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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


If You Read Markie's Post You Would Know About Our Tag Team. I Was Thinking Back To When I First Started Posting. I Wanted To Post Like Every 10 Minutes, But I Knew That Would Drive You Crazy. So I Limited It To Twice A Week. I Remember I Used To Refresh The Page Every 5 Seconds, Waiting For A New Comment. Now I Check My Comments Every week, To Find I Only Have 2 Comments. And Because Of That I Dont Even Want To Post, Why Put Any Work Into Something If No One Is Gonna Read It. I Know Johnny Has Been Feeling The Same Way About It. So We Made A Tag-Team. Johnny,Mark,Darry And I. We Want The Chat Gone, If It Stays, We Will Go. So Pick Either, The Chat Or Us. Feel Free To Join Are Tag Team.
~ Ponyboy Curtis
Stay Gold


  1. I know what u mean, I posted two day's ago and I only got two comments. It's lame

  2. ik. i wanna quit to. i was on the chat last night and...well it made me feel pretty bad. so i want it gone to. but its not gonna make me feel better :'(

  3. ik btw if everyone is agreeing about the lack of comments why rnt we stopping? u all agree!
    Im not going on the chat anymore ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  4. Everyone should read my comment on Brookes post. And I've made no secret of my dislike of the chat, I've never used it and it's been a headake. I dont know if I really want to quit, because there are lots of things I still want Blair to do and I don't think I'm done with her. But I will join the tag team for moral support

  5. Blair deleted the chat. now the REAL. charactors get to stay.

  6. i deleted my chat and i wanna join the tag-team

  7. Yea.... I want the chat gone! I don't want you guys to leave! Because nobody's gunna leave because like I say, were all TOO MUCH like family! This breaks everyones hearts espcially Sodas! So we need to also need to think about him.

  8. well lilly thats a little late cuz blair and carson left