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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note + Johnny And I

I Just Wanna Tell You Guys That Im Sorry For The Bad Choices I've Made Recently. If You Knew All Of Them You'd Understand Why I Left, Even If It Wasn't For That Long. Just Last Night I Went To A Party And Got Mixed Up With The Wrong People. By That I Mean Bob, Yea I Was With Bob. And Johnny Im Sorry About The Stupid Things I Said.
Anyways Two-Bit And Dally Made Me Go 2 Johnny's Place So We Could "Talk It Out." Johnny Wasn't To Happy About It. Dally And Two-Bit Left Us. In The Beginning Johnny Was Just Yelling At Me, I Felt Really Bad. Yesterday Night Was Coming Back To Me, Bob Made Me Take Something. I Dont Know What It Was, But I Didn't Think It Make My Life Any Worse. But It Did. I Went To Johnny's House And I Wanted Him To Be My Friend Soo Bad I Said Some Stupid Things. And Maybe A Few Things About Brook, It Wasn't Anything Too Bad. It Wasn't Like I Said I Was Gonna Kill Her Or Something. But Just Mixtures Of The Bad Things I Did. When Johnny Was Yelling At Me I Kept Saying Im Sorry. Every Breath He Took I Said It. I Needed Him To Belive Me, He Was Making Me A Mess. I Was Falling And He Wasn't There To Catch Me. :'( The Johnny Finnally Stopped Yelling At Me. And He Said "I Dont Want The Gang To Break Up, Where A Family, Kind Of. So Im Gonna Put Up With You And We Can Pretend We Are Just Like We Where Before. But If You Put One Hand On My Sister, Your Gonna Wish You Were Dead." I Shook My Head Up And Down To Show I Understood. I Didn't Like The Deal. I'll Just Pretend We Didn't Make That Deal, And We Really Are Best Friends Again. So Brook, Johnny And I Agreed That I Can See You But He Has To Be There, And I Really Cant Touch You... At All.
And Im Not Really Sure Where Im Staying For Awhile. I Think I Might Just Sleep On The Street Like Johnny And I Used To. I Dont Wanna Come Home, But Im Sure I'll See Ya Guys. I Hope,
~ Ponyboy


  1. Man. I thought things were good. Guess not. But Pony why were you smiling like a freak then?

  2. If you and Johnny made up then why dont you wanna come home? Did you stop to think for a second what this is doin to Darry and me? You said I did a good job practically raising ya, but i must have screwed up somewhere... I cant sllep at night when your not home. I dont know where you are, if you've had anything to eat, if your warm enough...and this aint lookin so good on the whole Darry bein your guardian thing. Pony please come home......for me?

  3. pony , you cant just leave because someone tells you to . if johnny has a problem with you , its his problem , not yours . you've done all you can , you've said your sorry and theres nothing more you can do . come back , i'll be your new best friend !

  4. ponyboy.............this aint about just u this is tearing ur family apart..........the gang apart

  5. Haha! No Thanks Blair. And Maybe I Dont Wanna Come Home,(Sorry Soda) And I'm Still A Part Of The Gang!

  6. why dont you want to cum home!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?

  7. I Just Dont Wanna, I Feel Like Im Supposed To Be There.

  8. "Home" Like I Dont Belong At Home Or Something. Damn I Say That A Lot!

  9. That I Say Or Something A Lot? Its Not That Bad.