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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve!!! You'll Never Guess Who I Saw!

Well Anyways, On New Years Eve I Was At My House For A Little Bit Of The Party. Kristi Wanted To Go To This One Party Thing Where They Were Gonna Drop A Ball Or Something. I Was Telling Her That Johnny Ran Away This Morning, She Hear He Was Planning To But She Didn't Know When. After That She Didn't Say Much. The Party Was At A Bar; Benny's Or Something like That. It Was Pretty Dark Inside, There Where People Doing Karaoke, And Drinking Until They Passed Out.
"Hey!" Kristi Said, "It's Johnny!"
And It Was! He Was Sitting With A Drink In His Hand Next To The Bar. He Had A Smile Plastered Upon His Face. I Dont Know How Kristi Could Tell That Was Him, Cause It Sure Didn't Look Like Him. I've Never Seen Him With That Smile On His Face And His Hair Was Shorter. Not By A Lot But Enough For You To Notice... U Could Even See His Eyebrows!
Kristi Was Trying To Get Me To Say Hi To Him, But I Wanted To Give Him Some Space. It Was Hard Because I Wanted To Talk To Him All Day And I Kept Saying I Can't. He Was Talking To A Pretty Brown Haired Girl, Or At Least I Think That Was Her Hair Color. It Was Dark And It Was Kind Of Hard To See.
I Went To Get Something To Drink For Kristi And I. New Years Is One Of Those Few Days I Can Drink And Most Bartenders Dont Ask For ID. Johnny Just So Happen To Be Doing The Samething.
"Ponyboy! What Are You Doing Here?" Johnny Said
I Was So Happy To See Him, He Missed All Of Us Even Though He Wasn't Gone To Long.
I Told Him Everything I Wanted To Talk About. And All He Said Was "Im Coming Home Soon, And I'll Help You Fixs Things." I Didn't get What He Ment. He Also Said He Was Planning To Do Some Things While He Was Gone That Was Gonna Help. He Told Me Everything He Did That Day.
I Saw The Brown Hair Girl Talking To Kristi. Johnny Told Me That The Brown Hair Girl Was One Of Kristi's Close Friends. And That's Where He First Met Her. We Went Back To What He Was Gonna Do When He Was Gone. Right When He Finished The Girl Hugged Johnny.
"Who's This Johnny?" She Said In A Happy Voice.
Johnny Smiled So Big, I Almost Laughed. "Its My Best Friend, PONYBOY!!" The Brown Hair Girl Laughed And Stuck Her Hand Out. "My Name Is Kimmy, Nice To Meet You Ponyboy." She Was Still Hugging Johnny When I Shook Her Hand. I Couldn't Tell If Kimmy Was Laughing Because Johnny Screamed My Name, Or If She Thought My Name Was Funny. I Think It Was The Second One.
Kristi Put Her Arms Around Me And Said "Pony Is My Boyfriend."
Kimmy Laughed "Johnny Is Mine!" And Kissed Him In The Dark I Could Still See Johnny Turn A Bright Shade Of Red. We Stayed To Watch The Ball Drop After That Johnny And I Said Good Bye. Kristi And Kimmy Did The Same.
"Come Home Soon Johnnycake!" I Remember Saying
"Make Sure Blair And Dally Make Up! I Will Be Back Soon Pony!"


  1. You embarssed me in front of my girl! Ha no hard feelings!!! I guess that's what best friends are for!

  2. Haha! U Do It To me All The Time! :D So I Guess Ur Right

  3. Johnny when do you plan on comming back?
    it would be very good if it was soon.

  4. i was gonna say somethin ,
    i forget :(

  5. if johnny comes back i wont be insain anymore ;P

  6. R u saying if Johnny comes back u'll forgive me and we can go out again??

  7. Haha. So Johnnycake u coming home today?

  8. Ohh Are We All Gonna Do That Blair Thing

  9. You know Blair, you can always beat him up and then forgive him.

    Oh and Pony, I'm hurt you didn't put a picture of me in you're profile... :(

  10. Srry KitKat I Just Did It Real Fast. I'll Find One Later.I Add Fish At The Bottem Of The Page... U Can Have Them Swim On My Face!