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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

If Last Night Was Just A Nightmare Then How Come It Is The Next Day, And Im Still Living It

Friday We Went Too The Movies. That Was Fun! But Brookie Brought Her New Boyfriend, Vince I Think. He Was Nice I Guess, Didn't Really Talk To Him. Truth Be Told I Just Tried To Ignore Him. I Hate Socs Enough As It Is, I Dont Think Its Possible For Me To Hate Em' More. The Bring Me Nothing Good, And They Still Dont. That Night I Stayed Over At Johnny's House. It Was Like 2 Am And I Couldn't Sleep, There Was A Storm Outside. So I Went To Talk To Brooklyn. And I Did Something I Was Meaning To Do For Awhile, Tell Her How I Felt. I Told Her I Was Stupid To Let Her Go And That She's All I've Been Thinking About. I Told Her She Should Dump Vince Cause No One Wants Him Around, And I Needed Her. Socs Have Mostly Everything I've Wanted, They're Not Taking My Brookie Too. I Missed Brookie SOOOO Much, I Dont Think She'd Ever Understand It. Brookie Told Me Something About How She Wanted To Give The Guy A Chance And He's A Really Nice Guy When I Get To Know Him... The Whole Im Trying To Reject You Nicely Bit. I Just Left, Left As In I Ran Out Of That House Faster Then I Ever Thought Was Possible. It Kind Of Hurt When I Got Outsider Cause By Then It Was Pouring, And As You Know Running Against The Rain And Wind Is Hard.
Lalala! Lets Not Even Talk About Saturday! You Dont Want To Know.
Sunday! Today..... Easter. Darry Got All Of Us A Bunch Of Chocolate (The Up Of My Day.) But Then Soda And Darry Had A Separate Talks To Kitty And I. I Dont Know How Kitty's Went But Heres Mine:
"Pony, Soda's Moving Down The Street." Darry Started Off Saying "Theres Barily Enough Room For Katie Here, And When She Has The Kid There Just Wont Be The Space."
"But You Guys Promised Soda Wouldn't Move Out Until I Got Outta High School." *Insert The Rest Of My Protest Here*
"You Guys Are Moving In There Too! You Didn't Think You'd Get Rid Of Me That Easy." Soda Said
Then Came The Real Bad News. "We're Selling The House,Kid." Darry Said Patting Me On The Shoulder.
"Darry! You Cant Sell The House! It's Got Too Many Memories! What If Our Parents Are Alive And They Come Looking For Us, And We Aint In Our House Anymore!" I Tried Protesting Again
"Pony, I Told The Police They Didn't Need To Look For Them. Soda And I Are Too Busy To Help Them. And Its Just Too Much Right Now."
"Darry How Could You Say That! Its Not Fair You Guys Got Like 15 Years With Them! All I Got Was Like 10! Im Still A Kid, I Need Parents! You Maybe Grown Up Now But Im Not!" I Said Heading Towards The Door "Im Going To Johnny's"
"Johnny's Not Home." Darry Said Grabbing Me
"Where Is He Then?" I Said Pulling Away
"You Know What I Want?" Soda Said Picking Me Up "Ice Cream! Lets Get Some!"
"NO! Where's Johnny!?" I Said Trying To Get Soda To Let Me Down
"We'll Go To Dairy Queen! They Have Blizzards, You Like Those!" Soda Said Going Out The Door
"It's Not Open! It's Easter!" I Said "NOW! Where Is Johnny!:
"We'll Have To Tell Him Soda." Darry Said Pulling Me Out Of Soda's Arms And Onto The Floor "Johnny Has Gone Missing. The Last Person Who Saw Him Was Brookie. She Said He Ran After You."
Great! I Made My Best Friend Go Missing! And The Worst Part Is I Didn't Even Notice He Was Gone.
"It's Okay,Pony." Soda Said "If You Still Want Ice Cream I Think We Got It In The Fridge"
"No Thanks Soda." I Said Running Into The House
"They Told Ya About Soda?" Kitty Said Giving Me Hug "Dont Worry We'll Find Him!"
I Waited For One Of Her Famous Quotes That Always Made You Feel Better... But It Never Came. Maybe She Was Having Trouble Believing That We'd Find Him, Cause I Know I Am.


  1. I'm sorry ur easter didn't turn out to be a good one

  2. Pony don't worry we will find johnny sooner or later.

  3. Yea, that must of been a suckish easter... i'm sure we''l find Johnny!