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"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight of the dark movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!"

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sugar We're Going Down Swinging

It Was Like A Scene Out Of The Movie. The Bridge Was Decorated In Christmas Lights And Was Covered In Light, Fluffy Snow. We Were Directly Under A Lamp Post. You Could Slightly See The Stars. It Was Perfect.
I Got Down On One Knee, And Pulled A Petite Box Out Of My Pocket.

Now That I Got Your Attention, Hopefully, I'll Start This Story On December 25 2011.

"Pony! You Have Been Laying On The Floor For 2 Days Now. Get Up!" Darrel Growled After He Tripped Over Me 5 Too Many Times. "Why Should I?" I Groaned "I Have Nothing To Live For." I Was Laying Between The TV And The Door Because That's Exactly Where I Fell When I Heard The Horrible News. Yes Everyone, Britney Spears Engaged.
"Pony," Darrel Said Sternly "It's Christmas. Get The Fuck Up. Open Your Presents And Eat Something." I Frowned But Got Up. Free Gifts, I Couldn't Give That Up!
"What Did You Get Brooks?" Darrel Ask, Trying To Read The Newspaper. "I'm Not Sure Yet." I Replied Dryly. I've Been Searching Since Thanksgiving For The Perfect Gift, But Nothing Seemed Good Enough. It Was Our First Christmas Together....As A Couple. You Can Call Me A Faggot As Much As You Want For Saying This, But I Wanted It To Be Perfect. I Don't Want It To Be Our Last.
Darrel Put Down His Coffee Mug. "Pony! All The Stores Are Close Now!" Thanks For Pointing Out The Obvious. "I'll Figure Out Something."
Soon The Curtis House Was Full Of People. The Whole Gang And Some Of The Shepards. Johnny Happened To Be My Favorite At The Time, Mostly Because Of The Present He Bought Me, The Britney Spears Live In Las Vegas DVD. I Died. Then Came Back To Life Shortly After. It Was Pretty Epic.
Then, I Ate A Pie. It Was Delicious. It Was Covered In Candy Canes And Whipped Cream. Pure Tastyness.
Then Out Of The Corner Of My Eye, My Face Covered In Whipped Cream, I Saw The Prettiest Thing In The Whole Wide World, Brooklyn Cade. "Wou Wook Weal Wretty Wo Way." I Managed To Mumble Out My Mouth Full Of The Amazingness That Is Pie. "What?" She Said Looking At Me All Confused. I Swallowed. "You Look Real Pretty Today" I Repeated Then Gave Her A Kiss. "You Taste Like Pie." She Half Laughed Then Pulled Out Present From Behind Her Back. "It's Just A Little Something."
I Ripped Apart The Red And Green Wrapping Paper To Reveal A Tiny Box. I Opened It. Inside Was The Best Present ANYONE Could Of Ever Given Me. It Was A Switchblade. Not Just Anyone Though. A Custom One With A Photo Of Britney Spears And I On It. "This...Is..." I Couldn't Even Think Of A Word To Describe How I Felt. "I Love You Brookie." She Smiled With Pleasure Knowing I Absolutely Adored Her Present. "What Did You Get Me?" She Asked. I Thought. Should I Lie? No. Truth. Girls Like The Truth, Or At Least That's What They Say. "I, Uhh, I Didn't Know What To Buy You." I Said Kind Of Quietly. She Jumped Off My Lap "What?" I Blabbed For A Bit About How I Just Didn't Know What To Get Her, Nothing Seemed Good Enough For Her. "We'll Pony, You Could Of At Least Got Me Something. Anything. Even Like Hair Grease." She Said "Something To Show Me You Tried." She Was Right I Thought. I Had No Good Argument Against That. She Kinda Stormed Out To Talk Jamie.
After A Few Minutes Johnny Came To Talk To Me. "Didn't Buy Brook Something, Huh?"
I Did A Man Grunt Meaning Yes. "We'll Hurry Up, Make Her Painting Or Something. It's What I Did For Angela." "Nah Man," I Thought Out Loud, "I Gotta Do Something Really Good. Something Directly From The Heart....I GOT IT" I Told Johnny My Secret Plan, The Best Present.
I Was Setting Up The Last Christmas Lights Around The Pole And Slipped On Some Black Ice. I Felt Horrible Pain Running Through My Left Leg. I Took Out My Phone From My Pocket And Called Brookie. "Brook." I Said Painfully "I'm Really Hurt Can You And Johnny Come Out Goldpost Lane?" She Sounded Really Worry And Said She'd Be There Soon.
She Ran Up. Johnny Trailing Behind Her. "PONY! What's Wrong? What Happened?" I
"Smiled And Stood Up Off The Ground "Nothing. Im Perfectly Fine." She Looked At Me Confused Then Hit Me, "What The Hell Is Wrong With You?!"
"Merry Christmas!" I Yelled The Kissed Her. She Looked Confused Again,"Wait Did You Decorate All Of This For Me?" I Nodded. "Not Just That...."
It Was Like A Scene Out Of The Movie. The Bridge Was Decorated In Christmas Lights And Was Covered In Light, Fluffy Snow. We Were Directly Under A Lamp Post. You Could Slightly See The Stars. It Was Perfect.
I Got Down On One Knee, And Pulled A Petite Box Out Of My Pocket. I Opened The Box Showing Absolutely Nothing.
"Brooklyn Cookie Cade, Will You Marry Me?" I Was Becoming All Sweaty And Nervous Like Everyone Says Happeneds. Is This How Soda Was? "I Know It Was Empty. But All The Jewelry Stores Were Closed And I Really Wanted To Do This. Today."
"Pony....I Dont Know What To Say!" She Said Twirling Her Hair.
"Say Yes." I Laughed Nervously.
"Yeaah Boy! Get Someee!" Johnny Yelled With A Video Camera In His Hand.
"Ponyboy, you're Only 17 And I'm 16...."
"So, I Love You. Isn't That What Counts?" I Said
"Yes, But?"
"But What You Don't Love Me?"
"I Do Love You!" She Paused. "Okay, I-"


  1. Yay! I like happy endings. Especially when it's the boy who fucked up and then makes it all better :D

  2. That just made my day Carson hahahah

  3. Well pony I'm engaged to so let's not plan our weddings on the same day does Darry know about your engagment he doesn't know about me lol congrats pony I'm so happy for you!

  4. Let's hope Brit doesn't get in the way of this ;D

  5. I KNEW YOU WOULD GET MARRIED BEFORE DARREL. Pony you just won me a shitload of money. So congratulations to both of us! :D

  6. Congrats you guys. Is it mean if I say you should wait until after graduation before you start planning your wedding?

  7. Ok, so I thought you were joking when you said you were getting married... Wow