, Buddy. (Ironic) (Buddy Broke My First Britney Spears Cd, Remember The One I Used To Carry Around)
"Come On,Pony. Hold The Kola Bear." Ranger Joe Insisted. Finally I Gave In And Held Him. He Was Soft And Slow. I Thought Maybe He Wasn't Bad After All. Then Someone Called Me, And My Phone Started Singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' And Buddy Took It Literally. He Started To Attack Me. He Scratched And Bit. Then I Feel, There Was A Huge Crack And The Bone In My Leg Started Sticking Out. Ranger Joe Got Buddy and Someone Called 911. Kristi Looked Like She Was Gonna Puke She Held On To Johnny, Until We Got To The Hospital. I'll Only Be In For A Few Days.
They Stayed There Till 11pm, Pretending To Be Apart Of My Family. At One Point Johnny Had To Go To The Bathroom.
"Hey Pony?" Kristi Asked Nervously.
"Yeah?" I Thought She Was Gonna Ask Me Something Like, Did My Leg Still Hurt Or Something
"How Long Have Johnny And Jamie Been Dating?"
"Uhh," I Said Caught Off Gard " 4 Months? It's Been On And Off Again.
"Oh," She Sounded Sad.
Johnny Came In Before I Could Say Anything
"Kristi-Kins, It's Getting Late. We Better Get Going. "
"Ok" Kristi Said Popping Out Of Her Seat She Gave Me A Hug "Bye Pony Get Better Soon."
Johnny Said "See Ya Tomorrow Pones."


  1. Haha. Buddy the koala bear was a briitney spears hater. :P Ranger Joe scares me....

  2. i dont think kristi likes me :/
    but im glad you guys had fun like old times :)


    anway!!! :P idk.....if she tries and shit with johnny im gonna...well thats not appropriate(:
    so i'll just leave it with...i hope you all had fun and get better pones ;)

  4. Please Pony. Im begging you. DONT GET BACK TOGEATHER WITH HER!

  5. Dude, you got attacked by a freakin koala! Hahaha!!

  6. Pones if u wear that shirt ur definitely gonna get jumped :p

  7. i absolutly agree with soda u will get jumped by a brittney spears hater :) may even be me :) jkjkjk sounds like you had a hella of a time :) if your still in the hospital im in room i think 13 lol My lucky number :)i come visit you haha

  8. like no joke....i think you own that room and might even die in there cuz evr since i've known you i havn't ONCE seen you not in the hospital :P

  9. well i dont kno this kristi chick but she seems real cool

  10. Blair Doesn't Like Kristi? And No One Can Call Me Pones, I Was Just To Tired To Yell At Johnny For It.

  11. yeah the whole dal-kristi thing pones.....i mean pony :D

  12. yea pones...that was...not good? idk. im tired :P i cant think xD

  13. i just needed to say Hi :D
    and im sorry if this comment is retarded but i have needs :D

  14. Kristi sounds really nice :D

  15. I've never met her before...

  16. I want to meet her!!! :D

  17. This Kristi seems like a good egg. I approve of her moving here.

  18. you two are FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! sorry pones :P

  19. haha i love brook
    and cris and angela yeah she's really sweet. she can hook u up

  20. Im Confused :/ Is Everyone Beening Sarcastic? She Is Nice.

  21. well brook is being sarcastic. and idk if i am honestly i dont love or hate the girl...... she just hasnt made the best impression on me.