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Friday, April 16, 2010

Do Doctors Ever Bring Good News?

Well Johnny Was Complaining (Like You Know How He Does) He Was All "I Dont Feel Good!" And Tired And All That Junk. So He Had Me Drive Him 2 The Doctors. He Described His Problems.Well Johnny Got A Few Blood Test And We Waited In The Lobby For Awhile.... And Drew A Pic Of Brookie Waiting, I Was Almost Done. You Know I Should Become And Artist Cause Damn That Was On Good Picture. Well Johnny Got A Few Blood Test And We Waited In The Lobby For Awhile.... The Doctor Called Johnny In And He Asked Me To Come With Him. It Felt Just Like A T.V. Show, The Way The Doctor Sat Down, Sighing As He Did. "Johnny, Your Test Results Came Back." His Voice Was Like A Teachers When They're Telling You That U Failed A Test. "We Got Some Bad News," This Made Johnny Breathe Irregularly. I, Just Stopped Breathing. Darry Started Off With Something Simliar To That When They Had 2 Put My Dog To Sleep. "You Got Type One Diabetes." My Hearing Started Zoning In And Out.Johnny Swollowed Hard "Whats... Whats That?" He Said Shaking A Little. "Is Johnny Gonna Die?" I Said Yelling Trying 2 Drown Out My Heartbeat, That Right Now Was All I Could Hear. The Doctor Laughed. "This Is A Serious Thing! JOHNNY IS GONNA DIE!!!" I Started Yelling Again. Johnny Just Staired Waiting For The Doctor To Answer His Question. "No," The Doctor Said Seriously Again "He'll Be Fine If He Watches His Blood Suger." We Where There For Who Knows How Long, Figuring Out What 2 Do When Your A Diabetic And How To Use All That Junk. At The End, I Didn't Know What I Hated More. The Doctors Office Or The Hospital.


  1. Aww,I feel so sorry for Johnny! :(

  2. wow that real tough for johnny :(

  3. This is gonna kill Johnny. I mean it would kill any guy to have to limit their sugar. Poor baby. And no Pony, answering your question, doctors don't ever bring good news.

  4. man thats sick i feel very bad for johnny . and kittys right and pony doctors dont always give good news

  5. doctors like to make lesser people suffer. and poor johnny man, i'd die if i couldn't eat anymore candy

  6. oh by the way, that was your 7th comment and this is your 8th

  7. gonna start cryin now! i feel so bad for him...i dont want my brother to die! and he probly wont...cuz if he does then im gonna kill myself too!

  8. oh broke don't say that!
    johhny aint gonna die!
    we wont let him!
    its a new rule.
    no one in the gang can die.
    unless their really old.
    like 30.

  9. thats pretty close for darry isnt it?

  10. yea, well i mean he IS getting pretty rusty in his old age. we may have to put him down.

    haha i kid. carson wants me to write, darry is my love, my life, and soon he will be my wife.

    i told her that would be stupid.

    because its SOOOO obvouse that he's going to marry broke

  11. Aww not Johnny he's my fave cuz!! Besides he loves hugs Poness!