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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update (I Wanted To Steal Darry's Name)

Well As You Heard Darry And Bri Went Out To Seach For My Parents. He Woke Up Nice And Early So No One Could Stop Him, But I Made Sure I Got Up At The Same Time.
"Darry, Where Do You Think Your Going?" I Asked As Darry Was About To Walk Out The Door
"Pony, You Know Very Well Where Im Going, Your Not Coming With."
"Why Not?!" I Said With My Voice Getting A Little Louder. I Have A Right To See My Parents....Right?
"Pony, Your Not Going. End Of Story."
"Darry, Thats Not Fair! I Only Got To See Them For 10 Years, You Had Like 15!! I Want To Come!" I Said, This Time Yelling. Surprisingly I Didn't Wake Up Soda and Katie, But I Woke Up Kitty. She Joined In With Me At Yelling. Darry Got Out Of There As Soon As He Could.
The Rest Of The Day I Was, Depresses Ponyboy. Brookie Came Over, And Tried To Make It Better For Me. We Took A Walk To The Park Like We Normally Did. This Time Though, She Said She Had A Surprise. She Took Me Into The Woods At The Back Of The Park. We Crossed Over A Little Creek And Up To A Failure Of A Tree House. It Was Missing A Few Boards In The Roof, And The Ladder Was Falling Apart.
"Whats This?" I Said Trying To Figure Out If It Was Gonna Last Another Minute.
"This Was Where We Had Are First Kiss, Remember When We Were Younger And You Took Me Up There." She Said
All Those Memories Where Racing Back, I Remembered The Guys In The Gang Making It. And When I Kissed Brookie, And When My Parents Died I Went Here Too. I Started To Climbing Up The Ladder When Brookie Stopped Me, "Are You Sure Thats Safe?" I Kissed Her And Had Her Come Up With Me. There Was Old Food In There, And There Where A Bunch Of My Dr.Seuss Books. It Didn't Look To Safe On The Inside Either, But I Just Wanted To Go In There. I Laid Back And Starred At The Roof, This Place Was Gonna Need A Lot Of Work. Brookie Laided Down Next To Me, I Pulled Her In So She Was Close Enough That I Could Hear Her Breath. I Kissed Her And Said "I Love You Brookie" We Spent Most Of The Day In The Woods, Or In The Tree House.
When Darry Got Home, I Was There To See What Happened. He Told Me He Saw Are Parents And They Weren't Coming Home. I Blew Up At Him Again. Darry Tried To Keep His Cool, But After Like 2 Minutes He Couldn't And Started Yelling At Me. After 10 Minutes Of Us Fight Soda Stopped Us. "Why Aren't They Coming Home Darry?" Soda Said Trying Hard Not To Sound Disappointed.
"They Where Having Money Problems," He Said Breathing Heavily "They Where Gonna Lose Everything. If They Didn't Fake There Death, We Wouldn't Have A House And All The Things We Have Now. When People Die We Get Insurance Money And It Was Enough To Pay For The House. If They Come Out Of Hiding They'd Go To Jail." Darry Had Trouble Saying All Of This, I Actually Thought He Was Gonna Start Bawling, But He Didn't. He Said Maybe Sometime He's Take Us There 2 Visit Them.


  1. Can you people just stop talking about my parents? Geez guys I don't want to hear it.

  2. Damn peebes D:. I wouldn't hav wanted ta b in thier :3.. But oh em gee Darry and his Sherlock holmesness :D! How grand. Atleast u kno thier ok.

  3. im happy ur parents are ok! but im sorry there not comin home :'( and i hope i made you a littke happier pony! i love you! *mwah*

  4. There, can you now post? More specifically add Tibby, me and you ;)

  5. Kitty, you make me sad :( I really thought I got some comments *sigh*

  6. ... Sorry Pony. I just wanted to make you smile.

  7. It's Ok Kitty! :D I Love You For Trying